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IV| Techie LV.2 !! by Radicles IV| Techie LV.2 !! by Radicles
16/12 UPDATED ART + BODY REFERENCE HERE  Techie Ref by Radicles
02/11 update heres a lore dump WITH ALL INFO ABT HIM

APP UPDATE! ya boy leveled up, new info, stats and minor changes. APP V1: TECHIE !!!
■ Name: 
██████ ███████ (Techie)

■ height: 5'8

■ Theme song: In case it crashes

■ Spotify playlist:  here!!

■ Race: Synthetic shapeshifter, "Datashifter"
  • For the sake of being specific: he was born a human, but his body was injected with nanotechnology, bipchips that worked like nucleoproteins with little brains connected to a big mastermind computer. Soon, they learned they weren't alone, soon, they learned what their incubator was, soon, they discovered how to move through electrostactic waves and communicate with source codes- and then "techie" was born. His synthetic cells can repair themselves, improve, learn from the environment around them and evolve at a very fast pace. They started to form clusters, to the point where they became visible- the glowing circular spot on his stomach formed overnight, it is rather new. His particular theory is that it is the sun to a micro universe in formation, composed solely by data and... Himself, which is scary as fuck. 
  •  New * He discovered recently that the true nature of the experiments made on him were an attempt to re-create shapeshifting abilities in other humans and cryptids, as long as said shapeshifting could be controlled by a computer, programmed to enhance beings. or... incapacitate them. The nanobrains dwelling inside of him are different, however. they cannot be completely controlled by outside forces (but they can be coerced into things) they obey techie's brain as if its a motherboard, even if the connection is faulty, at times.

■ Age: 21

■ Gender: trans boy

■ Job: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jobless,

Recruiting for the AntiCult brigade though, pretty much their anonymous organizer. Find him on the CVTL.

■ Class: rogue > ASSASIN

■ Favorite Food: i dont know my man he's been eating only sweets and junk food for so long stuff is sorta tasteless now.

■ Items: 
  • Memes
  • Vines that are so bad they're good
  • Useless knowlegde from browsing reddit and 4chan
  •  New * lots of bots. lots. A LOT. A HELLUVA LOT. Here's his preferred BMO form 

■ Personality:
 tick Positive: Tryhard positive thinker | dorky | polite | Soft | Protective

 =Neutral: worrywart | Helper

 x Negative: Gullible | insecure | paranoid | crier

■ Background:
  • Before the lab (won't disclose this to your ocs unless u got like 10 hearts w/ him and ask about it) very vague summary: Techie has lived in orphanages for as far as he can remember, he doesnt even know what happened to his parents or how he got there, but his fear of being amidst large groups of people comes from his experience with living with a thousand fucking unruly children. Got out as soon as he hit 18, soon realized he had no place to go (He was homeless for a good year and more), signed up for being a human lab rat on Genetron corp for money, support & coverage on his transition. Midas was the one who most sponsored and 'guided' him through the process, for his own purposes- mainly spying on his father. during that time, he pretty much adopted Techie to fix legal issues and properly contract him. It's where he gets the name, 'Techie'. He was the only human technician working at Genetron, and as the rest of the staff was either cryptid or hellbent, he was seen as the most irrelevant one.
  • Currently:
  •  Lived in a hidden bunker built by Genetron corp off-town, near the wildwoods but off to the side of the road. Most, if not all of his time is spent in the internet or jumping from device to device. Likes collecting dumb facts and knowledge and has charts with info about most indieville citizens if theyre outdoorsy or social media people- that sounds kinda creepy, but he does it without thinking and also in an attempt to try to figure out possible cult members.
  • New * He found Midas again during the election ball, after sneaking in with one of Edmund's invites. his main objective was to search the manor for clues and investigate the mayor, but that takes a trip down south when he steps in to argue with his faux father. Midas took a passed out Techie to his house that night, and they have been tiptoeing around eachother and what to make of their relationship now- and why everything had to be kept a secret.

  • Techie is based on the existencial horror sci-fi story called "Blood Music" (Written by greg bear) with plausible nanotech concepts by K. Eric Drexler, i might've gotten the dudes name wrong, but for the time being Doctor K. Eric Drexler is the name i gave to the scientist in charge of the biochips experiment. He was hot, enough said.
  • Little people have actually seen his face or gone into his bunker- loves his friends, truly does, but he's obsessed and paranoid with the idea the outside world is dangerous for his newfound tummy buddies. Has been hiding for roughly a year! Didn't live in indieville before ;0
  • Personal headcanon is that he sounds like bmo in manner of acting and speech, his voice is changing slowly
  • He watches animu pron ironically for bad out of context screencaps (unironically, sometimes) 
  • Does go out often inside his small robots, to collect data, take cool pictures, and recently, to hang out with people on occasion. (Like DJ: they have an habit of competing on the local arcade so hard people actually place bets on them like they're racehorses.)
  • his eyes sparkle
  • He goes to extreme lengths to not cuss. will swap your 'fuck' for 'flick' and 'shit' for 'shush' and so on, its ridiculous. he can curse, and has cursed drexler to hell and back, just chooses to lay low with it.
  •  New *Isn't secluded to only his bunker anymore, goes out as himself on occasion- but when he does, don't expect him to simply address himself as 'techie', he'll stay anon.
  •  New * has a phobia of crowds. don't do it.
  • New * Midas is teaching him how to dance ballet to shapeshift, in theory, since that's what helped him learn. Mak is the one techie looked for 'proper' lessons, as he knows his secret (The man is a shapeshifter) by watching him through cameras.

■ Powers:
  • Human incubator: quite literally what it says on the tin, he seems to be a host for ultra smart cells that are forming their own synthetic solar system. Currently, there is only one star, kinda looks like a bloblike sun.
  • Technopat: commutes, enters, hacks and understands the workings and languages of machines & technological surfaces. Can inhabit handheld consoles, tvs, move through wi-fi waves and 'posess' anything with a smart interface like your digital oven, robots, security cameras, vending machines, etc etc
  • Quick learner: he's really good at understanding patterns and learning things on the logical side- has taken a deep interest in robotics and is quite sucessful at it so far.
  • New * Synthetic shapeshifting:  the technology implanted on him allows techie to simulate the abilities of a shapeshifter (mainly following the lore of lucsw 's shapeshifters.) although... there is a bodily resistance, and he needs to learn how to control and fully grasp that power. what he can do right now is very little and gets out of hand fast, hurting him.
  • New * Blood music: He can hear the drums of a thousand minds pulsating inside his bloodstream, composing thoughts and matter, wondering all about the world. sometimes, that transforms into music into the outside world. other times, those are thoughts he can actually listen to.
  • New * Undying faith in humanity: eh this one is pretty useless
  • New * Regeneration: If injured, he takes a good while to fix himself. but if his limbs are torn apart or cut off- his body will go into overdrive to produce a new, unharmed part. this is half machine and half the shapeshifter instinct speaking louder. since he cannot produce perfect skin texture yet, when that happens the new parts are off-colour, blue, and look way more like plastic than an limb or organ.

■ RP method: discord, headcanons- long form occasionally.

■ Shipping?: hell yeah friends, enemies, whatever, let him talk to you thru ur phone or somethin- please be aware i am picky with romantic shipping.

■ Romantic / Sexual Orientation: he doesn't knows, neither do i in all honesty

Animated Pixel Heart  Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart    Relationships: in a scale from 1(eh) to 12 (BABE!!!) hearts Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart  

New *Midas Drexler Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart black heart bullet black heart bullet black heart bullet black heart bullet :he needs to earn his trust back.

New *Edmund Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart Animated Pixel Heart      : Isn't sure what to make of him, in one hand, he was a pretty cool guy, in another, he's been lying a lot to techie. (more like keeping stuff from) megasquints. (buy him a jet)

Mak | RJ | Rosie        : he's been looking up to Mak for a big time, and the fact that he's willing to help only skyrockets his respect stats over the moon. RJ is adorable, and Rosie is.... he's nervous about her but knows she's keeping the other two on line.

CVTL MEMBERS (cos i am lazy to add one per time)       : will actively die for you, you memey gremlins.


Mesmer    : He's intrigued by him as a whole, wary of how dangerous his powers can be, but at the same time trying to become his friend to learn more about him. first person to call out his lowkey furryness, will never forget


 THERAPRISE : Hm, big corporation interested in a very futuristic goal of life that keeps all projects under wraps? robotics? suspiciously hot old man? he gets this weird dejavú feeling and boy he isn't dabbing into this without caution. 

Casper  : 
He's cool, will help him with music samples and won't get bummed if he loses at mario kart (same cannot be said about benji ._.) plus, Casper is more of a reliable link when it comes to being in the known about the folks in Indieville.

Nice guy, kinda gives him the creeps, but eh casper likes him so its fine he guesses? 

Good memey friend, 10/10, can kick his ass but also get his own ass beat at arcade games and that gives him a lot of respect points on Techie's folders. Will bother DJ at night with memes and ask him to perform stupidly tiring tasks, because thats peak friendship right there!!!

Cherry        : 
She's caught the feelings for him in the year or so they've been working on her debut together. He's the composer for SugarRush Pussy (Sugarrpuss for short in the interwebs) and cherry will commonly refer to him as 'husbando'. Given her impulsive personality and lifestyle involving a lot of... worldly interaction, he doesn't feels they quite match as a couple, but she's a dear friend. 
Has been tricking her into thinking he doesn't lives near indieville, though ):< bad move bAD MOVE

Sascha      : 
He's pretty and he takes care of cherry so 100/10 wholesome guy techie is afraid of approaching him and blowing his cover but he loves the dudE THANK U FOR EVRYTHIN SASH....

Zsa Zsa            : 
Adorable space lady, they talk through emojis and he's helping her learn how to read, while linking stupid memes as prizes when she gets it right!!

Patty          : 
She,,,, shes so pretty,,,,,, she decorates his robots,,,, aaaa,,,a,a,a,a,a,

Six     : 
He's preeeeeeeeeeetty wary of this guy. Has seen his modus operandi, understands how and why he works and his patterns, but has no idea how he looks. Is kinda scared six might hack into him for whatever reason, so keeps some distance.

Everyone else in indieville       : 
He's seen you through cameras, he probably follows your social media, he thinks yall are cool as fuck. 

The cult:  

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