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:iconradicalhat:Radicalhat posted a status
I should give a Health Update(tm)

My colitis is getting worse literally by the day. Im in pain constantly and its Bad. Im most likely gonna get my colon out this yr bcuz I just cant take it anymore. Idk tho. It just sucks.

My mental healths been weird af too. Like I dont recognize me as me. Like I can look at me and not see me at all its weird and hard to explain. Basically just rlllly heavy dissasosiation.

Also im goin thru a period of little to no empathy. I can rlly only care abt ppl super close to me rn and it also may make it seem like im bein mean or cold. Idk if I am I just kno im having trouble Caring.

Sadly this means im more prone to getting in to fights so im...trying to avoid that bcuz at this point fights kinda add to dissasosiation.

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