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Shepard Germaine Ref (Superjail OC) by Radicalhat Shepard Germaine Ref (Superjail OC) by Radicalhat
Old OC from 2013 that I finally redrew because me and HomemadeGalaxies 

Name: Shepard Germaine
Gender: Male 
Age: 37
His crime: He was a hardcore drug addict, and because he was high more often than he wasn't, he thought he was a literal werewolf. He would lure people out of nightclubs into the woods and murder them and eat them(Fun, I know.) He was caught by Jailbot, who was disguised as one of these people. Shepard broke all his teeth when he tried to bite him and well- ended up in Superjail. He was sentenced to life. 

After getting into Superjail, he had heard The Doctor did experiments combining humans with animals and wanted in on it, because he still believed he was an actual werewolf. That, and he wanted teeth back, even if they were dog teeth. His ears were severed and replaced with dog ears, same with his hands and feet. Those are all functional. The tail is just for show, and he can't move it as it has no attachment to any muscle or ligament. His dog limbs fall off a lot, or bleed randomly. He also feels phantom sensations, because he can't actually feel with his paws. He can grip with them, of Superjails many mysterys. His ears are not functional, or at least not very well. He usually wears a hearing aide...but it's pretty faulty, and has resulted in many deaths of himself and others. He is also not above cannibalism after murdering other inmates over stupid things. 

Ironically, his cellmate is Ash. Because pairing someone with extremely flammable furry body parts with someone who sets things on fire is a GREAT idea! 
Shepard gets along with some of the inmates, mainly Jean and Paul. I mean, Shepard is gay so of course he'd be more comfortable with other people like him. He gets along very well with Ash too, thankfully. That'd probably be bad if he didn't.
He doesn't get along with any of the others well, especially Gary. But above that, ESPECIALLY Lord Stingray. 
The Warden doesn't really know Shepard exists, to be honest. He thinks Shepard is just "The cat one." Jared wouldn't try to correct him because it doesn't REALLY matter. 

Height: 5'7
Weight: 230 lbs
Inmate number: 80883
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January 8, 2017
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