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Futurama Oc : Lupin by Radicalhat Futurama Oc : Lupin by Radicalhat
I came up with this guy while trying to sleep last night. Basically, he's a dog-person. With robot parts. He has them because he accidentally agreed for "testing" for, well, this. He was able to get out of the agreement, but well after it was basically done. His skull, lower arms(Below elbow), and feet were replaced. This isn't a huge deal, but his jaw gets stuck a lot. 

He's basically a "Beurocrat For Hire", meaning that he will do any and all paperwork for anyone, for a price. This is the thing he's actually best at. The one thing getting party replaced with robot parts did, was make him better at processing information like this. He always was, but now he's among the best. He can get it done pretty quick and very accuratly. But, this is just paperwork and legal stuff. Math he basically cannot do. 

He is also available for a "consultant", meaning he knows off of the top of his head almost every law. Somehow, he always ends up getting hired by weird people/robots/whatever. He can tell them if what theyre doing or planning on doing is inside legal boundries, but he has his morals. But also he gets easily scared. So it's kind of easy to get him to do stuff outside of what he's hired for- depending on who's doing it. He's also willing to do way more for people he likes.

Lupin has a lot of emotions. Like, probably all of them. For some reason, he literally cannot feel anger. Apparently, that was a "side effect"(Probably an intended effect to be honest) of the "Testing" mentioned in the first paragraph. But that doesn't mean he's calm. Instead of anger, he'll get frantic and really really upset when he should be angry. It usually makes situations way, way worse. He's also easily embarassed, as well as easily excitable, among other things.

Lupin talks with a lisp because of the fact his tongue is permanently stuck out. He has trouble saying certain words, and gets over-stimulated really quickly. He can't multitask at all. The most he can do is talk and write at the same time. 

Obviously, because I'm me, I have relationships thought up between him and the canon characters. By "relationships" i don't really mean like.......romantic stuff. Kinda. Mostly just how he gets along with everyone. Like, him and Hermes are like...really good friends. They have a really friendly rivalry. Stuff like that. Also he's dating the Robot Devil bcuz I said so.

So yea.....I have way more for him than I should but here you go, have this fuckign oc. 
SkunkyNoid Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's cute. Nice character.
Koili Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG!!!! WHAT A GOOD BOY!!!! hes so cute and sweet omg i love him
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July 22, 2017
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