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It's an ambigram of earth, air, fire, water. So you can read it right side up and upside down. Neat. But..not mine. Darn.
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I would like to get a piece made of my daughters name “SophiaLove” can you help?
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Wow great yeah, remove this. If it isn't yours, then it shouldn't be on this site. This is deviantArt, not Photobucket. You agreed to the rules when you signed up, now delete this.
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damn damn dayum!!!
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awesome !!
wow you did it well !
good job man !
love it so much !
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Ahh, the great John Langdon. We're all copies of him. No one even thought of the '180 degree rotating text that is legible either way' until he came up with it :P
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Rick Griffin (who is one of Langdon's influences) would do symmetry stuff in the 60s. I remember "WOW MOM"

M. C. Escher came up with NOW NO SWIMS ON MON in 1968, perhaps earlier. (See journal entry at M-C-Escher-Style [link] -- this journal entry also has a link to Langdon's website)
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Isn't this whatchycallit? Err, not-Da-Vinca-Code?
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Angels and Demons? Yes.

I didn't realize what it was from when I drew it.

But coincidentally, I just finished that book about an hour ago.

Huh. Strange.
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(I'm obscenely pedantic...)
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...Is the original artist of that ambigram. And all the ones found in Angels and Demons.
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Ohh. So Dan Brown named his main character after him?
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Yup. Brown mentioned it in a Witness Statement for High Court. Langdon was the inspiration for the character, and the artist of the ambigrams used in the book.
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For the record, it's by John Langdon.

Robert's namesake.
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