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Saturday Morning In Front Of La Salle De Justice


GOOD NEWS! Warner Bros. and DC Comics have arranged to have "Saturday Morning" and "Sunday Evening" printed as 18" x 24" lithographs which will be limited to 40 copies each, signed and numbered by myself. This is as part of their crowd funding campaign for We Can Be Heroes.

You can pick them up by donating $100 for either poster at:…

BAD NEWS: It has only been one day and out of 40, there are only six (6) "Saturday Morning"s and twenty-three (23) "Sunday Evening"s left.

Go get them now!


Meant as a simple homage to Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, this piece calls to mind that as the original painting was comprised of points of color, so too are these characters from the DC Universe today. My intent was to show how iconic DC Super Heroes were, by minimizing them to their most basic colors and shapes and have them still retain their recognizability. The groupings and character choices were relevant to the issues and storyline out at the time I created this, tempered with my own whimsy. For instance, Wonder Woman appeared in Justice League, eating an ice cream cone. And so forth...

I named this as such to evoke that feeling of Saturday Morning cartoons - the excitement and fun of it all! And it it clicked after that. The Hall of Justice, the reflecting pool, the lawn.

If you will kindly forgive me, I will refrain from going into any debate concerning the New 52, why so and so is with blank, and who should have been included/not included. It is what it is, to be enjoyed for what it is!

Thank you, my friends!

Rey Taira
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Is there any way to purchase this still?

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Nice piece. Beautifully done and very nice homage.

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Nice art piece right here.
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Never much cared for Seurrat until now. Lovely! But who's gonna clean up after Krypto?
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Great idea, and brilliantly executed!
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I'm dead. In fact, I'm deaded. This is too cool to be true.
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I love that this has Godiva! And with Booster!
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KRYPTO! Anyone else love krypto? Just me? O...ok....
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Looks like 《A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte》。like it!
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Wonderful homage!
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Batwoman, yaaaaasss.
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if i stare close enough, will i see wonder woman's uvula
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Awesome! One Animo, La Salle! :awesome: 
Please make more prints. :(
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I actually like this, well done
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Wonderful work here! :iconmonkeythumbplz: (love the animals playing in the park too. Dex-Starr FTW)
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He's my favorite on there! When it came to deciding which cat was to go in that other came to mind!
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This is wonderful! How can I get a print??? 
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Thanks! It was done for DC Entertainment's We Can Be Heroes campaign. The original fetched over $2800 at auction which goes to all the charities involved! Unfortunately, the flip side is that I cannot sell prints of these. There is only one out there.
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This is most certainly the most awesomest piece of art I have seen in a while!  It is well and truly brilliant!
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Why thank you, that is quite a compliment!
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