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On copyright violations
Recently I've seen a rant crying about how DARE dA remove their artwork, because EVERYONE uses lyrics and other copyrighted stuff (backgrounds, photos, logos, etc) in their art! The user complains they are being picked on, because obviously the dA admins must not care if so many things with lyrics are uploaded.
You know what else everyone else does? Run stoplights. Why? Because they think they can get away with it. And a lot of people do. There simply aren't enough cops to watch every light.
It's the same thing with deviantART. People get away with copyright violations all the time, because the admins can't check every single deviation submitted. But you know what? That doesn't make it right. A cop will give you a ticket if he sees you run the light, and the admins will pull your stuff if it's reported.
It doesn't matter whether you think it's right. You agree to abide by the rules when you sign up, whether you bother to read them or not. Whether you agree with them or not. I've drawn
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Wheeeeeee- .KH. by scrii Wheeeeeee- .KH. :iconscrii:scrii 6 20 Indigo Night by scrii Indigo Night :iconscrii:scrii 26 21 Organization XIII by neomonki Organization XIII :iconneomonki:neomonki 1,863 234 Giant Chibi Project by Aphrael7 Giant Chibi Project :iconaphrael7:Aphrael7 3,205 1,107 Andelus by jocarra Andelus :iconjocarra:jocarra 96 100
Arguon Pt. 2
Part 2.
The skies cracked, burned, boiled, heat emanated from the heavens themselves. The sky parted, and with it, the creature rose.
The brilliant, vibrant, light from the gold feathers pierced through the darkness of night, making it almost as bright as day above the ship.
The long tail trailed behind it, and the flaming sparks that flew from the creature's tail threatened to set the ship on fire.
"What in the name of Feia is happening?" The captain asked, cursing all the Council of Feia. Arguon shook his head.
"The Guardians of Feia have no matter in this. Quetzalcoatl is a creature all on it's own. I have never heard of the creature being part of the council, so you cannot blame the Council for sending him."
The captain cursed Arguon under his breath. Arguon sighed, turning away from the scene. An orphaned sailor, that's all the men considered him.
If not for Arguon's useful ability of speaking to the Feian creatures, he would not even be on the ship. Arguon could feel the warm, al
:iconmikounisto:MikoUnisto 1 4
Arguon- A Feia Fanfiction
Arguon- A Feia Fan fiction
The few, lone dolphins that passed by the ship made heavy squeaks at the young man who was aboard. At the age of seventeen, young Arguon was young, rambunctious, and full of adventure.
His brown hair fell to his shoulders, his bangs pushed back behind his ears. The shocking ice-blue eyes peered out toward the ocean, trying to find a strange, unknown horizon.
He sighed, not seeing any sign of land. The small chain of islands that they were headed for was nowhere in sight, which really depressed him.
A lone crewman, who had been watching Arguon intently, snorted, walking back inside. The sun was about to go down, and it soon would.
Casting a final glance out toward the ocean, Arguon returned to his room.
The room was rather simple, a bed and a chest of clothing, but it suited Arguon just fine. He didn't need much more, he was on the ocean, fulfilling his dream of being a sailor.
He had come for the pure enjoyment, the view of the ocean, the spectacle of sea lif
:iconmikounisto:MikoUnisto 1 5
xylophi - Gift Art by Kitfox247 xylophi - Gift Art :iconkitfox247:Kitfox247 1 5 For my friend... by scrii For my friend... :iconscrii:scrii 5 26 The Night Bringer II by kalamu The Night Bringer II :iconkalamu:kalamu 1,333 228 Happy 2006 n Holiday Everyone by GlassWind Happy 2006 n Holiday Everyone :iconglasswind:GlassWind 1,654 1,027



Sylveraptor (Girls Like Dinosaurs Too)

As I wander around the place looking at all the cute owls and foxes and unicorns on notebooks and bags and sundry, I wonder, where are all the pretty dinosaur things?!

Don’t the folks who design stuff know that girls like dinosaurs too? And speaking of pretty things; the colour scheme was indeed inspired by Sylveon ;) 

I have a theory that everyone has a favourite dinosaur. What’s yours?


This design is available on Redbubble here:…

AND in a text free version here:…


The cutest dinosaur pins you ever did see, now live on Kickstarter and already being backed! Yay!

The five core characters that are available from the beginning are Casey the T-Rex, Holly the Velociraptor, Elsa the Triceratops, Alfie the Stegosaurus and Oscar the Ankylosaurus!

If the initial funding goal is reached, there're more characters waiting eagerly to be your friends!

Remember, Kickstarter doesn't charge you right away! Not until the campaign ends and only if it reaches its goal!

And if you want to change how many pins you want as new rewards are unlocked, Kickstarter makes it super easy to do so. So don't worry about missing out by getting in early!


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When enquiring about an art commission, please link me to a piece in my gallery with the style of commission you're interested in so I can give you an appropriate quote. My prices are very different for work that involves lineart and work that does not.
Price e.g.: Full body coloured lineart work starts at $35 (flats. Not for chibi/cartoony style) and work that does not use lineart starts at $60

NB: My art and characters are NOT to be used for roleplay purposes or as any other kind of stock graphic (mock-up cards, banners, sigs, website graphics, wallpapers [personal, undistributed wallpapers excepted], et cetera). If you really want or need something, enquire about a commission instead.

Patterns: I do not (and cannot) give out plush patterns. For one, it would be unfair to my commissioners, who have paid for a unique item, if I started giving out or selling the pattern. Not only that, nine times out of ten my final product has been improvised at least once in the process, and this is rarely reflected in my patterns, especially because I tend to destroy them when I am done with them. So please don't ask.

Have 5 seconds to help me in an art contest? :D

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 27, 2013, 1:18 AM


You might or might not have seen my latest artness!

It's for a competition! On Facebook!

Yeah, it's one of those competitions where folks who have loads and loads of Facebook friends are at an immediate advantage over us more reclusive types, and I need as much help as I can get. The top 20 most liked entries become finalists, and the winner will be decided by actual real judges. But to get into the top 20, well, one must be Liked.


If you guys have a quick five seconds to go to THIS LINK and just click 'Like'

I would be incredibly grateful.

Maybe not 'spit-shine your shoes and sacrifice children to your name' grateful, but definitely way up there with 'many single diamond tears while singing emotional ballads featuring your name' grateful.

But seriously that's all you have to do; click like on a picture at the other end of that link. And then gratefulness will emanate from my general direction. Because you are wonderful and I love you.

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