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DOA Christie Helena Rachel Momiji

By RadiantEld
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Christie, Helena, Rachel, Momiji from dead or alive, rendered in blender.

Base Bodies - Skull Bikini by XPS-Fanatic 
Bikinis were fitted on posed base bodies in blender.
Christie's bikini - Ayane's V-suit bikini from VV, ported by Shuubaru 
Helena's bikini - Lace Bikini ported by XPS-Fanatic 
Rachel's bikini - Momiji's vv bikini, ported to Helena by YiShinLong 
Momiji's bikini - Rachel's DOA5 bikini, ported by IKeelYou457

Created in blender. Helena's chair is an imported asset.

There will be addition versions of this scene.
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Really wonderful render :D

Kevin7299's avatar

you back👍👍👍

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Glad u'r back!!! can't wait for bonus!

TheShinNihonFREAK's avatar

Rachel and Momiji look so cute together like that.

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4 beautiful goddesses at the 🏊‍♀️. Great work RadiantEld, Shadow and I would be so proud of you
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Momi looks soo femenine Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1]

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very sexy bikinis

nice to see you back ;)

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Oh, you have returned, and I see you bring with you a literal smorgasbord of beauties. Apart from the slight bit of noise in the shadowed region of Rachel's forehead this scene is splendid. I particularly like the poses for Christie and Helena (Nude version would do these justice). Where did you obtain the chair on which Helena is resting?

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Amazing!!! <3 <3

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long time no see , again , a month ?

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Rachel is looking at Christie seeming quite annoyed and based on what she wears for her job as a fiend hunter I think she's mad of the fact that she's not the girl with the most open skin in the party.

And besides her Momiji is leaning on her like; "Oh Rachel. You'll come up with something smaller next time. It'll be very sexy I'm sure."

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Yet again you amaze us with your magnificent works

This scene is very sexy, splendid work

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Thank u for come back
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I had to re read the notes below on the listed women in this render just to ensure my eyes are not playing a cruel trick on me. What I mean is that I am not use to seeing Christie with a lot of hair. From the preview before clicking on the latest Dead Or Alive/Ninja Gaiden group render from you, I thought it was Patty or Luna dying her hair silver since you have done this before on plenty of occasions in the past. I honestly am flabbergasted to come across a swimsuit themed group render made by your talented hands where Momiji and Rachel are together. I have absolutely no idea why this duo from the Ninja Gaiden series is so criminality underrated. Since you cannot include Kokoro in your works anymore, her mother Miyako could have substituted Christie to keep with the theme of a pair of blonde and black haired women who know each other very well.

Christie is the winner with the skimpiest swimsuit on as she is wearing a yellow V string one piece swimsuit that shows off every bit of her fantastic figure,namely in from the pose she is in her two juicy ass. Helena is a close second there with her light blue one piece swimsuit as she lounged on the beach chair,stretching out her body. Rachel and Momiji are sitting side by side as they lean their bodies to press up even closer to each other. I personally like Momiji's gray one piece swimsuit better. However,on the other hand though, Rachel's blue and white one piece is more lively and brighter in addition to displaying more of her body. From what I can see,they are all resting at Helena Douglas's luxurious beach house. Why go the beach and deal with a whole bunch of strangers pestering you and the salt water when the pool water is much more refreshing. What an outstanding job you have done here.

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Helena very nice.

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Another Killer scene dude. I especially love what Rachel is wearing! Where oh where did you find such a sexy outfit?

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I was a bit lazy when I wrote the description. Rachel's vv outfit, was taken from your Helena port. It was then fitted onto Rachel's naughty faery body in this render by moving vertices for 1-2 hours.

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Of course. Why do you do that to yourself? Spectacular results nonetheless. I have been hoping for the longest time to see you use a model of mine, and now I get it. YOU. WANT. SWIMSUITS.
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Lovely render!!!!

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