My Little Pony: Trotland Origins - Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 - The Horizon Sanctuary

---Nirvana Glacier---

(Music: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - Hidden Land)

Prior to Radiant’s return, Nebula Horizon escorted Dark Sword and Dark Copper while showing them the origins of the land.

During the tour, Dark Copper was, obviously, in awe of the paintings, hieroglyphics, and artifacts of Troland’s past.

“As you can see, the mural explains all of the important history of heroism.” Nebula said, “I have been watching over mortals for the past generations.”

“I see,” Dark Copper nodded. “Although, it was weird to find all of this out, as my normal counterpart had thought that Princesses Celestia and Luna were the only Alicorns of Equestria, or even the world.”

“I thought the race of Alicorns were ancient history.” Dark Sword said as he closely looked at the paintings, “And somehow, Trotland’s champion became one, and I was created from the Mirror of Calamity.”

“I have some of the memories of my counterpart, so I can tell you that Celestia and Luna are ancient, but still living today.” Dark Copper stated to Dark Sword.

“It feels strange, bud.” Dark Sword said, feeling intrigued. Suddenly, something caught his attention, “Oh, my word!”

“What is it?” Dark Copper jumped a bit from the sudden speech of his friend before looking in that direction.

“What is that?” Dark looked at the mural depicting a pony landing a sword against the blue, ram-like demon.

“...” Dark Copper was thinking furiously at what he could remember from the demonic ram. “It’s on the tip of my tongue, but… wait, Grogar?”

“That’s right.” Nebula said, “He’s the master of monsters. The great demon ram emperor of Tambelon. Long before Trotland was established, a pony warrior was summoned by the goddess to defeat Grogar with the Sword of the Goddess. Without friendship, the sword is useless to seal the ram.”

“I’d rather kill him, to be honest, but I digress.” Dark Copper shrugged.

“Question, Nebula. Who was that pony warrior that defeated this, um… Grogar guy?” Dark Sword said.

“From the looks of this mural, it was more than one pony warrior, and… what the hay kinda creature is this one?” Dark Copper pointed to what looked like a bi-petal humanoid creature, who looked female.

“Could it be another centaur?” Dark Sword asked.

“No… she would have two additional legs if that were the case,” Dark Copper replied, then looked at Nebula. “Do you know who it is?”

“That is Megan Williams, Ponyland’s protector who is involved in Grogar’s demise.” Nebula said, “She befriended ponies with amazing friendship abilities who outwit the evil ram tyrant by using the ancient bell. And after the bell is exhausted, it remains to be sealed forever.”

“...Something tells me that Grogar is gonna be revived at some point in Radiant’s career and give him a lot of trouble,” Dark Copper stated.

“To counter that, the Goddess of Harmony summoned three gifted unicorns, one to build courage and forge a sword to banish evil, one to befriend other ponies who can utilize the Elements of Harmony, and one who can use intelligence and bring in compassion.” Nebula said.

Dark Copper had to think for a moment. “So my counterpart knows two of those ponies you described, Radiant Sword and Twilight Sparkle. Who could be the third?”

“Good question. I am thinking about the same thing.” Dark Sword said.

“So now you know the history of the world.” Nebula said with a smile, “Radiant and his Knights will be returning soon.”

“Alright,” Dark Copper nodded. “I’ll lead them to you.” He took off back to the front of the temple.

“Hope they got their musical number figured out.” Dark said with a smirk.

---Sealed Temple Grounds---

(Music: Pokemon Sword and Shield - Slumbering Weald)

“Now that explains everything.” Radiant said after hearing Dark Copper’s story.

“Yeah, and I got to learn a lot more of our past than I realized,” Dark Copper nodded. “It’s quite fascinating.”

“Now I know how you got reformed along with the delinquent alicorn.” Freya said with a nod.

“Oi no, I did nothing to you guys,” Dark Copper looked offended. “All I am is a fragment of Copper’s darkest secrets.” That sentence made Copper shake a bit.

Spiral couldn’t help but chuckle a little, then she said to Radiant, “Anyways, how’s the quest going for you? Have you found the six melodies?”

“Have no fear, I found them all.” Radiant replied.

“Wonderful, Radiant. Nebula will be waiting at the entrance of the Horizon Sanctuary.” Spiral said.

Copper regained his composure and said, “If you need a dance partner, I got you.” to Radiant.

“And me.” Ian said.

“And also me.” Freya said.

Radiant smiled, then he climbed the stairway to Nirvana Glacier.

---Nirvana Glacier, Horizon Sanctuary Entrance---

(Music: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - The Sacred Dragons)

As Radiant and his friends arrive, he sees that the Six Sages of Trotland are with Nebula Horizon as the alicorn goddess walks up to him.

Radiant stood proud as Nebula walked to him. “Lady Nebula, I am ready.” he said with pride.

“Wonderful, Radiant!” Nebula said, “Ever wonder why I invited all six of the sages?” She smiled as the sages held their instruments.

“If I had to guess, it was to perform the full song that they have taught me up to this point?” Radiant asked.

“That’s right, Radiant. Show me the melodies you have learned.” Nebula said.

Radiant closed his eyes, to remember the melodies in order that he learned, put them together in his mind, and began his performance to the sages.

The sages performed along with Radiant as the Alicorn Knight finishes the song.

Radiant has put together the melodies! But then, he saw the silhouette of the unicorn performing the final notes for the Melodies of Trotland, consisting of the first few notes of the My Little Pony theme song.

Radiant’s Song of the Hero is complete!

Copper noticed the silhouette as well. “Who else knows the melodies of Trotland?” he asked.

“It’s amazing.” Freya said in awe.

Copper went up to the mysterious pony. “Who might you be?” he asked.

“I am Duchess Victoria, the harmonizer from the past.” The unicorn said.

“Nice to meet you,” Copper bowed in respect. “I didn’t know there was a seventh melody of the Song.”

“Well, that surprises me.” Freya said.

“It also surprised me that I danced out of instinct to that bit,” Radiant said, and he did when the melody was performed.

Nebula smiled, “Well done, everypony. The Song of the Hero is complete.” Then she walked up to Radiant, “Radiant, your final trial before the Horizon Sanctuary awaits in your hometown.”

“This oughta be good,” Dark Copper smiled.

“No problem. Looks like we’ll be returning to Trotland, team.” Radiant said.

“Well let’s get going!” Copper cheered as he set off out the temple.

---Trotland Castle Town---

(Music: Final Fantasy VI - Kids Run Through the City)

Back in town, Radiant uses his sword to dowse for the location of the entrance to the Spirit World.

“Are we going back to Spirit World again?” Copper asked. “More specifically, you are, Radiant?”

“Yup. Hope it goes well for me.” Radiant said.

“While we’re here, I wanna spar with my normal self,” Dark Copper said to no one in particular.

“Good luck, Radiant. I’m counting on you to conquer the final Spirit World Trial.” Freya said with a smile.

“As am I,” Copper nodded. “And while you’re gone, I’ll have my spar with my dark self.”

After Radiant performed a song next to the fountain, the portal to the Spirit World opened up for him.

“Whenever you’re ready, Radiant, step into the portal,” Mimik said.

Radiant nodded before stepping into the portal.

---Trotland Castle Town (Spirit World)---

(Music: SE Records Productions - Spirit World/The Dream Realm)

Radiant found himself in the Spirit World.

“Welcome to the Spirit World of Harmony, Radiant.” Mimik’s voice came into Radiant’s ears, “Here, you will find the fifteen Gems of Harmony. This is the hardest of them all. But if you find all the gems, the gateway to the Horizon Sanctuary will open up for you and your teammates. Best of luck.”

“I thought there’d be more,” Copper said in Radiant’s ears, before going into the spar with his Dark self.

Radiant began his trial as he finds the first gem where the bulletin board is. He later found five more in the commercial district, including the sixth one found where the weaponsmith’s shop is. Next, he collected the three gems at Trotland Castle’s gate. “Just six more to go.” He thought. Suddenly, he triggered an alarm for the guardians. The Alicorn Knight galloped as fast as he could before sliding under the table to get the 10th gem, sending the guardians back to their dormant state. “That was close.” He said as he continued his search. He found the 11th gem under the bush next to the Knight Academy. Lastly, he went to the residential district to find the remaining gems, including the 15th one. He galloped back to the entrance and saw the gems forming into an emblem that serves as a key. The Horizon Key has been obtained! Radiant returned to the real world.

---Trotland Castle Town---

(Music: Final Fantasy VI - Kids Run Through the City)

“I did it, everypony! We got the key to the Horizon Sanctuary!” Radiant announced.

Just in time for the spar to be over, Copper and Dark Copper returned to the group. “Great work!” the blue mail pony stated to his Alicorn friend.

“Now we can go meet up with Nebula Horizon and open up the Horizon Sanctuary.” Freya said with a smile.

“Yeppers,” Radiant nodded. “Let’s go, gang!”

---Nirvana Glacier, Horizon Sanctuary Entrance---

(Music: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - Hidden Highland)

Radiant and his friends returned to Nirvana Glacier as they stood near the entrance.

“Looks like this is it, everypony.” Sir Robin said as he stood beside Radiant.

“There is an 80% chance that this is a key to fully sealing Malachor.” Ghost said.

“When this is over, I can go home and be on guard duty.” Halberd said.

“And I’m heading back to Ponyville to resume my mail-pony duties.” Copper stated, before looking at the dark counterparts of him and Radiant. “What about you guys?”

“I dunno. Maybe I’ll be a nomad.” Dark said, “Who knows?”

“Same,” Dark Copper nodded. “I don’t know my purpose.”

“We have come a long way.” Ian said, “Professor Lantern will be proud.

“I have made amazing friends on our journey.” Freya said.

“Hope everypony is prepared.” Iron Maiden said as she saw Radiant insert the emblem into the key slot.

“Wait, is Malachor on the other end of this door?” Copper asked out of nowhere.

“It’s a good time to explain.” Nebula said, “Long ago, a monster was created from malice, distrust, and hatred.”

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Copper shook his head.

“Let’s listen to what Nebula has to say.” Radiant said with a concerned frown.

(Music: Final Fantasy IV - Golbez, Clad in Dark)

“Malachor is an evil, immensely powerful, and demonic dark tyrant born from the cosmic black mass of darkness. He feeds on hatred, brings despair to the mortal world, and worst of all, he has an army of shadows to attack them. The Nirvanians, devastated by his carnage, used the sanctuary’s oubliette to trap the monsters from escaping Abyssinia.”

(Music: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - Hidden Highland)

“However, Malachor has pushed away the oubliette while in primordial state. And so, it has returned to the sanctuary.” Nebula explained.

“...So no, Malachor is not on the other side of the door. That’s a relief.” Copper sighed in relief.

“To stop him, you must activate the gems the sages have crafted. Once you do, go to the oubliette and bring it to the Sealed Temple Grounds.” Nebula explained.

“Are the sages still here, or did they scurry off back to their respective places?” Dark Copper asked.

“I had them rendezvous at the grounds, leaving you and the others to take care of business in the sanctuary.” Nebula replied.

“Alright, let’s go.” Radiant said as he prepared to enter the temple.

“But before you go, Freya, I want to talk to you real quick.” Nebula said.

Freya nodded and went to Nebula. “What is it, Lady Nebula?” she asked as the rest headed off.

“I will give you this scroll. This will be useful as a last ditch effort when the battle gets rough.” Nebula said, “With this, you can call upon the stars and summon the spell that can kiss monstrous enemies goodbye.”

Freya took the scroll and nodded at Nebula. “Thank you. We will not let you down.”

“Good luck on your quest.” Nebula said as she watched the enchantress pony gallop to catch up with others.

Radiant looked at the entrance, knowing that there’s no holding back. He guided his friends through the temple’s entrance.

---Horizon Sanctuary---

(Music: Golden Sun - The Elemental Stars)

Radiant looked around at the architecture of the temple. He can see pillars in prismatic colors and diamondized bricks. “This looks like Elysium.” He said.

“Interesting,” Copper nodded, before looking back to see Freya return to the group. “Oh hi, Freya. What’cha got there?”

“I got this scroll that can be used for emergency purposes only.” Freya said, “There is powerful magic that no other enchantress in my clan has mustered before.”

“That does sound useful,” Copper nodded. “Anyways… this is gonna be rough.”

“Indeed, unless…” Radiant opened the chest and it contains a map containing details on where the six gems are found, “We can use this as our guide.”

Copper looked at the map, wondering where the gems were located.

“I say we’re good to go.” Sir Robin said as he readied his javelin.

Copper checked his arrows and his bow, seeing they were still in great condition. “I’m ready for the things that are gonna come out of this.”

“Bring it on!” Ian said as he looked at the spell books before taking on a challenge.

Freya smiled and got herself ready for the next challenge.

“We got your backs.” Halberd said as he went with Iron Maiden.

Radiant looked at the six doors representing the sages and went to the Forest Corridor where he battled carnivorous plants coming from the ground with the sword.

The rest of the team followed Radiant, in case he needed assistance.

Radiant saw the grayed-out gem at the end of the corridor and performed a Skyward Strike on it to change its color to green.

“Nice!” Copper and his friends cheered.

The next corridor is themed around Light where Radiant used the whip to guide the fans through the poisonous water using the raft and a sail. He eventually reached the end and changed the gem’s color to yellow.

“We’re on a roll!” Copper said in excitement.

In the Fire Corridor, Scruffy helps Iron Maiden as he digs a tunnel to the other side of the cascading lava. Iron Maiden tried pushing the boulder, but it’s too heavy to budge.

“We got it,” Copper and Dark Copper said in unison as they effortlessly pushed the boulder to the side.

The lava stopped cascading, revealing the path to the gem where Radiant Skyward Strikes it to change its color to red.

“We’re halfway there,” Copper and Dark Copper high-hoofed each other.

In the Water Corridor, Freya pushed cube-shaped boulders as they slid across the icy floor.

Meanwhile, Copper swam down quickly to use crystals to lower/raise the water as needed.

As the ponies finished the puzzle, the bridge eventually formed, leading to the gem as Radiant performed another Skyward Strike to change its color to blue.

“Two more,” Freya stated.

Ian wears the Specs of Revelation while exploring the Corridor of Shadow as he battles invisible monsters with magic.

Freya helped Ian as he battled, healing any damage he may have taken.

As Radiant arrived at the end of the corridor, he noticed that the gem wasn't there. So he wore the specs and saw a well-illusioned doorway, leading him to the soon-to-be purple gem.

Once he got the gem, Ian said, “One more and it will be complete.”

The Corridor of Spirit looked ruins-like as Radiant carefully treks through the sand.

The rest of the team also went through the sand carefully, looking out for any monsters in the way.

Freya encountered a dinosaur-like enemy before taking it down with an ice-infused sword. “All clear.” She said to her teammates.

Radiant went down the front of a pyramid and found the gem, performing the last Skyward Strike needed.

The gem changed to orange after being hit by the sword beam. “We’re getting close to the end.” Ghost said.

“Yep,” Radiant nodded.

As Radiant and his friends returned to the center of the temple, the Alicorn Knight saw the big door open, allowing them to enter the oubliette.

“It’s that time, ladies and gentlemen,” Copper smiled.

As Radiant and his friends entered, they heard a voice.

“You have arrived, hero, chosen by the goddess. But before you defeat the enemy, you have to challenge me.”

Radiant saw the golem emerge from the walls, having two floating hands and a floating face.

---Guardian of the Oubliette, Elysium Defender---

(Music: Final Fantasy VI - The Fierce Battle)

“This is your challenge! Defeat me and I will allow you to do something with the oubliette, mortals!” Elysium Defender said.

“Wow, Nebula, you have high security in your temple.” Halberd said as he prepared his sword.

Copper cricked his neck and readied his Sacred Bow.

Radiant aimed his bow at one of the Elysium Defender’s hands. He fired it at the hand’s weak spot before shutting it down. “One hand is stunned, Copper!” He said.

Copper aimed his bow at the Golem’s head, aiming for good damage.

Elysium Defender fired a laser from its eye to attack.

Freya jumped before using her lightning spell to strike the golem’s eye. “One eye is down, Ian!” She said before Iron Maiden created a barrier around her.

Radiant went to attack the next hand as fast as he could.

Both hands of the golem were stunned as Ian launched a beam at the golem’s eye, damaging it.

“Very good! Now, can you endure this!?” Elysium Defender pounded the ground, summoning the smaller golems.

Copper and Dark Copper looked at each other and grinned, then blized around at high speed, attacking every smaller golem summoned.

“Allow me to join in!” Dark Sword said as he attacked the Elysium Defender’s eyes with his sword.

Radiant saw this as an opportunity and performed a downward strike with his Sword on the Golem.

The Elysium Defender got back on its feet again as it summoned more golems.

“Now’s my chance!” Freya used her fire spells to take down the golems as well as disarming the defender’s hands.

“One more attack!” Copper shouted to Radiant.

Radiant galloped before landing a joust on the Elysium Defender, ending its attack protocol.

“Incredible skill, mortal! You are the hero chosen by the goddess! I now permit the oubliette to rejoin the surface.” The Elysium Defender merges back to the wall.

Radiant’s party is victorious!

(Music: Final Fantasy VII - Victory Fanfare)

After the battle, Radiant saw the sword pedestal appear. He thrusts his sword down and then… The world began to shake.

“Oh no, not again!” Copper was scared.

“Brace yourselves!” Radiant held on.

---Nirvana Glacier---

Meanwhile, outside of the Horizon Sanctuary, Nebula Horizon watched the oubliette detach itself from the temple as she smiled, watching it descend. “You did it, Radiant.” She said.

---Sealed Temple Grounds---

The oubliette continued to descend as Malachor attempted to break free, only to be sealed by it. The skies above the temple began to clear as Spiral Galaxy looked at the oubliette.

(Music: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - Time Restored)

Radiant walked out the oubliette, thankfully having survived the terminal velocity that occurred, along with his friends.

Copper was used to going at terminal velocity speeds, so he was unfazed.

“I’m glad that’s over with.” Radiant said as he walked up to Spiral Galaxy and Nebula Horizon.

“Thank goodness.” Freya said as she looked at the oubliette behind her.

“Although something tells me Malachor is gonna somehow break free again,” Copper sighed.

“Maybe in the next 500 moons. Who knows?” Halberd joked.

“Radiant, thank you for fulfilling the prophecy.” Nebula said with a smile, “You have shown your bravery and made friends. It was impossible to do all of the quests alone, but friendship makes it possible. We now acknowledge you as - The Knight of Friendship.”

Radiant smiled in awe. “The Knight of Friendship? Does that mean I can defend friendship from fiendish monsters?”

Nebula giggled, “Something like that.”

And on cue, the ground shook slightly, not nearly as bad as when Malachor was trying to be free. “Oh, NOW what?” Copper was annoyed.

The dark force struck Nebula, knocking her unconscious.

(Music: Xenoblade Chronicles - Towering Shadow)

Radiant gasped in horror as he looked back. It’s Twisted Darkness!

“You have GOT to be kidding me,” Copper was angered.

“Well, well, well. You guys thought you were clever in sealing my master.” Twisted Darkness said with a devilish grin, “Mark my words. It’s not over until the fat lady sings.”

“Well the fat lady will be singing right now, because I am DONE with you.” Copper shot an arrow straight at Twisted’s heart.

However, Twisted Darkness halted the arrow, disintegrating it. “It’s no use.” He said.

“No use, huh?” a deep voice said from behind Twisted. It was Dark Copper, who was smirking at him.

Nebula, still downed, looked at Twisted. “Why are you doing this…?” She said.

“We already had this problem with Nightmare Moon, the night lasting forever,” Dark Copper said, turning into his Rose form. “I’m in no mood for a second attempt.” He aimed a punch to try and knock out Twisted.

Twisted projected a barrier to keep Dark Copper from attacking him as he abducted Nebula. “Party time is over. Prepare to weep, because I will avenge my master.” He said.

“Yeah, no.” Dark Copper took off after Twisted Darkness on his own.

“Farewell!” Twisted Darkness cloaked himself in a dark fog, taking Nebula with him.

Thankfully, the radius of the fog allowed Dark Copper to teleport with him to wherever he was headed.

“Great, just great,” Copper growled.

“I’m afraid that we’ll have to go with plan B.” Spiral said in concern.

“What is plan B?” Sir Robin asked.

“Fortunately, the gate to Abyssinia is not completely sealed. There is a doorway in the oubliette that will take you there where Malachor is slowly getting resurrected.” Spiral said.

“Thank Celestia,” Copper sighed in relief. “Alright guys, let’s get it!”

“But how?” Radiant said in concern. Suddenly, his father Excalibur showed up.

(Music: Final Fantasy IV - Prologue)

“Radiant Sword, your adventure is not over yet. You got the final foe ahead of you!” Excalibur said with a proud smile.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have Captain Obvious here,” Copper laughed.

Glass Slipper showed up as well. “If you’re feeling anxious, take your time to gear up for the tough road ahead.” She said with a smile.

“Mother… Father…” Radiant began to tear up in joy.

Jackie Lantern walked up to Ian Radcliffe, “Remember your studies, Ian. Use them as your advantage against the Abyssinians.” She said.

“Copper!” a female voice called out from a ways away. Copper turned to see Twilight Sparkle heading in the group’s direction.

“Twilight Sparkle!” Radiant said in surprise as the purple unicorn showed up.

Twilight gasped for air a bit before looking at the Knights of Harmony. “I JUST got done with encasing Discord into stone, and then Princess Celestia told me of something terrible happening… who are you?” she asked Spiral Galaxy in confusion.

“I am Spiral Galaxy, the Goddess of Harmony.” Spiral said, “It is wonderful to meet you, Twilight Sparkle.”

“O-oh!” Twilight instinctively bowed to Spiral. “I am honored to meet you too.”

“Wow, I’m glad I got to see Twilight Sparkle for the first time.” Freya said with a nod.

“Oh, do please tell me all of your names!” Twilight said with a smile.

“Gladly!” Freya said as she introduced herself and the rest of the Knights of Harmony.

“It’s an honor to meet you all,” Twilight bowed her head in respect. “But anyway, I felt a tremor after me and my friends encased Discord into stone, and Princess Celestia showed me this place as the source.”

“Ah, glad you showed up, Twilight.” Radiant said in relief.

“Yeah, I can help if need be,” Twilight stated. “Oh crud, I forgot my friends are still in Ponyville!”

“Oh, you need me to bring them here?” Sir Robin asked.

“Actually, I should’ve sent a letter to them, saying that I would be gone for a while.” Twilight replied.

“I got your back.” Radiant said as he got out his quill, “I am the Knight of Friendship after all.”

“Dear friends of Twilight Sparkle,

This is my first time writing this to you, but she said that she’ll be gone for a while. Another kingdom is under attack by the fiendish creatures from Abyssinia, and Twilight Sparkle decided to assist the Knights of Harmony to defeat the wicked leader of the Abyssinian army and save Trotland. I hope to see you all when all of this is over. - The Knight of Friendship”

Radiant finished writing a letter, then said to Twilight, “So, how did I do as the knight?” He asked.

“You did great, dear,” Twilight smiled, taking the letter and sending it away to Spike.

“Nicely done, Radiant.” Professor Quill showed up, “For the first time, you have acknowledged yourself as the Knight of Friendship. I also heard that Trotland is nearing its brink of disaster.”

“Have you forgotten about the Knights of Harmony?” Copper asked with a chuckle. “We’ll take care of the threat.”

“Indeed, Quill.” Freya replied, “We haven’t lost yet.” Then she heard the shaking of the ground as she saw Faye show up.

“Faye root for little ponies. Little pony knights show evil scary demon who’s boss.” Faye said.

Radiant began to cheer up with all the motivation his friends gave him. “Everypony, we’re going to Abyssinia! This is where our final showdown begins!” He said proudly.

“Let’s do it!” Copper raised a hoof in the air.

“For all of harmony!” Sir Robin said.

“Twilight, for the first time, I’m having you as a teammate.” Radiant said as he smiled at Twilight. This is the beginning of their friendship together.

“I’m here to spread the Magic of Friendship, but I see Friendship is spread around this place nicely,” Twilight replied.

“It is all thanks to the Sword of Friendship.” Radiant showed his sword to Twilight.

“Wow, I’ve never seen a sword like that,” Twilight was in awe of it.

“It used to be the Sword of the Goddess until I forged it with the Flames of Harmony.” Radiant explained.

“Wow! I need to know more about it!” Twilight was hopping up and down, then stopped and cleared her throat. “But that will be later, for now we need to head to… what was it, Abyssinia?”

“Glad you said it right, Twilight.” Iron Maiden said with a nod.

“We can win this together!” Halberd said.

Twilight Sparkle has joined the Knights of Harmony just in time to prepare for the final showdown. What will become of Nebula Horizon? Will Radiant and the Knights of Harmony defeat Malachor once and for all? Find out in the next chapter.

"Every Friendship has its Origin."

The kingdom of Trotland is in peril, so it is time to call upon a champion - Radiant Sword. This origin story is centered around Radiant Sword as he makes friends on his journey to save Trotland from the forces of evil.

The melodies have been collected, and Radiant prepares to take on the last trial before exploring the Horizon Sanctuary. Will they restore harmony in Trotland?

Original Characters (c) Radiant-Sword, DwhitetheGamer, venjix5
My Little Pony (c) Hasbro
© 2021 Radiant-Sword
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