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Radiant Sword: Heroes of Smash Plus - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - Take Your Heart
    Previously on Heroes of Smash...
    A light entity named Galeem with the help of the hands were planning to conquer the world by disintegrating every hero except Kirby who is left survived from the attack. In all of a sudden, a new fighter named Radiant Sword decided to join the Smash Community until something really just went off. The God of Light tries to destroy the community. But with the help of his new friends, they must stand together to face off Galeem. Even with his apprentice: Master Hand. The Jambastion Cult were intending to resurrect the Destroyer of Worlds as they thought that the gods gave them a bad name. It's up to Radiant and the heroes to stop the Jambastion Cult until the Destroyer of Worlds has risen from the ashes. With Galeem, Dharkon, and Void Termina vanquished, the heroes became victorious. However, more heroes have yet to join the communit
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The Equestrian Odyssey - Chapter 5
Chapter 5 - Don't Worry, Everything's Vine!
    ---Temple of the Alicorns---
    "Lady Spiral, we sprouted the Tree of Laughter. There are four more left." Radiant said.
    "Well done, Radiant." Spiral said, "Now you and Wheatley have to go though another chamber to find another map piece."
    "Watney is missing." Sunlight said.
    "Oh, that doesn't sound good." Spiral said, "I thought he was with me."
    "Maybe he's going to find the dead body of father all by himself." Radiant replied. Then he saw Wheatley's spirit appear.
    "Dang, son. I thought Uncle Radiant told you to stay close to Lady Spiral." Wheatley said, "But... Hope he's fine."
    "He could be somewhere in the next map you have to obtain, Radiant." Spiral said, "You know the drill, you and Wheatley have to fool the Storm Guards and claim the map."
    "I will." Radiant bowed.
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Heroes of Smash: Solo Battles - Watney Airborne
Watney Airborne: 28 Smash Wounds
    "I am Watney Airborne, son of Wheatley Airborne. I'm a unicorn sent by Aperture Science. And I am ready to fight. Let's do this."
    "Vs. Samus!" the announcer said.
    (Music: Super Smash Bros. 4 - Title (Metroid))
    "Ready. GO!" the announcer started the first round.
    Watney began by loading up his Zapper.
    Samus attacked by firing her arm cannon. But Watney fired his Zapper for counter attack.
    "Sorry if I stole your thunder, but I get my chance." Watney said. He then used one of his FPS game controllers and shoots right at Samus five times.
    Suddenly, the acid began to rise.
    Watney jumped to the highest platform and threw a grenade from a farther distance. "Hail Mary!" the interface from Watney's VR said, acquiring a medal.
    Samus got hit by an
:iconradiant-sword:Radiant-Sword 1 0
The Equestrian Odyssey - Chapter 4
Chapter 4 - Snow Where to Run

    ---Everfree Forest---
    Far from Ponyville, Watney saw Princess Antenna who felt weakened and wounded by lying down near the tree. "Princess Antenna!" he gasped and called "Are you okay? Stay with me, your highness."
    "Watney, take me to Everfree Village and summon Radiant..." Antenna requested.
    "What happened to you?" Watney asked.
    "Queen Chrysalis..." Antenna explained and coughed "She was stronger... I can't beat her... Her changelings are tough... These bugs are just sole survivors of the war...! Please take me to Everfree Village and call for backup. Fortunately, I can survive."
    "But, I need to find the dead body of my father. That was an important task I should do. Maybe I'll call Thorax and Pharynx to grab you up." Watney grabbed his codec and called Thorax "Thorax, this is Watney. Do you read me?"
    "Loud and clear
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The Equestrian Odyssey - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 - Radiant and the Ghost
    ---Wheatley Laboratories---
    At night, the three ponies showed up until the employees changed their logo from Wheatley Laboratories to "Aperture Laboratories" in every area.
    "What's going on?" Sunlight asked.
    "They change the logo since after dad died. My father told me that the headquarters or the main base of Aperture Laboratories is located somewhere in a city called... Scienceville." Watney explained, "It is a region for Maretropolis and home to world's greatest superheroes."
    "How did you know?" Radiant asked, "Dad tells me the story of how did he and his parents became superheroes until now. Even he tells me about how did he betray for the first time."
    "Oh... I see your point." Sunlight reacted.
    "Sorry I asked." Radiant said to Sunlight, "Anyways, time to request for the weapon the train can use. Then we'l
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Sonata's Tasty Snack by Radiant-Sword Sonata's Tasty Snack :iconradiant-sword:Radiant-Sword 29 10
RIP Wheatley: The Ripple Effect - Part 4
    "Sir...?" the doctor said in a nervous manner "Can you hear me...?"
    The patient looked at the doctor, "Yes..." Wheatley breathed in and breathed out fast.
    "Good to know." The doctor said.
    "Where's Rarity...?" Wheatley looked left and right in distress.
    "I'll shoot her a text." The doctor said, "And let her know that you're returning."
    "Where's Radiant...? Where am I...? Tell me...!" Wheatley felt scared, "Is this a dream? Am I in Hell?"
    "Relax, mate." The doctor said, "I got your back."
    "Don't touch me! You must be Satan!" Wheatley gets his hands off from the doctor, realizing the devil in disguise "This is Hell! Wake me up, God! Please!" Then he saw a shadow of a familiar person. Wheatley gasped in a deep shock as he felt very, very scared.
    "You may come in." The doctor said to the visitor.
    The familiar person st
:iconradiant-sword:Radiant-Sword 3 0
The Equestrian Odyssey - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 - An Honest Knight
    ---Pony Realm---
    One day at the Pony Realm, Sunlight looked at the map. "To find the clues on how to get to the temple, we first have to visit the Pony Realm's village of some sort." She said.
    "Huh? There was a village in the Pony Realm? Strange..." Radiant reacted in concern.
    "According to mommy, there's a village in the clearing of Everfree Forest." Sunlight said as she drove the train.
    "I've never heard that Everfree Forest has a village before. But let's get to that site." Radiant replied.
    "Glad there are rails leading into Everfree Forest." Watney said.
    "Me too, Watts." Radiant patted Watney's back, "I hope this mission that Carbon Steel gave us is easy."
    "No pressure." Sunlight said with a nod as she drove the train into Everfree Forest. Later on, the train stopped near the station by Sunlight. "Alri
:iconradiant-sword:Radiant-Sword 2 0
RIP Wheatley: The Ripple Effect - Part 3
    "We are here to tell you that our friend just committed suicide. But can we talk more elsewhere if you wanted?" Sunset replied to the man.
    "Very well." The man replied.
    Fluttershy and Rarity picked up a fainted Radiant.
    Somewhere in the city, the group were having a conversation with the man at the restaurant. "It's a pleasure to meet you all. And yes. I am Kevin Hines. But other than that, how did your friend committed suicide?" the man said and asked.
    "After seeing me have a conversation with a new face." Rarity said.
    "By how though?" Kevin asked. He heard Radiant moan.
    "Ugh... Wheatley... No..." Radiant slowly opened his eyes and sees a man in blurry vision. "Huh...?" He looked at Kevin. "Kevin Hines...?"
    "How does that kid know me?" Kevin asked.
    "My friend Timber Spruce mentioned him about you." Sci-Twi replied.
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Adagio's Annoyances by Radiant-Sword Adagio's Annoyances :iconradiant-sword:Radiant-Sword 30 21
The Equestrian Odyssey - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 - The Blacksmith
    ---Wheatley Laboratories---
    One day, Watney looked for his father around. Not knowing that he died. "Dad? Daaad?" he called out. Then J-43 aka Jack showed up. "Jack. Have you seen dad?" Watney asked.
    "Scan readings negative, young master." Jack said.
    "He's not here?" Watney asked again, "I thought he said he will be back. But where is he?"
    "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but he vanished." Jack said, "Your role model Radiant tried to retrieve his body. Unfortunately, due to King Sombra's interference, his mission is a failure."
    Watney then gasped in horror for his reaction. "Oh, no..." he said, beginning to cry in tears.
    "I am sorry, Watney. I understand." Jack responded.
    In Ponyville, as the two blue alicorns were getting ready to leave, the Maiden of Friendship sto
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RIP Wheatley: The Ripple Effect - Part 2
    ---Canterlot News---
    "This just in. The headline for the news today is Wheatley Airborne, the chemist who got Stephen Hawking's Golden Brain, is missing." the male news anchor said.
    ---Fox News---
    "Wheatley Airborne is gone and never been seen somewhere in the longest time." another male news anchor said.
    "Taking a break from making Science, Wheatley is nowhere to be found." the female news anchor said.
    ---BBC News---
    "Until now, the hero of the states, Wheatley Airborne, has gone AWOL." the British male news anchor said.
    Suddenly, the news about Wheatley is spreading across the world.
    ---NHK (Japan)---
    "Wheatley is nowhere to be found. He's missing. Where is he now?" the Japanese female news anchor said.
    ---DramaAlert (USA)---
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The Equestrian Odyssey - Prologue
Prologue - A Knight's Struggle

    Previously on My Little Pony...
    "GOODBYE, CRUEL WORLD!!!" Wheatley said his final words before he destroyed himself by using his Zapper.
    Back at Wheatley Laboratories, Radiant heard the beeping noise from the interface until he knows that Wheatley is KIA or Killed In Action. "It can't be!" He said in shock.
    "What happened?!" Princess Antenna showed up to know the urgent news.
    "Why must Wheatley Airborne do this?! Does he have any idea how selfish he is?!" 343 Guilty Spark said in disbelief.
    "It doesn't matter. I have to get to Wheatley's location and found out." Radiant replied. Suddenly, he began to hear an evil cackle. "I have a bad feeling about this... "But I need to get to Wheatley first!" He grabbed his sword and ran fast.
    "You're going by yourself?" Blue Ligh
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RIP Wheatley: The Ripple Effect - Part 1
    Event Background:
    Year: 2018
    Location: Pacific Ocean
    During the cruise trip, a dark storm comes and the unknown artifact was found by Sunset Shimmer, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle
    Composition: Unknown
    Origin: Unknown
    Given Name: The Staff of Sacanas
    The staff was sent from an unknown world
    Reason: Unknown
    Year: 2019
    Location: Pacific Ocean
    Vehicle: Friendship Cruise
    Victim(s): Wheatley Airborne
    His Best Friend(s): Radiant Sword
    Before the victim committed suicide, he got enraged when his girlfriend is cheating on him by loving someone.
    Victim(s) leading to the event: Ragamuffin
    Event status:
    As the cruise is in peril, Wheatle
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Infestation in the Library by Radiant-Sword Infestation in the Library :iconradiant-sword:Radiant-Sword 11 16
Heroes of Smash: Solo Battles - Wheatley Airborne
Wheatley Airborne: Techno Smash
    "I'm Wheatley Airborne, founder of Wheatley Laboratories and leader of the Future Fighters. I'm just about ready to begin my mission. Wish me luck."
    "Vs. Maleficent!" the announcer said.
    ---Garden of Hope---
    (Music: The Wonderful 101 - ST01 Roll Out, Wonderful 100!)
    Wheatley appears in the arena with teleportation. "Player One is online!" he said.
    Maleficent appears with green flames surrounding her.
    "Ready! GO!" the announcer started the first round.
    "Fire!" Wheatley started the fight by using his Laserscope.
    Maleficent got hit, then she created thorns surrounding her. She then evil laughed as her taunt. "Is that all you got, unicorn with modern technology?" She said.
    "Oh, yeah? Come and face me!" Wheatley used his Zapper, "Show me more what you got!"
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Random from Art Featuring my OC's

Radiant And Wheatley: Twilight's Inside Story by Justinex-Generation Radiant And Wheatley: Twilight's Inside Story :iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 10 5
Dinner With Radiant Sword (Part 2)
As Radiant, Dark, The Mane 6 And The Future Fighters Are Ready For Their Dinner. Radiant And Dark Sword Tells To Everypony That Who's Gonna Say A Message To The Three Princesses. "Who's Gonna Say Grace Or A Message To The Princess?" Radiant Said "How About Wheatley. He's New Here." Dark Replied. While Dark Sword Chooses Wheatley That He's Gonna Say A Message, Wheatley Doesn't Wanna Say Grace. He Knew That Twilight Sparkle Was The One Who Sends A Message To Princess Celestia. "Maybe Twilight Does Say A Message, Mate." Wheatley Said As He Choose Twilight "Um. Okay, Wheatley. I'll Give A Message And A Grace For Princess Celestia." Twilight Replied. As The Ponies Around The Table Are Holding Their Hooves Together, Twilight Sparkle Sends A Message To Princess Celestia And Her Sister Luna.
"Dear Princess Celestia, Today I Am Now With My New Friend Named Radiant Sword. He's My Best Knight Of Friendship To Me. And Please Guide Us As We Eat This Dinner At His House. And You With Your Sister Pri
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 2 0
Dinner With Radiant Sword (Part 1)
Meanwhile As Wheatley And The Aperture Future Fighters Gallops To Radiant's House For Dinner, He Tells To Twilight And Spike That They Are Gonna Come With Them To Have A Dinner On Radiant's. "Hey, Twilight! Are You Gonna Come With Spike To The Dinner? With Us And Radiant Swords's Friends?" Wheatley Asked "Okay. Sounds Gonna Be Nice." Twilight Replied "Okay, Mate! Sounds Good To Me!" He Replied. While The Future Fighters Walked At The Streets Of Ponyville, Wheatley Knows Where's Radiant Sword's House. Suddenly, They Ran Because They Will Be Late For The Dinner.
Radiant Sword's House
5:30 PM
While The Future Fighters Already Reached In Radiant's House, "Hey Radiant! We're All Here!" Wheatley Said As He Calls Him "Oh. Hey Wheatley! Meet Me At My Living Room." Radiant Replied As Wheatley Heard On The Window. As Wheatley And His Friends Comes In To Radiant's Living Room, He Tells About What Food Did He And Twilight Eat For The Dinner Later. "So, Mate. I Smell Something Good. What Food Did Y
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 2 0
Journey To The Center Of Fleur (Part 3)
As The Submarine Flies Off, The Foods Are Making A Debris Digestion. However, It Starts To Jump As The Stomach Rumbles Like A Big Earthquake. "Aqua! Look Out!" Wheatley Shocked As He Sees The Giant Taco That Fleur Ate. While Aqua Surprised In Fear, She Avoids The Giant Foods And Also There's Another Food Falling From The Top. "Wooah!!! That Was Close!" Radiant Said As Aqua Avoids The Giant Food Falling Down.
Outside, Fleur Is Getting Ready To Burp Her Food Out. But She Can't Because She Knows That Aqua Was Still Inside Her. As The Debris Goes Closer To The Esophagus, The Submarine Flew Faster From The Debris. As Wheatley Look Behind, He Sees That The Food Was Coming Close To The Submarine. "Aqua! There's Foods Coming At Us! Faster!" Wheatley Said As He Looks The Rear Of The Submarine. As The Submarine Goes To Her Mouth, Radiant Is Feeling Happy Because He Knows That They Can Make It. However, The Food Comes From Her Throat. "There's Her Mouth! Maybe We Can Make It!" Radiant Said Happil
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 4 1
Journey To The Center Of Fleur (Part 2)
The Friendship Express: Canterlot Station
2:00 PM
On Canterlot, Fluttershy Arrives And Aqua Butterfly Can Now Have A Rescue Mission To Save Radiant And Wheatley.
Suddenly, Rarity Saw Fluttershy And She Has A Shocked Meltdown For Help. "Fluttershy! Darling! I Need Your Help! My Lovely Wheatley Got Eaten By This Mare With His Friend! Please Help Me!" Rarity Said As She Points To Fleur Dis Lee "Don't Worry, Rarity. I Got My Small And Tiny Daughter To Save Them. Her Name Was Aqua Butterfly. Aqua, Come On Out." Fluttershy Replies As She Got Aqua Butterfly's Micro Submarine. While The Submarine Flies, Aqua Told Rarity That She's The One Who Rescues The Two Tiny Ponies. "Don't Worry, Ms. Rarity! I Can Save Them. And Mama, I Will Be Safe." Aqua Said As She Is Ready To Go Inside Fleur's Mouth. Now, Rarity Opens Fleur Dis Lee's Mouth And Aqua Butterfly Goes To Her Esophagus Leading To Her Searching Mission.
On The Stomach, Wheatley And Radiant Wanders Around The Whole Entire Place. "Was The Sign
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 4 7
Journey To The Center Of Fleur (Part 1)
Previously On An Intelligent's Body Exploration...
While Wheatley And Radiant Sword Climbed On Rarity's Hoof To Talk, A Mare Named Fleur Dis Lee Tells Her About Who Is She Talking To. While Fleur Looks On Rarity's Hoof, She Sniffed It As Her Breathe. However, Wheatley And Radiant Got Sucked On Fleur's Nose And Welcomes Them Again To Her Stomach.
On Canterlot, Rarity Looks On Her Hoof. And She Saw Wheatley And Radiant Was Not There. "Have You Seen My Darling?" Rarity Asks Fleur A Question "Uh. I Don't Know, Miss Rarity. I'm Just Trying To Tell You That Who Is That Talking To You." Fleur Replies. She Doesn't Know That She Sniffed Wheatley And Radiant To Her Nose But Suddenly, The Two Shrunken Ponies Will Trapped Inside Forever.
Inside Fleur Dis Lee's Stomach, Wheatley Has No Plan About How Did They Get Out But Radiant Sword Has An Idea. "I Know, Wheatley! Do You Know Aqua Butterfly? She Is Fluttershy's Tiny Daughter. If She Heard The Distress Call From Us, She Will Get Us Outta Here With
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 6 7
A New MLP Fanfiction Coming Soon!
Description Sneak Peek:
While Emperor Dradis And The Cylons Planning To Make Their Artificial Intelligence Spaceships, They Build Mecha Radiant And His Main Target Is To Destroy Wheatley And Radiant Sword With The Artificial Intelligence Ships Built By The Cylons From Deep Space.
AI Ships Names:
1. Beta Elite Cylon Raider
2. Alpha Elite Heavy Cylon Raider
3. Gamma Cylon Shielder
4. Beta Cylon Lurker
5. Alpha Legionaries
(Maybe I Should Think The Names Because It Was A Parody Of Battlestar Galactica)
Radiant Sword
343 Guilty Spark
Blue Light
Mecha Radiant
Emperor Dradis
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 1 0
My Little Pony OC - Aqua Butterfly by Justinex-Generation My Little Pony OC - Aqua Butterfly :iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 1 8 My Little Pony OC - Radiant Sword by Justinex-Generation My Little Pony OC - Radiant Sword :iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 3 0
The Shrinking Jet And The Micro Submarine
Back At The Base, Wheatley Makes His Own Invention For His Friend: Radiant Sword And Aqua Butterfly From Fluttershy. But He Has An Idea About What Invention. And It Was A Vehicle. A Vehicle Can Shrink Down To Size And A Vehicle Can Fight All Germs And Pain From The Insides. While The Uni-Cores Building A Vehicle For Radiant Sword, They Use The Shrinking Reactor To Grown And Turn The Vehicle Into Small. The Jet Was By Radiant Sword's. And For The Shrinking Submarine, It Was For Aqua Butterfly's. After 8 Days Later, The Construction Has Finished. Now, Wheatley Can Now Deliver To Radiant Sword The Shrinking Jet Fighter. After He Delivers It, He Goes To Fluttershy's Cottage And Delivering Aqua Butterfly's Micro Submarine. As Radiant Sword Got The Jet Fighter, He Tested It And He Pressed The Button For Shrinking. Thanks To Wheatley That The Jet Fighter Was Really Protective To The Pony's Body When The Germs And Viruses Can Cause Sick. On Aqua Butterfly's Micro Submarine, She Uses It While S
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 1 2
An Intelligent's Body Exploration (Part 6)
After They Finished The Exploration On Rarity's Eyes, They Go Back To Her Body But Not On The Stomach. But On Her Heart. "Well We Made It, Mate. We're Inside Rarity's Heart." Wheatley Said "I Guess We Are Now At The Last One Way Trip." Radiance Replies. While Wheatley And Radiance Explores The Heart, The Beat Goes Faster And Is Because Rarity Was Taking A Walk With Her Trotting Walk. "Uh, Wheatley. Her Heartbeat Goes Faster." Radiance Said "I Think It's Because She Is Running Though." Wheatley Replies About The Heartbeat Goes Faster. While Wheatley And Radiance Goes A Walk To The Top Of The Heart, The Path Has Blocked With Arteries. So Wheatley Decides That They're Gonna Jump At The Arteries But Suddenly, Radiance Tripped. "Ow! My Chest." Rarity Said After Radiance Tripped On The Artery "Mate. Be Careful. She Will Be In Pain If You Do That." Wheatley Said "Oh. Sorry." Radiance Replied. After They Are Already At The Top. The Body Exploration Inside Rarity Has Finished. "Well. Our Advent
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 5 1
An Intelligent's Body Exploration (Part 5)
"Okay. Now It's Dark In Here. I Can't See Everything Now." Radiant Said "Great. Now It's Brighter." Radiant Replies Again As Everything Is Bright. As Everything Goes Darker Again, Wheatley Knows That They Are Inside Rarity's Beautiful Eyes. While Rarity Has A Conversation With Spike, She Asks Where Wheatley Was Seductively "Spike. Darling. Can You Find Wheatley For Me?" Rarity Said In A Seductive Talk. While Spike Looks At Her Eyes, He Saw Wheatley On The Left Eye And Radiant Sword On The Right Eye. "We Can See What Rarity Sees, Mate." Wheatley Said "I Know. I Saw Spike Is Looking At Us." Radiance Replies. "Uh. Rarity. I See Him In Your Eyes." Spike Said As He Knows Where Wheatley Is "What Do You Mean In My Eyes? It's Just My Wish For Me." Rarity Replies Seductively. While Wheatley Sees Spike As Rarity's Vision, Radiance Goes To The Outside The Eye.
Outside Rarity's Eye, Radiance Saw Water. "Wow! There Is Water On Her Eye. I Can Swim Here Right Now." Radiance Said Before He's Gonna Swi
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 4 0
An Intelligent's Body Exploration (Part 4)
After Radiance And Wheatley Escapes From Rarity's Ear, The Fourth Destination Is They Will Go To Rarity's Brain. "Wheatley. Is This Her Brain?" Radiance Said "Yeah. Because Look. It Has Electricity In It." Wheatley Replies. Radiance Doesn't Know That Is He Gonna Touch The Brain Because When He Touch It, Rarity Will Be Mind Control By Anypony. "Radiance. What You Think You're Doing?!" Wheatley Surprised As Radiance Touches Rarity's Brain "What Do You Mean What I'm Doing?" Rarity Said As She Gets Mind Control. "Wait A Minute. Did Rarity Copies Your Words?" Wheatley Asks His Question "Yeah. She Copies My Words When I Touch Her Brain." Radiance Answered. As Wheatley Tries To Touch Rarity's Brain "Oh. I Look So Beautiful." Rarity Said As Wheatley Said His Words "You're Right, Mate. Okay. Let's Say Something Funny." Wheatley Said As He Plans To Touch The Brain And Saying Something Funny "Oh, Darling. I'm A Duck!" Rarity Said. Radiance And Wheatley Laughing Harder As She Copies Wheatley's Say
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 3 14
An Intelligent's Body Exploration (Part 3)
On The Second Journey Inside Rarity's Body, Their Second Exploration Was In Rarity's Nose. "Ugh! This Stinks And It Smells Like... Dirty Apples." Radiance Said. "I Think Were Inside Of Her Nose. It's Because Look Around Us. There's Sneezing Saliva Everywhere." Wheatley Replies. The Two Knows That The Sneezing Saliva Was Coming Out When Somepony Has Nasal Sickness. Wheatley Touches The Sneezing Saliva And He Knows That It Was Extremely Disgusting. "Eew! Now That's Why It's Allergic For Her." Wheatley Said. After Their Discovery On The Nose. Outside, Twilight Writes Something For Her Book. She Uses The Quill To Write It But When The Feather Swings Back And Forth. Radiance And Wheatley Senses The Wind And It Will Be Rarity's Sneeze. "Radiance! We Need To Get Out Of Here! Rarity's Gonna Sneeze Us!" Wheatley Said Before They Will Go To The Another Part Of Rarity's Body. "ACHOO! Excuse Me, Darling." Rarity Said After Her Sneeze.
The Third Destination For Radiance And Wheatley Is To Go To Rar
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 3 0
An Intelligent's Body Exploration (Part 2)
Meanwhile At Rarity's Stomach, Wheatley Sat Down On A Giant Food. But He Finds A Way To The Another Path There Were Giant Foods Floating In The Acid But Wheatley Tries Avoid At It. "Now I Can Find A Way Out Here Before Rarity Digests Me." Wheatley Said. As Wheatley Makes His Jump To The Another Giant Food Piece, He Heard Somepony Calls For Help. "Ah! Help! Get This Big Food Off Me! I'm Trap!" The Unknown Pony Said "I'm Coming, Mate!" Wheatley Replies As He Save The Unknown Pony. "Ah. Thanks For Saving Me. But How Did You Shrunk? By The Way My Name Is Radiant Sword." Radiant Sword Said As He Identifies Himself As An Unknown Pony. "Radiant. It's A Long Story. I've Been Shrunk By Rarity And She Swallows Me After We Have A Romantic Date." Wheatley Said About His Flashback. "So Now Here In Her Stomach, I Decided To Explore Her Body. Can You Come So We Can Get Out Of Here?" Wheatley Asks Radiant To Come. "Sure! I Can Come With You." Radiant Sword Answers. After They Have A Conversation Rarit
:iconjustinex-generation:Justinex-Generation 4 10
Aqua Butterfly EQG: Gift for ToonLinkTheFairy by EpicCartoonsFan Aqua Butterfly EQG: Gift for ToonLinkTheFairy :iconepiccartoonsfan:EpicCartoonsFan 13 19



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Fillies and Gentlecolts, we are here to discuss about Realization Week.

What is Realization Week?

Realization Week is the week where Wheatley learned what was wrong. This event was lead to the suffering and death of Wheatley by committing suicide during "Spring Breakdown". Realization Week is inspired by Holy Week from the bible which tells about the passion, death, and ressurection of Jesus Christ. To all Christians and Catholics out there, no hate is intended.

Realization Sunday: "After Wheatley retires for one week by going back to his parents' house, Wheatley realizes that everything is his fault for hating his friends. But one day, Radiant comes over and shows up to make an apology. However in order to bring Wheatley back, Radiant makes a payment for Player One (Wheatley's superhero name) by giving quarters."

Faith Monday: "Wheatley hopes that everything will go well. He will plan ahead for what's yet to come."

Observation Tuesday: "Wheatley will ask Lady Spiral to keep an eye on him if things go wrong."

Preparation Wednesday: "Wheatley decided to write on his journal to let himself know that everything will be fine."

Quantum Thursday: "Wheatley visits the waterfall, and hopes that things will go well. Then, he hosted a feast for the Sci-Five. Pasta anyone?"

Friday Fever: "During "Spring Breakdown", Wheatley's time for his life is coming to an end. As he gets jealous over Rarity falling in love with a man on the cruise who goes by the name of Ragamuffin. Before he comitted suicide, Wheatley threw temper tantrums by using his power of Pyrokinesis. Until he inflicted self harm by using his knife as he's about to make his final words. During that time, Wheatley tells Radiant that they're not best friends as well for what the HuMane Seven are doing during the vacation."

"My game is over. My missions are failed. There is no other way. But my life is yours." - Wheatley's final words before he dies.

Sadness Saturday: "Radiant, greatly traumatized, lamented over Wheatley's betrayal and suicide. So it's up to him that he must find a person who knows the answer about suicide by taking a trip to the cities of San Francisco and New York."

Redemption Sunday: "Wheatley Airborne has been resurrected and discovered that he has passed his trial of redemption."

And there you have it. These are the days of what Wheatley and his friends do during Realization Week. Somehow, glad that the donation pool made by :iconjustinex-generation: is already full because of you, guys. He just appreciate it. Even mine. Leave in the comments below of what do you think. And before I end this discussion, Pony Wheatley will be alive again next year once Justinex-Generation and I are working on "The Equestrian Odyssey". Unless my donation pool is full too with more support.
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Chapter 1 - Take Your Heart

    Previously on Heroes of Smash...

    A light entity named Galeem with the help of the hands were planning to conquer the world by disintegrating every hero except Kirby who is left survived from the attack. In all of a sudden, a new fighter named Radiant Sword decided to join the Smash Community until something really just went off. The God of Light tries to destroy the community. But with the help of his new friends, they must stand together to face off Galeem. Even with his apprentice: Master Hand. The Jambastion Cult were intending to resurrect the Destroyer of Worlds as they thought that the gods gave them a bad name. It's up to Radiant and the heroes to stop the Jambastion Cult until the Destroyer of Worlds has risen from the ashes. With Galeem, Dharkon, and Void Termina vanquished, the heroes became victorious. However, more heroes have yet to join the community. That... Is where the Knight of Friendship comes again.


    (Music: Persona 5 - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There)


    There was a red scenery and a masked man in a black jacket appeared with his knife and gun. This man goes by the name of Joker. "This is Joker. I have infiltrated the castle." He said.


Joker found himself sneaking into the cafe. "Hmm... Fascinating." He said.
    "Joker, come in. Do you read me?" A voice from Joker's pager said.
    "Loud and clear, Ryuji." Joker replied, "I'm not used to going on a mission alone. However, this place is full of legendary heroes and dimensional antics."
    "How interesting. Glad they'll be your new allies." Ryuji reacted.
    "I can't wait to see you in action!" Ann said excitedly.
    "Yeah. Me too." Riyuji replied to Ann.
    "Glad you all are." Morgana said, "Good luck to the community, Joker. We may count on us."
    Joker then saw a shadow of the alicorn. "What was that?!" he gasped.
    "Joker, what did you see?" Ryuji asked.
    "It was... A shadow figure of a winged pony with a horn." Joker replied.
    "You mean an alicorn?" Ann asked.
    "Yes." Joker replied.
    "I didn't know there are ponies." Ryuji said.
    As Joker continued to investigate, he saw a blue alicorn sparring with a blue-haired prince.
    "Kia!" the alicorn made a hind kick.
    "That's one hardcore pony." Joker said, "And he's using a sword. How peculiar."
    "Well fought, Radiant." Marth said.
    "It will be done." Radiant bowed to Marth until he saw a new person, "Huh? Looks like we have a new challenger. Greetings. My name is Radiant Sword. I'm the Knight of Friendship sent by Equestria." He greeted.
    "I have a codename given by the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Joker." Joker replied.
    "Pleased to meet you, Joker." Radiant said.
    "I was given a mission by a gray alicorn to seek the treasure, and all I got is an invitation letter to this place." Joker said.
    "Welcome to the Smash Community." Radiant replied.
    "Thank you, Radiant." Joker said, "And I was also told to think of a place I've been to that serves as an arena. And I thought of one that will bend your minds, Mementos."
    "Sounds like we have a new content to catch." Radiant reacted.
    "Yup. Prepare yourself, Knight of Friendship, as I will test my abilities in my home turf." Joker said.
    "Suit yourself." Radiant replied.
    "See you there." Joker said.
    Then Radiant left the site by flying away.

    ---Shadow Moses Island---

    (Music: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Encounter (Metal Gear Solid)

    Watney used his M4A1 Assault Rifle as he faces off against Snake.


    Snake uses his Remote Control Missile to counter attack Watney.


    "Heh! You got remarkable talent." Snake said.
"I got the Solid Eye. Thanks to Otacon." Watney used the FAMAS and shoots at Snake.
    Snake took some damage from Watney's attack as he saw the watchtower get demolished.
But the fight got interrupted as Radiant showed up.
    "Pause match!" Snake alerted.
Watney ceased his fire.
    "Sorry to bother you in the middle of the match." Radiant said, "But I have good news."
"What's up, Radiant?" Watney asked.
    "We got a new hero coming, plus Lady Spiral has something we're going to love." Radiant said.
"How cool." Watney loaded his M4A1 Assault Rifle and his FAMAS.
    "I wonder what Spiral has in store." Snake said, 
"And who's this new hero you're talking about?"
    "He is known as Joker, one of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts." Radiant said.
"Sounds like we have a new ally to deal with." Watney reacted.
    "He said to challenge me in a dimension known as Mementos." Radiant said, "Sounds like an ominous place."
"I wonder he's stronger than I thought. But let's get going anyway." Snake replied.
    "Got it." Watney replied.


    In the red dimension that is an homage to Shibuya, Japan, Joker landed on the ground and saw Radiant fly out of the dimensional rift.
    "So, is that Joker?" Watney asked, using his M4A1 Assault Rifle.
    "Yup. And this is not the Joker you're used to in Batman's universe." Radiant said.
"Heh. Copyright infringement incoming." Watney reacted.
    "Welcome to Mementos, the dimension full of twists and turns and catchy J-Pop music." Joker said.
"So this can be a musical arena. Isn't it?" Snake asked.
    "It sure is." Joker replied.
    "Music fans rejoice." Radiant said.
"I'm sure the J-Pop fans are going to be wild for this." Watney added.
    "Alright, let's get to it." Joker said, "Who is going to be my sparring buddy?"
Snake and Watney looked at each other in concern.
    Radiant looked for a sparring buddy, and he called Bayonetta over.
Suddenly, a woman showed up with martial styles. "Thank you for having me over." Bayonetta said.
"No problem." Radiant shook his head.
    "Bayonetta. I've heard about you before." Joker said.
"Glad you are. And haven't we all." Bayonetta replied.
    "I'm a newcomer of the community." Joker said.
"Welcome to Smash." Bayonetta greeted.
    "Shall we have a sparring session?" Joker asked.
    "You bet, boy." Bayonetta used her guns.
    "Cue the music." Joker said.

    (Music: Persona 5 - Last Surprise)

"Let's dance, boys!" Bayonetta said.
    Joker began by showing off his Gun, firing one bullet at a time.
Bayonetta then counter attacked by using her legs. "That was... feeble." She said.
    "But I can pull off tricks whenever I dodge or attack in midair." Joker said as he jumped above Bayonetta.
"So tough. Isn't it?" Radiant asked.
    "I'll give props to that guy." Snake said.
    "Eiha!" Joker snapped his fingers and cast a magical bolt on Bayonetta, giving her lingering damage.
"Augh!" Bayonetta cried. She used Wicked Weaves to summon Madama Butterfly's fist to send Joker off the field.
    Joker gasped and used Grappling Hook to recover from being launched.
"How thoughtful..." Snake watched.
    "Believe me, these aren't even my final forms." Joker said, preparing his defensive pose, "Hit me with your best shot."
Bayonetta then used her guns.
    Joker defended himself from the bullets as he charges up his Rebellion Gauge.
"Too awesome..." Radiant reacted, "Here it comes."
    "Persona!" Joker cried out as he took off his mask, summoning his spiritual being, Arsene.
Watney gasped and made a shocking expression.
    "With my Persona, Arsene, my special moves get enhanced." Joker said.
Suddenly, Bayonetta's FS meter is full as Bayonetta makes her Final Smash to Joker. "Smashing!" She said as she triggered Witch Time. "AVAVAGO!!!" Gomorrah did damage to Joker, making a loud, elephant-like roar.
    However, Joker managed to survive. "
What the-?!" he gasped.
"Got a Final Smash, Joker?" Bayonetta asked.
"Not if I'm gonna use it." Joker replied. He used Wings of Rebellion to get back on his feet as his FS Meter filled up. He rushed to Bayonetta and called fourth his fellow Phantom Thieves.
"Time for some brutality!" the cat said.
    The Phantom Thieves cornered Bayonetta. Then Joker landed behind Bayonetta and fixed his glove as his opponent released sparkles while the tagline said "THE SHOW'S OVER!"
"Ugh!" Bayonetta groaned.
"That was nice sparring with you, Bayonetta." Joker said.
"You're lucky that the community chose you to be the new fighter." Bayonetta replied.
    "I'm glad." Joker said, "If any dangers await, sign me up."

    (Music: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Spirits)

Meanwhile at the lobby, Wheatley read the newspaper that there was a new content where you can create your own stage.


    "I can create my own stages, huh?" Wheatley said, 
"Nick of time to be creative."
    "Lady Spiral will meet us at the opening ceremony of the Stage Builder altar." R.O.B. said.


"Oh, I can hardly wait." Wheatley said.
    "And Toon Link will perform a stylish way of cutting a ribbon." R.O.B. said, "Seeing him do that is a once in a lifetime opportunity."
"I wonder how Radiant is doing right now. Even my son. But anyway, let's try this new update." Wheatley replied.
"They will meet you at the opening ceremony." R.O.B. said.
Meanwhile at the ceremony, Radiant sees Wheatley showing up with R.O.B.
    "Wheatley. You missed what I just did prior to the ceremony." Radiant said with a smile.
    "Oh, I saw that in the newspaper. It's Joker who just joined the community." Wheatley replied.
    "I have heard of him before." Luka the Cat said, "He was from Persona 5."
    "That's interesting." Wheatley said, "So, what else?"
    "Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you all for coming to the ceremony." Spiral made her speech, "I'm glad that today is gonna be a great day. Because the community had it's new member to fight. And I would like to introduce Joker."
    The heroes applauded as Joker made an appearance.
    "Thank you for your patronage, Spiral." Joker said to Spiral.
    "Welcome to the Smash Community, Joker. You are the first fighter related to Persona 5." Spiral said, "And the first fighter to be represented by Atlus, Sega's parent company."
    "Lady Spiral, any enemies to fight with?" Watney raised his hoof.
"I'll get to it later." Spiral replied with a smile, "Allow me to let Toon Link take the honors in cutting the ribbon with his sword. Toon Link? If you please?"
Toon Link nodded and cut the ribbon with his sword. "HYAH!" He did the war cry as he cuts down the ribbon. Then, the curtains opened and the door leading to the Stage Builder Altar has been revealed.
"Behold! The Stage Builder!" Spiral said.
The Heroes cheered in applause.
"Looks like Super Mario Maker. But now you can create your own fight." Wheatley reacted.
    "I'm glad it is back in action." Toon Link said.
"So what do you all think?" Spiral asked.
    "I think it is a game changer." Ionsmith said.
    "Now we can create our own arena." Chemist Wheatley agreed.



    In the altar, Radiant saw a green wall and a lectern. "Would you look at that." he said.
"Welcome to the Stage Building room." Toon Link said, "Here, you get to create your very own arenas."


"Wish I can make my own arena related to my hometown. And now it's granted." Radiant mentioned about Trotland.
"You can choose the background and the size of the arena, as well as music." Toon Link said.
    "As in MY own music?" Radiant asked in excitement.
    "From your My Music catalog." Toon Link replied.
"Oh..." Radiant reacted.
"Here's an example." Toon Link said, using the lectern with a feather pen to browse for backgrounds.
Radiant watched until Toon Link chose one. The green wall changed into the backdrop used in Battlefield.
Then Toon Link chooses the platforms to place by drawing different shapes.
Radiant saw how Toon Link made the arena. "This is so cool." He said.
    "Why not to try yourself, Radiant." Toon Link gave the pen to Radiant, "I have reset everything for you."
"Okay..." Radiant sighed and drew on the lectern. He chose the Battlefield background and drew the scenery that reminded him his birthplace. He drew more platforms from above and below that looks just like Palutena's Temple.
    Toon Link watched in amazement for the knight's skill in creativity. 
"Wow. Talk about hands-on experience." He said.
"Can I also put decorations? Even scenery?" Radiant asked.
"Yup. I'm glad we can put in decorations now." Toon Link said, "There are four layers of the drawing field."
"I want the castle for my family. Even houses for the villagers of my hometown." Radiant said.
"There ya go." Toon Link said, "Imagination and inspiration is the key to creativity, so go nuts."
"Now, I love this community. Best day of my life." Radiant continued to make his arena.
    "And before declaring that you're done, test runs are encouraged." Toon Link said, "Your friends are gonna be so amazed for your creativity, Radiant. Glad they will like the arena you made."
    "How about we test this arena?" Radiant asked.
"Sure. You can." Toon Link nodded in reply.
    So the two knights jumped into the created arena and prepared for a sparring match.
    "You ready?" Radiant summoned his sword.
As ready as you are." Toon Link replied, getting his sword out.
"Okay. Let's dance!" Radiant said with a smile.
Toon Link began to make his move be performing a slash attack.
    Radiant made a double jump by using his wings.
    "Catch me if you can." Toon Link said.
    "I bet I have more speed and agility to catch you!" Radiant chased fast.
    Toon Link jumped on the house's roof and aimed with his bow.
    "Miss me!" Radiant dodged. He reached the top of the castle he draw. While flying, He fired a beam at Toon Link. Leading to gain damage at 10%.
    "That had to hurt." Toon Link said with a chuckle. He threw a boomerang.
    Radiant dodged by taking cover.
    "Glad this arena you made is full of challenge." Toon Link said, "Just like Palutena's Temple. It has multiple platforms in different shapes. When you're done testing, you can save the arena and you're set."
    "On it." Radiant replied. He returned to the altar and placed the feather pen back to the inkwell to add finishing touches, "Time to bring this arena to life." He saved his creation.
    "Now we can battle in your creation." Toon Link said with a smile.
    "Sweet!" Radiant smiled.

    As Radiant and Toon Link left the altar, they saw Spiral who was looking at the stars.
    "So?" Spiral asked, "How does it feel for the new update?"
    "It changes things." Radiant said.
    "You can also share your best moments all over the universe, too." Spiral said, "Glad you make an arena for the first time from your ideas. Remember, don't be afraid to be creative. And best of all, you can edit replays as if you were editing a video at home."
    "How nice." Radiant reacted.
    "Hope you're enjoying the update. It was worth it." Spiral said.
    "My journey to victory starts here." Radiant said to himself, "And the adventure continues... Now."

    The Heroes of Smash are back, and this time, they're not alone. Joker from Persona 5 has joined the fray and the adventure continues. What dangers await? Find out in the next chapter.

"And one more thing. I have a solo story planned. Please look into it." Joker said.

    Looking forward to your story to be told, my new friend.
Radiant Sword: Heroes of Smash Plus - Chapter 1
"Radiant Goes on a Smashing Journey... Again!"

Radiant Sword and the Heroes of Smash are back in a continuing adventure. New heroes, new dangers, and new stories waiting to be told.

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have infiltrated Smash Castle and Radiant Sword showed up. Joker began to develop his friendly bond with Radiant. Will the Prince of Friendship accept Joker as a new ally?

Super Smash Bros. (c) Nintendo
Characters (c) Radiant-Sword / Justinex-Generation / Nintendo / Hasbro / HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Konami / SEGA / ATLUS

Chapter 5 - Don't Worry, Everything's Vine!

    ---Temple of the Alicorns---

    "Lady Spiral, we sprouted the Tree of Laughter. There are four more left." Radiant said.
    "Well done, Radiant." Spiral said, "Now you and Wheatley have to go though another chamber to find another map piece."
"Watney is missing." Sunlight said.
    "Oh, that doesn't sound good." Spiral said, "I thought he was with me."
"Maybe he's going to find the dead body of father all by himself." Radiant replied. Then he saw Wheatley's spirit appear.
    "Dang, son. I thought Uncle Radiant told you to stay close to Lady Spiral." Wheatley said, 
"But... Hope he's fine."
    "He could be somewhere in the next map you have to obtain, Radiant." Spiral said, "You know the drill, you and Wheatley have to fool the Storm Guards and claim the map."
    "I will." Radiant bowed.

    ---Temple of the Alicorns, Chamber 2---

    Radiant and Wheatley found themselves in the dark room where the Storm Guards with torches patrol.
    "Enemy patrol." Radiant gasped.
    "And I notice that they have torches for melee weapons. Peculiar." Wheatley said.
"How should we pass them?" Radiant asked.
    "You stun one of the Storm Guards so I can possess one." Wheatley said with a wink.
"Glad I have a Lasso." Radiant said, "Whew! Let's do it." He blended into the dark so the Storm Guards can't find him while he prepares for a sneak attack. He then equipped himself with a Lasso as he prepares to stun an unaware Storm Guard.
"NGH!" the Storm Guard groaned.
    Wheatley saw a Storm Guard get stunned and prepared to possess it. 
The downed Storm Guard got revived as he possessed it. "Another body possessed." He said, "I can light your way to victory, Radiant."
"Excellent." Radiant replied. He followed Wheatley through the dark corridors while avoiding the Storm Guards. The two passed through and they made it.
    Wheatley then left the body of the Storm Guard, seeing it disappear. "We made it to another map chamber." He said.
"Now let's find the piece." Radiant said. He picked up the map piece and it shows the map of the Changeling Realm. The fog was uncovered on the main map. "I see... Amarezonia. It's a forest region." He looked at the map.
"Interesting." Wheatley replied, "Looks like we're on our way to the Changeling Realm."

    ---Temple of the Alicorns, Main Lobby---

    Back at the lobby, Spiral was chuckling at Sunlight's practical jokes.
"Lady Spiral, we're back." Radiant showed up.
    "Welcome back, Radiant." Spiral said, snorting with laughter, "You just missed Sunlight's best joke."
"It doesn't matter. Sunlight and I are going to the Changeling Realm for now." Radiant replied.
    "I look forward to seeing another tree sprout." Spiral said with a kind smile, 
"And before you leave, I have a joke that will brighten your day."
"What is it?" Radiant sighed.
    "You're going to love it." Spiral said, "
My socks got really holy. I can only wear them to church."
"Well?" Radiant reacted.
    "Holy, as in 'holey'." Spiral explained the joke.
Glad you know some other religions, Lady Spiral." Radiant said.
    "That's kind of you, Radiant." Spiral said, "Good luck on your next quest, and stay weird, Sunlight."
"We won't let you down." Sunlight replied.

    ---Pony Realm---

    "We're going south." Sunlight said as she looked at the map while on the Friendship Express.
    "But first, we need Ocellus and Proboscis." Radiant replied.
    "You know where to go, right?" Sunlight asked.
"Yup." Radiant nodded, "They'll meet us at the Changeling Kingdom."
The train moved as it goes south by changing the rails. It passed through St. Moois and Appleoosa before moving into the tunnel south of Appleoosa.
Sunlight turned on the lights and puts coal into the boiler. "We are getting close to the next realm." She said. The realm is just more downwards south from Ponyville.

    ---Changeling Realm---

    The train left the tunnel and Radiant and Sunlight found themselves in the newly discovered region.
"Welcome to the Changeling Realm." Sunlight said.
    "I'm glad the changelings cared for nature." Radiant said, 
"But this place is full of metamorphosed changelings."
"Enemy spotted!" Sunlight cried, seeing a Venus Flytrap-like monster sprout from the ground.
    Radiant goes on the cannon and fired to the monster. The monster got weed-whacked as it shrived up before disappearing in a puff of smoke.
"Nice job, daddy." Sunlight said. She saw the spire up ahead. "Look." She pointed.
    "Here it is." Radiant said.
    The train stopped at the station near the spire.

    ---Changeling Kingdom---

    (Music: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Forest Haven)

    Radiant and Sunlight got off the train and saw colorful changelings fly around.
Suddnely, they saw Proboscis and Ocellus wandering around. Proboscis is an orange changeling with lime-green eyes and Ocellus is a light blue changeling.
    "Here are my students." Radiant said.
"Professor Radiant, welcome." Ocellus greeted.
    "We are here to find clues about the next Shard of Harmony." Sunlight said, 
"It must be here somewhere."
    "As Princess Antenna's knight, I'll gladly guide you to Thorax." Proboscis said.
"We're glad." Radiant replied.

    ---Changeling Spire---

    (Music: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - Inside Forest Haven)

    Radiant and Sunlight followed Proboscis and Ocellus to the throne room. 
They saw Thorax who wore a red necktie.
"Thorax." Radiant called.
    "Radiant Sword, I'm glad you have arrived." Thorax said.
"We are here for the shard." Radiant said.
    "What kind of shard are we speaking of?" Thorax asked.
    "The Shard of Harmony." Sunlight replied.
"I see." Thorax reacted, "I have heard legends passed down by my ancestors about the mysterious Shards of Harmony."
Where was it though?" Radiant asked.
    "It was in the spire that is out of bounds by Changeling Authorities. It is known as the 'Forsaken Spire'." Thorax explained.
"Forsaken Spire?" Sunlight asked.
    "Sounds ominous." Radiant said.
    "It was plagued by ferocious monsters." Thorax said, "They're just as vicious as Chrysalis."
"Glad we have weapons as well." Radiant summoned his sword.
    "And as a knight, I'll cover my friends." Proboscis said, "I'm the only young knight of Professor Sword that is the master of disguise."
"Good luck out there, Proboscis." Thorax replied.
    "I'll do my best, your highness." Ocellus said.
"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's do this." Sunlight said.
    "You're so kind, Sunlight" Ocellus said with a smile.

Radiant and the others walked while he looked at the map to find the spire. Then he got a call from Marty.
"Radiant." Marty responded, "Sorry to interrupt, but I have a request."
"What is it?" Radiant asked.
"Princess Antenna got revitalized, however, she can't fly by herself after Queen Chrysalis' ambush." Marty said.
"Oh, dear..." Radiant reacted.
"Will you help Antenna back home? She'll greatly appreciate your kindness." Marty said.
    Radiant stammered to choose which of his friends are going to take care of Antenna, "Leave it to us." He said.
    "Thank you for being flexible, Radiant." Marty said.

Then Radiant ended the call. "Change of plans, young heroes." He said, "We have to take care of Antenna. She was injured after her confrontation against Queen Chrysalis."
"I'll get the train ready." Sunlight said, going back to the station.
    "I'm worried about my princess." Proboscis said as he prepared for adventure.
    "But what about the spire?" Ocellus asked.
    "The spire can wait for now." Radiant replied.
    "So what should we do?" Thorax asked.
    "We're going to use the train, go to Aperture Labs, and pick up Antenna." Radiant replied.
"Why it's becoming "Aperture Laboratories"?" Thorax asked with a frown face.
"It's complicated." Radiant replied, "It became an outpost for Aperture Science back in Scienceville."
"Well, then. Hope you bring back Antenna in one piece." Thorax said.
    "We will." Radiant nodded.

Sunlight counted the passengers getting on the Friendship Express. "Is everyone here?" she asked.
    "Plus me." Radiant said.
"Alright. Let's go back to Aperture Laboratories." Sunlight said. "All aboard!" The train made noises and chugged.

    ---Changeling Realm---

    The train departed from Changeling Kingdom.


    At Aperture Science headquarters, Jack showed up to Ace and Abby upon bearing the news about their son. "News report." He said.
"Jack." Ace said, "Where's Wheatley? How is he?"
"I hope nothing bad has happened." Abby said.
"I am sorry, Ms. Airborne. I'm afraid that your son is dead." Jack announced in reply.
    "Oh, no..." Abby said.
"Why?! Tell me, Jack. I am serious." Ace asked.
    "It may seem disheartening, but he was killed in action." Jack said.
    "Was it because of his friends again?" Ace asked in reply.
    "I'm afraid... Yes." Jack replied.
"You know? Let's get to Ponyville. I must talk with his friends now." Ace reacted.
    "I'm afraid not." A familiar voice was heard.
"Who are you?" Ace asked.
    Spiral showed up. "Spiral Galaxy, guardian of the things I created." She said, "The reason why I'm here is because I am making a suggestion."
"I need my son. Where is he?" Ace said in a serious manner.
    "He's with me, in the Temple of the Alicorns." Spiral said, "You may see him in spirit. He is not dead in vain."
"But we need to talk to his friends. In a calm and serious manner." Abby replied.
    "If you really think so, then I suggest you have to take notes on what's going on as of today." Spiral said, "My hope is that you will be more domestic, Ace."
"We will." Ace bowed.
    "Wonderful, that shows kindness." Spiral said. She looked at the transparent spirit of Wheatley with a wink.
Suddenly, the Airborne family get into their transport as they go to Ponyville.

---Aperture Laboratories, Ponyville---

"Is everything alright?" Proboscis asked.
    "Yes. Thank you for showing up." Antenna said.
"Why were you injured?" Proboscis asked in reply.
    "Mother ambushed me while searching for Wheatley's body." Antenna said, "And to make things worse, she's now with the ram with a knack for evil. 
My changelings and I battled her until we retreated. She was just a sole survivor of the conquest. Battling mother is getting harder than I thought."
"Where is she anyway?" Ocellus asked, "You know what? We are going to avenge your injury by fighting her."
    "Nopony knows." Antenna said, "Can you take me back to the Changeling Kingdom while I recover?"
"Sure thing." Proboscis replied "But... Are you going to be okay for this one?"
    "As long as the train operator pays attention to the signs and gives me a smooth ride, I'll be fine." Antenna said.
"Okay." Proboscis accepted.
    Then Marty showed up. "Good day, fillies and gentlecolts." He said, "Have you heard that Miss Sunlight Shield is a rookie in transporting passengers?"
"Yup." Radiant nodded with a cute smile.
    "So, let's show her how to transport passengers safely and efficiently." Marty said, projecting the screen, "There are two speed limit signs. If Sunlight sees an orange sign, she must slow down until she sees the blue sign. If she sees the 'blow whistle' sign, blow the whistle. She mustn't slam the brakes or the passenger will have an unpleasant ride. And if she's almost to her destination, slowing down the train is recommended."
"How fascinating to see that." Sunlight reacted. She wrote down on a notebook as if she were taking notes, "And sounds like we have a hostage to contain as a rescuer."
    "Either that or a requester." Marty said.
"So." Marty closed the projector, "Any suggestions?"
    "Does it matter if there are enemies that need to be shot down while carrying passengers?" Sunlight asked.
"We still have your invention." Radiant replied.
    "Radiant's right." Marty said, "Even with passengers in tow, you can still use the cannon. 
So what do you say?"
    "I think I'm ready." Sunlight said.
"Then let's bring Antenna back to her kingdom. Because we still have a job to do." Radiant replied.
    "All aboard!" Sunlight said.
The train chugged as Antenna is on board.

    ---Pony Realm---

    "Alright, we're going to give Antenna a safe ride home." Sunlight said, "I'll keep an eye on the signs."

---A few minutes later---

The ship has just landed near the castle of friendship as Ace and Abby arrived.
    Ace looked at the notes he has written down as Spiral requested him to do. "Show kindness." He said to himself.
The parents entered the castle until the Mane Seven showed up.
    "Twilight..." Ace said in a calm manner, "Did you do something to my son again?"
    "No, we didn't." Twilight said, "He ran away from us."
    Ace read the notes to let him know to be honest.
    "I am here for him. But please, Princess Twilight. Don't abuse my son." Abby said, "He's just a good friend but you must learn about it."
"I got divorced too." Rarity raised her hoof.
    "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Rarity." Abby said.
"I don't think you did something bad to our son." Ace said to Rarity.
    "Hmm?" Rarity said curiously.
"Look, Mr. Airborne. I'm sorry for arguing at Rarity last year. She's just don't care about my career. Wheatley harassed me to stop and now he hated us by divorcing her." Rainbow Dash replied.
Ace looked at the notes again. "Show sympathy to the apologetic." he said to himself.
"We have sympathy." Abby said, but still not feeling happy.
    Ace looked at the notes, "Remind them to pray for your son." He read, 
"You must pray for him with a confession."
    Twilight replied in a calm manner, "We will, Mr. Airborne."
"How did he hated all of you though?" Abby asked, wanted to know the full reason.
    "It happened when we began our careers as teachers." Twilight said, "Even if we all solved problems, he was still unenthusiastic."
"He was furious to us all because of our frustrations we did." Applejack said.
    "Especially us too when we made a stage play." Fluttershy added.
    Ace looked at the notes. "Let them know that when your son returns, you'll have a personal chat with him. Be as docile as possible." He read. 
But Ace sighed. "I admit it. It was my folly that my son was a bit too hard on you, girls. I'll have a personal chat with Wheatley when I see him again, hopefully."
"I am sorry, Mr. Airborne. Please. Give us a chance." Twilight pleaded.
"Relax, Twilight. You and the others are the ones that can spark a light in the world of darkness." Ace said, "Thank you for showing how much you cared for my son. But next time. Huh? Next time."
"We will run for shelter when the greatest foe rises." Abby said, "I hope you understand so that we may be a great happy family, Twilight."
    "We will continue to provide you support." Twilight said with a nod.
Ace and Abby looked at each other in concern.
"Will it be possible?" Ace asked, "I think I have read through every note Miss Galaxy provided."
"Anything else?" Twilight asked.
    "I think I saved the best for last." Ace read, reading something about being silly or strange. 
Then he's about to leave with his wife. "Farewell." He said.
    Twilight felt relieved, then she saw Spiral with a smile on her face.
    "So, how did the meeting go?" Spiral asked.
"Mr. Airborne is just a little too serious about losing their son." Twilight replied.
    "And it's quite rare to see him talk like a gentlecolt." Rarity said to Spiral.
"But he was right about next time. If you all do it again, there might be consequences." Spiral replied to Rarity, "And I made sure you don't all feel discouraged from tackling more adventures."
    "Well, that's a relief." Fluttershy said.

---Changeling Realm---

Sunlight looked at the orange slow sign and she slowed down the train until it reaches to the station for a stop.
    "Nice ride!" Antenna said in satisfaction. 
"Please, take me to the safe place."

    ---Changeling Kingdom---

    Antenna got off the train and began to have a conversation with Radiant and Sunlight. "Thank you for showing kindness even in dire times." She said, 
"But stop Queen Chrysalis for me before it's too late. In return, I will give you this." She gave Radiant a Butterfly Emblem.

    You got the Butterfly Emblem! Radiant's Kindness level has increased.

"Thank you." Radiant said.
    "You're very welcome." Antenna said, "I'll get better before you know it."

---Princess Antenna's bedroom---

Antenna was in bed and saw a changeling shaman show up.
"There. You're safe now." Radiant said, "Get well soon."
    "I will provide you help that you needed." The shaman said.

---Outside the hive---

    Suddenly, a pony showed up in front of Radiant and the others. 
But the pony looked at them in a smirk.
    Sunlight looked at the smirking pony. 
"Who are you?" she asked.
    "Don't you know who I am?" the pony said, making an evil laugh and made magic by revealing her true identity "Mwahahahahahaha!!!"
"It's Chrysalis!" Proboscis said in shock.
"Right you are, Proboscis..." Chrysalis said.
    "What are you doing here, outsider?!" Radiant said.
"As the queen of the changelings, I need to bring this place back as MY territory." Chrysalis replied.
    "I'm afraid not, power-hungry fool!" Sunlight said.
    "We'll see about that, Sunlight." Chrysalis replied while the two disguised ponies turned into changelings.
    ---Her Royal Nemesis, Queen Chrysalis---

    (Music: Delta Brony - Changeling Showdown ~Queen Chrysalis Boss Theme~)

"Defend the hive!" Proboscis ordered his changeling comrades.
Radiant summoned his sword and Sunlight summoned her bow.
    "Be warned, medieval weapon fanatics. I play rough." Chrysalis said with an evil hiss. 
She fired a green beam and the changelings attacked from flying.
    Radiant jumped and used Lasso to pull Chrysalis before striking her with a sword.
"Ack!" Chrysalis groaned.
    "You were saying about playing rough?" Radiant gloated, 
"Well, you don't now!"
    Then Chrysalis attacked Radiant by biting his hoof with her teeth.
    "YOW! I'd take it back." Radiant said.
    Sunlight equipped herself with a Fire Tome and fired a ring of fire. Chrysalis dodged by flying and she completely fired a beam to Sunlight. Making her stunned. "Argh!" she screamed.
    "Sunlight!" Radiant gasped.
    "We might want to take turns, daddy." Sunlight said, "Keep her busy so I'll have a chance to strike."
Radiant slashed his sword as Chrysalis fired a beam. But the changelings captured him.
    Sunlight saw an opportunity and created a ring of fire surrounding the changelings without harming her father.
"Yargh!" Radiant charged. He launched a fire beam at Chrysalis to make her crash land into the ground.
"Ahhh!!!" Chrysalis screamed.
    After the battle, Radiant and Chrysalis had a staring contest.
    Then, Chrysalis backed away. "Fine. I'll let you go." Chrysalis said with an unhappy smirk, "But the next time we meet, you won't be so lucky. 
I will be back, Radiant Sword!" She left by flying while the changelings retreated.
    "Thanks, Professor. That was close." Ocellus said.
"Glad Antenna is still safe." Radiant replied, "I hope there's a guest room for me and Sunlight. Let's continue find the shard. Shall we?"

Progress has been made revolving around Changelings. Radiant found the map for the Changeling Realm, Spiral Galaxy has amended fences between the Mane Six and the Airbornes, Radiant brought Antenna back to safety and outwitted Chrysalis. But where's Watney? Next chapter, Radiant and his young teammates go to the Forsaken Spire, for real.
The Equestrian Odyssey - Chapter 5
"No More Friendship? The Redemption Begins!"

Equestria is in peril! Radiant Sword goes on a mission, without Wheatley Airborne as he is out of commission. With Sunlight Shield as his daughter and sidekick, will the alicorn heroes find the Shards of Harmony after the fall of the Tree of Harmony?

The meeting is going on between the Mane Six and the Airborne Parents, but Spiral isn't sure about how the meeting will go. So it's up to the alicorn goddess to amend fences and make sure the meeting goes well. Meanwhile, Radiant and Sunlight put their kindness to the test as they help Princess Antenna recover, but when the evil Queen Chrysalis strikes back, Antenna and the Changeling Kingdom are being threatened. Will Radiant outwit the ex-queen of the kingdom?

My Little Pony (c) Hasbro

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