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Planeswalker Chandra

commission of Chandra the Planeswalker from Magic the Gathering. I am lined up to do all lady Planeswalkers one by one, with all of them to be featured in one big mega collage~

Took some liberties with the costume since everyone else seems to be :P This is more of a blend between the western version and the Japanese one. Her hair was light pink in the original version, but I turned it back to flame orange so she'd be more recognizable (or so I think...I don't know how reknown the pink haired version is!)

Guaranteed to be the most colorful thing I do this week-

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Wow... I really like how you did her face and head. She's pretty. Of course, wouldn't more armor be a good thing?
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she is very pretty :) Awesome drawing and colors
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Woot! I got this at Anime St. Louis 2013!
AtorieKalid's avatar
So sexy~~~ And I love her hair!
Radiant-Grey's avatar
it was fun to do that hair :D
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This is really good and actually kinda cute too!
very good job at the coloring! :3
Art-loving-Fairybug's avatar
The one in my deck is Jace, but I love Chandra! I'd love to build a deck around her.
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I rather like your version better than the original. XD
MagicFantasyAlters's avatar
beautiful art and costume design
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dafuq, lol. I'm about to work on a Planeswalker commission. o.O our art is starting to mimic each other!

Seriously, I'm not huge in to Magic like Gravy is, but I immediately knew who she was, so great job!
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I see you corralling me into a human centipede piece and I resist vehemently XD

Thanks! What planeswalker are you doing?
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you know you wanna do one. It was just TONS of fun for me.

I'll be doing Sorin and Liliana.
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