Welcome to my shiny new DA account!
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Published: March 18, 2008
I've been meaning to make this account for a good while now. There was a bit of procrastinating due to screen-name indecisiveness. Anyway, I added a few of my photographs so I wouldn't have an empty account. Anyway,

I do art as a hobby. I recently started getting into photography.I do paintings and drawings, mostly plants/abstract, but I don't have any to post now because of some scanner issues. I like to write as well, mostly prose/short stories. I also compose music and (attempt to) make small computer games, but those two things aren't the type of art that goes on this site.

Well that's it for the cheesy introduction. To anyone whom happens to be reading this: Thanks for stopping by. Feel free do do so again when I actually have a nice chunk of art to browse through.  
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