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Because I'm sure I meant monthly. <.<

I've been pretty busy and I'm always forgetting this thing. Oh well. Two new photos. Enjoy.
While I'm thinking on it, DA is a LOT more annoying with their "Subscribe, Dammit!" nagging than they were when I first joined. Every edit page has these huge red boxes telling me to subscribe to unlock them. I mean, once I start using this site more regularly, I think I would like a subscription, but these stupid nag boxes kinda make me not want to buy it. Eh, I suppose it's fine for people who actually manage to sell prints and stuff since that'll pay the fees.

Speaking of fees, it's finally starting to sink in that I'm really going to be in Japan this fall. I've been trying to get a job with no success, and now that it's practically July, my odds of getting a summer job have dropped to pretty much Zero. Well, it looks like I'll be able to scrape the funds for my trip together anyway, but I'll just have to be extra thrifty while I'm there. It'll help me stay focused on my classes anyway.

Kyushu isn't really the best vantage point to be traveling around the rest of Japan from. Luckily the public transit system is to much better in Japan than here. Well I can probably take a weekend trip to Tokyo and spend a few nights in Capsule hotels on the cheap. I've been looking into a few ways to travel around cheap and I think I might join Hosteling International. Then I can just stay in hostels for about $30 a night; way, way, waaaaaaaay cheaper than a hotel room in Japan. Though I bet it'd be fun to spend a night in a traditional Japanese inn, so I think I might shell out for that. I'm sure there are affordable ones somewhere. Eh, I'm sure there's plenty to do right there in Beppu, but it'd be such a waste if I didn't get to see some of the famous sites after spending half a year in a another country. It sucks that I'm staying too long to be eligible for a rail pass, though. I'd love to get a 7-day one to use during winter break. (On the flipside, it's awesome that I'm staying that long, though :P )

I'm really getting ahead of myself though. I'm finding it thoroughly annoying to get all my necessary paperwork and preparations done. My college professors are pretty slow getting back to me on course approval. I hate that I have to have individual approval from all the necessary department heads. Well, I've already got my Communications and Computer Science classes set, but funnily enough, not the Asian Studies courses. Figures.
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June 30, 2009