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*Uses Revival Bead on my DA*

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! *crickets chirp*

Oh yeah... nobody cares...

Anyway, I've had this account for about a year, but it's been more or less abandoned. So I would like to apologize to the loyal fans I've neglected so, but I have none. :P

The photos I just thew up already got a few favs, so that's a good sign I guess.

Anyway, I plan on resuming use of my account. Please ignore the previous entry from one year ago when I made the same claim. Coming soon: Weekly updates! You can expect to mostly see photography and some occasional writing and drawings. True to my username, I'm also into writing music, though this isn't really the community for it, I may sneak in some of my music related projects here somehow.

Well, feel free to drop me a line. Now that I'm actually here, I'm all ears.
Also, I need to browse around and go on a Faving spree. I have like no Faves in this account. What was I doing? But first I have some friends to track down.
NightShadered Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2009
So your actually gonna post stuff now? Bout time, little man.
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Submitted on
April 10, 2009