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Anime Boston was a modest success for Funky Fox Studios. It was only our second con as a group, and we managed to turn a small profit, even though we were jammed waaaaaaaay into the back of the dealers room and had a pretty limited selection. Next up is the Artist's Alley at Otakon! We'll have a whole new set of posters ready for it, and hopefully we'll be ready to pull back the veil on some cool new projects by then!

For myself, I'm at a pretty big crossroads. Due to personal circumstances, I'm going to have to put graduate school on freeze for a bit, and stop putting off this whole "career" thing, so now I'm on the hunt for work, preferably full time so I can knock off my student debts as quickly as I can and get back on my feet. In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to putting some more time into my music. I couldn't work on ANY of it for the last couple months since last semester's final projects were kicking my butt just that hard.

Due to my need of cash, it's about time I actually started keeping regular updates on the Artisticade (my online store). I've actually made a couple of sales on it, which is pretty good considering it has next to nothing listed, and I've been doing ZERO advertising. I'm starting to offer some of the Funky Fox Studios posters though the site, and I'm getting to work on listing my catalog of 100+ pin designs for sale. It's not really efficient to sell $3 items online and still make a profit after shipping, so my two choices for that are to up the shipping cost of my pins, or to sell them in packs. I'm not liking either one of those choices, but my last small pin order almost cost me more to ship than the cost of the pins.

I might start doing more professional photography jobs to make some side cash too, but somewhat counter-intuitively, I'd like to upgrade to a new camera before I start doing that. Right now I've got my sights set on a Cannon 6D kit (with standard lens) but I'm looking at $2,400 for one, so I'll need to wait until I have a steady income before I even THINK of dropping that kind of cash. Either that or land the biggest freelance contract of my life thus far.

So... on that note, enough of sitting around writing DA journals, I gotta get back to work!
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June 2, 2013


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