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Just taking a break from my frantic preparations to make mention that I'll be at Anime Boston this year again with the Funky Fox Studios people, in the DEALERS ROOM, of all places.

So, we'll be selling our usual assortment of Otaku-friendly goods. Stop by booth 482, stuffed waaaaaaaay in the back corner. It'll be worth the trip.
We're sharing the booth with a few other artists who didn't get into the artists alley in time, so there will be custom figurines, steampunk hats, comics and some other things for you to check out as well.

Hmm... Maybe I can get away with tossing up a couple of my new posters as a little sneak peak... This DA is in serious need of an update, I haven't posted or done much art stuff in a while because finals. I have a bunch of cosplay shots from Katsucon I still need to edit and put up. Once I'm done at Boston I'll finally be able to get to those. ... AND whatever shots I get from Boston. I might not have too much time for planned photoshoots for this con, but I still might be able to make a few appointments.
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Submitted on
May 22, 2013