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Radiant Cadenza Studios is now on 

And for the sake of completeness the one's I've already got:
Pixiv: (I almost never draw, so this account is SUPER Dead, but still, I have one) 

Feel free to watch/follow/like where appropriate if you like. 

2016 addition:

Obviously, I hardly ever use or update this account anymore. Almost to the point where I'd delete this account (And purge some of the now slightly embarrassing high school grade work still on here from the back archives) but I'll leave it up just in case and also as a method to contact certain people and such. 
Anime Boston was a modest success for Funky Fox Studios. It was only our second con as a group, and we managed to turn a small profit, even though we were jammed waaaaaaaay into the back of the dealers room and had a pretty limited selection. Next up is the Artist's Alley at Otakon! We'll have a whole new set of posters ready for it, and hopefully we'll be ready to pull back the veil on some cool new projects by then!

For myself, I'm at a pretty big crossroads. Due to personal circumstances, I'm going to have to put graduate school on freeze for a bit, and stop putting off this whole "career" thing, so now I'm on the hunt for work, preferably full time so I can knock off my student debts as quickly as I can and get back on my feet. In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to putting some more time into my music. I couldn't work on ANY of it for the last couple months since last semester's final projects were kicking my butt just that hard.

Due to my need of cash, it's about time I actually started keeping regular updates on the Artisticade (my online store). I've actually made a couple of sales on it, which is pretty good considering it has next to nothing listed, and I've been doing ZERO advertising. I'm starting to offer some of the Funky Fox Studios posters though the site, and I'm getting to work on listing my catalog of 100+ pin designs for sale. It's not really efficient to sell $3 items online and still make a profit after shipping, so my two choices for that are to up the shipping cost of my pins, or to sell them in packs. I'm not liking either one of those choices, but my last small pin order almost cost me more to ship than the cost of the pins.

I might start doing more professional photography jobs to make some side cash too, but somewhat counter-intuitively, I'd like to upgrade to a new camera before I start doing that. Right now I've got my sights set on a Cannon 6D kit (with standard lens) but I'm looking at $2,400 for one, so I'll need to wait until I have a steady income before I even THINK of dropping that kind of cash. Either that or land the biggest freelance contract of my life thus far.

So... on that note, enough of sitting around writing DA journals, I gotta get back to work!
Just taking a break from my frantic preparations to make mention that I'll be at Anime Boston this year again with the Funky Fox Studios people, in the DEALERS ROOM, of all places.

So, we'll be selling our usual assortment of Otaku-friendly goods. Stop by booth 482, stuffed waaaaaaaay in the back corner. It'll be worth the trip.
We're sharing the booth with a few other artists who didn't get into the artists alley in time, so there will be custom figurines, steampunk hats, comics and some other things for you to check out as well.

Hmm... Maybe I can get away with tossing up a couple of my new posters as a little sneak peak... This DA is in serious need of an update, I haven't posted or done much art stuff in a while because finals. I have a bunch of cosplay shots from Katsucon I still need to edit and put up. Once I'm done at Boston I'll finally be able to get to those. ... AND whatever shots I get from Boston. I might not have too much time for planned photoshoots for this con, but I still might be able to make a few appointments.

See? See? I wasn't lying! I really DO make music!

My business cards have had music alongside photography and grapic design, but my music has been conspicuously absent from the internet. Well, no more!

I'll be tossing up new tracks as I compose them for my upcoming game projects and other things. I already got a few odds and ends up on it now, so feel free to check it out.
My online store is now FULLY operational!

I should be adding things to it pretty much every week, so stay tuned.
My new group, Funky Fox Studios, has had a Successful (read: did not tank miserably) first con. Yayifications! Capitalism Ho! And so forth, with the relevant Recettear quotes.

Our website should finally be seeing some updates, so I guess I can link to it.

Now that that's done with, I can stop holding out, and post some of the fanart I made for our poster prints.
I've tried out some new digital art tricks, and these should show a huge leap in quality from the last few drawings I've bothered to post. I'm rather proud of them. So much so that I've attempted to sell them for money, and actually SUCCEEDED at doing so. I am amazed. If someone had told me just 5 months ago that I would manage to sell fanart that I've drawn at a con, I would have thought you insane. Granted, most of those sales come from collaborations, so it seems my skills lie more in coloring, editing and finishing work. Maybe I can work at that and get an artist's assistant kind of gig. Either way, expect to see some fanart rolling in. Now that the con is over, I can get back to some more personal projects as well. I'm looking forward to working on some of them.
Recently, I've opened up a online shop using Storenvy.

There's not a whole lot up there yet, But I'm slowly building inventory.
I'll be selling the pins I've been designing, as well as guitar picks (i have not released any of my pick designs yet) as well as some various import goods, like simple clothing items and jewelry.

The selection should start to open up a lot more over the coming months.
I'm not going to start serious promotions and advertising until after I get settled into my new place and have my home situation completely stable, but I think a slow start will help me get everything ironed out.

So, please, check it out when you have some time, I'd love to hear feedback about the products and site design and such.

Oh, and follow the shop on facebook for discounts, new product announcements, amusing pictures and more!: /social media whoring
Well, It's been a week since anime boston. Oh, what's that? My LAST journal entry was posted right after anime boston? Of last year? And I said something about updating more often?

Well... Damn.

First of all, I'm about done processing the photos from AB. I still have one or two that aren't perfect, but I'm getting better at this. I'm not going to upload ALL THE PHOTOS to DA again like I did last year, because DA wasn't really made for that kind of thing, so massive uploads are a pain, and there are better sites for massive image uploads. Like Flikr. Behold:…

That said, I'll put up some of the better ones. I think from here on out, I'll just post the portfolio quality ones and personal favorites into a general "cosplay" folder I just made. The full gallerys will be assessable from and sites like Flikr. I'm working hosting my own full gallery on my website, too.

Oh, and on a personal note: I just got into grad school and will be attending AU starting this fall. I'm moving to DC. That's gonna be expensive so I'm going to be getting very creative about money making. I'll be offering my pins for sale online soon. I was playing with the idea making a full online store, but for now I'll probably just start an Etsy store or something. I haven't been too diligent about keeping my DA updated, but I'm digging thorough my archive of folders and pulling out the best ones. I'll be offering prints on DA, and possibly start selling stock photos and images on a few stock sites.
Whew, Finally finished processing all my pictures from Anime Boston. At first, I was disappointed with how few pictures I took, but after how long it took me to process them, I'm kinda thankful for it. Anyway, there are about 50 in all and I'll be uploading them over the next couple days.

In case anybody is wondering what I mean by "process," I didn't do any extensive photoshop work. I used automated scripts to shrink the filesize, resolution, rename files, stamp a little watermark in the corners, etc. But I did manually enhance each picture for contrast, color, and saved a couple pics where my lighting wasn't so good. I'd like to think I'm overall improving as a photographer, though I was a little disappointed when a few of these pics came out a little fuzzy.

Hmm... The con itself: I had a lot of fun, but not as much as I remember having at these things. I think I've just been so stressed out that I wasn't really able to just relax and have fun. Well, that and there really weren't any guests that I was terribly exited about this year.

Anyway, I'm gonna have a massive batch on non-cosplay photos next, but I'll probably wait a few weeks to post that. I'm about to graduate, so my final wave of undergrad work has to take priority.


58/55 Anime Boston Pictures Uploaded


Whoops. I missed three.
that has been fixed.
I found them while digging though my memory cards looking for NON cosplay photography. I will proceed to put some of that up now.
Looks like a few things have changed on this site during my most recent stint of ignoring my DA account.


I'm prepping to kick off my pet project, "Radiant Cadenza Studios," which is more or less just a fancy front for some of the other projects some friends and I are working on.

I've got a website in the works, but for now, I'm slapping together a Blogger Page:

I'm starting to get a little more serious with my photography as well, I've been taking pictures for my current job, so I *guess* I can call myself a profesional photographer.... Maybe.

There's been massive changes in my personal life, and more are coming. For one, I'm back in the USA.... Since September.

...It really has been a long time since I've updated this journal, huh?

In other news, I'll be going to Anime Boston this weekend, and I'll be in full Photographer Mode. I'll also be cosplaying this year. So if you see a Dr. Stein (Soul Eater), with a lab coat that's a little too short and wielding a DSLR, it's probably me. :P
I've been living in Japan for almost a year now, and my last journal entry is still about "Oh, leaving for Japan soon"


Not that I've had much to say here.

I've got a couple new pet projects in the works. So, expect to see a fresh influx of work here. Even some of my non-photography work, for a change.
It's still hard to believe, but I'm leaving for Japan tomorrow, and I'll be there for a whole semester!

Anyway, I've got a travel blog up:
I can't really be sure what I'm in for in Japan, so I can't make any promises as to the content of that blog yet, except there should be a LOT of pictures. Expect to see some of them here, too.

Anyway, back to packing!
For now, it only has one video: My submission for the Anime Boston 2009 AMV contest.

I plan to use it for videos for my travel blog (Coming soon!) As well, as to showcase some of my music. If you wanna check it out, kill the dash in my username and look it up on youtube.

If you're interested in my AMV you can just watch this:…
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I lose my status as a teenager.
I get free cake.
I can legally drink in Japan.
I get a free license to sleep in.
I have an excuse to extort money and material goods from friends and family.
I get more free cake. (And it's NOT a lie :D )

All in all, a pretty good deal.
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Because I'm sure I meant monthly. <.<

I've been pretty busy and I'm always forgetting this thing. Oh well. Two new photos. Enjoy.
While I'm thinking on it, DA is a LOT more annoying with their "Subscribe, Dammit!" nagging than they were when I first joined. Every edit page has these huge red boxes telling me to subscribe to unlock them. I mean, once I start using this site more regularly, I think I would like a subscription, but these stupid nag boxes kinda make me not want to buy it. Eh, I suppose it's fine for people who actually manage to sell prints and stuff since that'll pay the fees.

Speaking of fees, it's finally starting to sink in that I'm really going to be in Japan this fall. I've been trying to get a job with no success, and now that it's practically July, my odds of getting a summer job have dropped to pretty much Zero. Well, it looks like I'll be able to scrape the funds for my trip together anyway, but I'll just have to be extra thrifty while I'm there. It'll help me stay focused on my classes anyway.

Kyushu isn't really the best vantage point to be traveling around the rest of Japan from. Luckily the public transit system is to much better in Japan than here. Well I can probably take a weekend trip to Tokyo and spend a few nights in Capsule hotels on the cheap. I've been looking into a few ways to travel around cheap and I think I might join Hosteling International. Then I can just stay in hostels for about $30 a night; way, way, waaaaaaaay cheaper than a hotel room in Japan. Though I bet it'd be fun to spend a night in a traditional Japanese inn, so I think I might shell out for that. I'm sure there are affordable ones somewhere. Eh, I'm sure there's plenty to do right there in Beppu, but it'd be such a waste if I didn't get to see some of the famous sites after spending half a year in a another country. It sucks that I'm staying too long to be eligible for a rail pass, though. I'd love to get a 7-day one to use during winter break. (On the flipside, it's awesome that I'm staying that long, though :P )

I'm really getting ahead of myself though. I'm finding it thoroughly annoying to get all my necessary paperwork and preparations done. My college professors are pretty slow getting back to me on course approval. I hate that I have to have individual approval from all the necessary department heads. Well, I've already got my Communications and Computer Science classes set, but funnily enough, not the Asian Studies courses. Figures.
Hehehe, sorry, I kinda did the "stop updating the DA" thing again Well, at least I'm not abandoning it for a year this time, or changing accounts for the 4th time.

I got really busy with papers for school, final exams and all that good stuff.
I took some cool shots in the meantime, but I haven't gotten around to processing and uploading them yet.

It's summer now, but it's no vacation. I need money, and thus, a job. Jobs are pretty scarce right now, but I'm still hoping to study abroad in Japan fall semester, and I'm gonna have to cancel if I can't scratch some funds together.

Also, I just came back from Anime Boston. Anyone go? On Friday I wore a "Too poor to cosplay shirt" with 3 other friends, and despite that shirt, on Saturady I was Scar from FMA; in case anybody saw me. I had a lot of fun though. Hung out with friends, met a few new people, spent my food money on prints, was hugged by random strangers, got an autographed Kalafina CD, and got to see the collision of a crowd of cosplayers leaving the Con and a bunch of baseball fans on their way to Fenway: So Many confused people in Red Sox shirts :P

I'm gonna post a few of the pictures I took. I didn't get too many, as I tend to just kinda forget about it. On this site, I'm only going to post the ones that are the best from a photography standpoint, as this is an art site and I don't want to start using this like it's a myspace or something like that. So that'll only be like 6 or so shots.
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*Uses Revival Bead on my DA*

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! *crickets chirp*

Oh yeah... nobody cares...

Anyway, I've had this account for about a year, but it's been more or less abandoned. So I would like to apologize to the loyal fans I've neglected so, but I have none. :P

The photos I just thew up already got a few favs, so that's a good sign I guess.

Anyway, I plan on resuming use of my account. Please ignore the previous entry from one year ago when I made the same claim. Coming soon: Weekly updates! You can expect to mostly see photography and some occasional writing and drawings. True to my username, I'm also into writing music, though this isn't really the community for it, I may sneak in some of my music related projects here somehow.

Well, feel free to drop me a line. Now that I'm actually here, I'm all ears.
Also, I need to browse around and go on a Faving spree. I have like no Faves in this account. What was I doing? But first I have some friends to track down.
I just need to get through finals and I'm set! However, My Japanese and Calculus finals will NOT be fun. So I will soon actually have time to devote to art, so I can finally have an account with *things* in it.

My hand is cramping from writing all of these kanji!

Also, I have failed to get my summer job back. I waited too long and now there are no openings...

Damn. It's really hard for someone my age to get a job around here. At least I have some job experience and affirmative action on my side :P.
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I've been meaning to make this account for a good while now. There was a bit of procrastinating due to screen-name indecisiveness. Anyway, I added a few of my photographs so I wouldn't have an empty account. Anyway,

I do art as a hobby. I recently started getting into photography.I do paintings and drawings, mostly plants/abstract, but I don't have any to post now because of some scanner issues. I like to write as well, mostly prose/short stories. I also compose music and (attempt to) make small computer games, but those two things aren't the type of art that goes on this site.

Well that's it for the cheesy introduction. To anyone whom happens to be reading this: Thanks for stopping by. Feel free do do so again when I actually have a nice chunk of art to browse through.