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My Bio
We are a new independent video game development company looking to begin our adventure as Radiance Studios LLC. We began working on our first game, Renegade Knight, on May 2, 2017. Renegade Knight has come from story, to concept, to prototype and now to a fully functional game. We have made incredible progress and are expecting to finish the game in early 2019. We are packing each level full of unique enemies, clever puzzles, breathtaking art and a magical story.

Renegade Knight

Renegade Knight is a fast paced 2D action platformer with RPG elements. Join Shula, an elite knight, in her epic quest to find her purpose in a land that fears magic.

Renegade Knight has been developed from the ground up in C++. We wrote our own game engine coupled with OpenGL graphics to make the game playable on as many platforms as possible. Portability will not be held back by a 3rd party game engine. We intend to develop for Windows, Linux and Mac computers followed by PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

The World of Renegade Knight

The world was once under the tyranny of Lord Eltius, the magical oppressor of mankind. He led those of wicked sorcery to live prosperously, with humans as slaves. The homes of dissenters were razed and no one could stand up against magic.
As the humans lost their will to live, a champion arose and led a small rebellion to the doorstep of Lord Eltius. The sorcerers were powerful, but the champion's group prevailed and marched forward.

The great champion burst into the throne room and the powerful lord was reduced to a fragile creature begging for life, though his cries were not heard. The champion thrust his blade into the heart of Lord Eltius, and his reign came to an end. The humans banished the sorcerers to live across the seas.

In the present time, the humans rebuilt a prosperous kingdom and, without any remorse, continue to slay all sorcerers who dare to tread upon their lands. A group of knights, led by Commander Lancelin, are the kingdom's most valuable guardians, each the battle equivalent of 100 men.

Shula is the most prestigious of this group, with the exception of Lancelin. As a powerful knight should be, she is the heir to the commander. One would be proud to be called heir, however it makes secrets harder to keep.

Our Goal

Renegade Knight has been in development since May 2, 2017. Our demo is ready to present and will be determining a release date soon. Our developers are working hard to ensure Renegade Knight will be a fun game for everyone.

Our Team

We consist of 3 main members. The programmer and the artist/director graduated from Texas State Technical College on May 1, 2017, while the level designer is an instructor at the same institution. This is an exciting first game for all of us and we hope you enjoy our game as much as we do.

Artist: Jennifer Coulomb

Level Designer: Alley Borden

Programmer: Daniel McIntosh

Stay tuned for news on Renegade Knight!

Facebook Facebook Join us on Discord! We also have an ArtStation

Tools of the Trade
Video Game Development
Merry Christmas!! :) 
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Hello everyone, DeviantArt is slowly transitioning to a new modern look titled Eclipse, which will introduce the Dark and Light themes in addition to other features. Here's a journal by a staff member stating that in order to get on the wait list, you have to favorite and comment on their journal. I hope it comes out soon!
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~CatFace2405 (https://www.deviantart.com/catface2405) is having a raffle, come check it out! Don't forget to check out her features too:
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Have your cake and eat it too cake Have your cake and eat it too Fun cake Have your cake and eat it too KimRaiFan's Bday Cake Have your cake and eat it too  
Happy birthday!!!
Chouchouminou 8 0 by Naarok0fKor  
Happy Birthday!:) (Smile) 
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