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Well, well, well.

I know a few people wants to read my final rant on a manga I followed roughly 8 years ago (I think). I ranted and ranted a lot when it came to Sauce and Itachi, which, in my opinion (and my opinion is perfect XD), were Kishimoto's best characters by far. Why? Because the basis for their interaction was simple but the path they took to achieve objectives was not only complex but stirred great shit within the fandom because of their lack of reading comprehension.

As such, a lot of you know that I was pretty on point whenever it came to my theories regarding Uchiha bros, even as far as predicting outcomes such as Itachi coming back after his death (though I never imagined Edo Tensei) and the fact that Sauce needed to hear an "I love you" from his bro to truly go on and allow Naruto to fulfill his character role by letting Sasuke TnJ himself instead of being babysit by Nardo.

So, what the fuck happened?! I don't write anything in my journal and suddenly Kishimoto fucks everything up?! In all seriousness, I don't understand how he could possibly shat on 698.5 chapters (I'll explain this later). Reading comprehension CLEARLY stated things such as NaruSaku happening though I would have understood if that didn't happen, I would have been absolutely happy with no end pairings, still, that's not what's really important.. the thing is, nothing made any sense when it came to ch. 700 and I'm writing this while you guys know I consider Kishimoto a shitty writer since the destruction of Konoha and not even I expected such a piece of shit from him because he created a wonderful world in part 1 and his original Uchihas were 11/10...

In fact, I always said that the moment Itachi told Sauce he loved him, the manga ended for me and I'm glad I did.

Let's get real. The war arc is shit, it may have its highlights (Team!Uchiha) but all in all, its really bad and dragged on for too long; let's not even talk about Obito being the "coolest guy" ever. WHAT THE FUCK was that?! Really Naruto? The guy practically killed your mother and father, tried to killed you the moment you were born, pretty much fucked your life in every possible way.... and he is the coolest guy ever?! See, this is precisely what I fucking hate about Kishimoto's writing: It doesn't matter what you did, you were not your true self so you get spared, don't take responsibility or are held accountable for your actions and everything is all good and dandy. NO, dammit.

This is also the reason why I love Itachi, because Naruto considers him a hero and everyone says he is a saint... but he's not and the character is well aware of that. Many of the things Itachi did are not as terrible as his haters want them to be because the ninja world is not our world and does not follow our moral code but no one can possibly justify what he did to Sauce in order to protect him or how he wanted to pull Kotoamatsukami on little brah, they were both horrible... those were plans that truly made Itachi a monster out of circumstances and traumas but a monster nonetheless... an anti-hero not a hero.

So... Obito being regarded as a person, and Tobi as another is a fucked up thing to do, its an asspull and its shitty writing. This is non debatable. Also, Obito doing everything just to have Rin is completely unreal and demented. That is simply wrong on all possible levels, you don't get that obsessed with someone at 12/13... that attitude is not love in anyway or form, that is called obsession on a crazy scale and it is scary.

Kaguya? PPPFFFF, PLEASE, Kishimoto. That was just... there are no words to describe the failure of a character that she was. The plot device to "redeem" team 7... horrible. Ugh.

So, why am I saying all of this? Because it needs to be addressed in order to explain things chapter by chapter. /

To me, this chapter Kishimoto actually planned since part 1. It was beautiful in many ways, the fact that Sasuke had an internal monologue about his thoughts regarding Naruto was really nice. I don't understand why some fans were surprised that he admitted jealousy towards Nardo? I think it was pretty fucking obvious since day 1 that he felt threatened out of envy... again, reading comprehension.

True Sasuke fans always knew that his redemption was inevitable (and I say redemption in a personal way, I don't think he owes Naruto at all), and when he smiled and laughed it was nostalgic and full of emotion. The best thing about this chapter is how sincerely both of them talked and the moment Sauce cried... it broke me. That moment was simply gorgeous, fantastic and Naruto's reaction was magnificent.

Kishimoto's last masterpiece, he did this chapter as his part 1 self.

And suddenly cocks.

We all knew Sakura was going to get there sooner or later. That was fine, she arrives and heals them and...

"I'm sorry."
"Sorry, for what?"

FOR WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! Are you fucking damn serious?! Not only did this comment made Sakura look stupid but it also diminished Sauce intention of asking for forgiveness. For what... oh well, let's see what about:

All the times he ignored you.
All the times he made you suffer.
All the times he hurt your teammates.
All the times he stomped you.
That time he tried to kill you to make Naruto angry.

When I read that phrase, why he was asking what should he be sorry for, I simply stared at the heavens and sighed... Oh lord, I never knew what was coming...

Fine, we go through Yamato freeing himself with the best face ever. Everyone is released from the tree of chakra, happy happy joy joy. Kakashi becomes Hokage, he didn't fucking die that useless piece of shit, he became leader just to warm Naruto's seat. How fitting.

He talks with Sauce about the status of his criminal record. He is not forgiven but also not pursued... ok fine and then... Sakura.

Now, let's get the facts straight. I never liked Sakura's character too much. I think she was ok. Not good, not terribly bad, just... there. She was pairing bait but somehow her character grew in Shippuden and I didn't mind her antics. She had some really endearing interaction with Naruto and her dreams/goals were pretty badass. I never really shipped her hardcore because I don't mind her that much but reading comprehension told that she was going to end with Naruto or end up alone.

So my surprise was evident (I am sure a lot of you can imagine the facepalm that felt like a bitchslap I gave myself and the WWWWWWWWWWWWHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THIS?!?!!? That came out of my mouth along with a bunch of curses), when she fucking asked Sasuke to TAKE HER WITH HIM.

Suddenly, she goes back to part 1!Sakura and she is pairing bait again. She fucking forgets everything Sauce did thus, not holding him accountable for anything because he was not his real self. YES HE WAS. He was always Uchiha Sasuke and not your prince charming. What I fucking hated was how she suddenly forgets everything and even goes as far as feeling down because he says no... really? Why in the fucking world!? He did nothing but shit on her time and again and her goal is to leave with him...? What about the foreshadowed confession of Naruto? What about her fucking character development without having to get some dick?!

And then, Sasuke pokes her... the SS fans shit themselves and say that her forehead was meant for that. WHAT. THE. FUCK. DID. YOU. JUST. SAID?

If the manga had ended with chapter 699 I would have been pretty disappointed in Sakura but satisfied because that poke meant something brotherly to Sasuke. To me, that poke meant: Hey, calm down... I'm leaving, not forever, but when I come back I'll be here for you, because you are family to me.

That or ItaSasu is canon since day one and they fucked each other when they were 10 and 5.

Seriously, in that context, somehow, that would have made a little more sense. Sakura would still look stupid and needy and I would be pretty mad at Kishimoto for that sole reason but it would have stated once and for all what we all know: That Sasuke never liked Sakura romantically and he considers her as a part of the little family he had with team 7, he sees her as someone fragile in need of his attention/acknowledgment (just as he was with Itachi). That's it. Naruto gives Sauce his headband and we all cry and whine a bit more, call the WAAAMBULANCE a few times and move on with our lives questioning why we have to fill in the plotholes with theories.    

But then comes chapter 700...and Itachi foreshadowed it all: THE SHIT STORM CAME.



Let's forget the tragic hair Naruto's little girl sports, that in itself is enough to rage quit because it was clearly half-assed made but.... where to begin?! Everything about this chapter is such a big FUCK YOU to 15 years of work that it is almost surreal.

I'll get to the pairings first.

Naruto ended with Hinata.
No, seriously, why? Forget my hate for Hinata (which coincidentally was the very same reason she was created for), how come Naruto had children with her?! Not that she is a bad person or anything, she is not. It's just that Naruto talked to her like, what, 10 times in 15 years of manga? He talked a lot more with Orochimaru, for god's sake, I think even Chiyo's words had more meaning. It was a major asspull that will probably be explained with the movie full of retcon flashbacks and nonsense. 15 years from now, if someone picks up Naruto, they won't see the movie, they will read and go WTF like the rest of us.

Sasuke and Sakura.
Sakura why? What about your goddamn dreams of becoming a great medic nin? She ended up as a housewife, taking care of a kid named SALAD (I presume that name came from the salad of fluids between Sauce, Karin and her), while Sasuke is away clearly not giving a fuck about her. No, read me, I LOVE THE SAUCE but it is obvious that he doesn't give that much of a fuck and Sakura is just... sad. Her ending is absolutely pathetic.

And my problem with all of this is the message Kishimoto gives regarding females. There is absolutely no way anyone can justify it, I don't care if all the ass lickers keep saying that "he is just bad at writing romance". NO. NO NO NO NO. If you don't know how, then don't do it. It's that simple.

He sent a fucked up message. Basically Sakura became a cum bucket for a man who tried to kill her and Hinata's sole purpose as a character was to be the womb to carry Naruto's children. WOW. Attention ladies! Don't pursue your dreams, you don't need goals, the only thing that should matter is to get the cock you have been lusting for since you were 5 years old.

5, 6 years old kiddies having a crush on a little boy and that crush goes on until they both have 16+ years. R-E-A-L-L-Y? Is that all there is to a woman, Kishimoto? They suddenly fulfilled their roles because they got the dick? What about Hinata's relationship with his father and sister? The Hyuuga clan as a whole? Nope. She went all "Naruto-kun" until she somehow woo him. I honestly thought she was over him when she gave that speech and bitchslapped him but nooooo, why would she? She was created to be a vessel, she was created as a shy girl because that made her "appealing".

Sakura, on the other hand, was trolled hard. So much for the medic nin and get on par with her teammates and character development and all that jazz. She ended up taking care of the house and Salad while Sasuke goes around doing god only knows what. If there is nothing else shown is because there is nothing more important than stating the fact that Sakura unlocked her greatest achievement: cum bucket for a guy who tried to kill her, never respected her, etc. While Sasuke had a child with her, one can assume that he did it out of pity, peer pressure to finally give in, loneliness, etc. As for Sakura, sadly, one can't simply assume because her whole character revolves around her """"""love"""""" for him. Some may say the same goes for Karin and that may be true but at least Karin told Sasuke to fuck off... Sakura just lowers her head, asks why she needs to forgive him and pleads while blushing.

How can anyone say something to comments such as: "Naruto chose wisely! He chose the right pair of tits." when the author himself encourages the motion that women are that, breast and wombs to load your semen upon.

I can hear the angry typing: Radfel! That's a lie! Hinata this, Sakura this and that! No. They were only shown as fucking housewives taking care of their children or cleaning houses which is not bad in itself, if that were their goals since day one (surprise, they were not!). Mei and Anko got fat, which means in Kishimoto's mind, that they are not longer attractive... in fact, Mei talks only about men because she is a woman and it doesn't matter she had a position in power, she is sad and let herself go because she never got a guy and Anko is reduced to a goofy fatty. Ino scored Sai so she is wonderful. Ten-ten is single and her business is flopping. I'm not even being dramatic, it was that bad.

You don't deserve someone just because you waited and waited and, like Sasuke, you don't need to oblige because the other person loved you since day one and you have to do it otherwise you are a douchebag. What? Why? You are never responsible for what other people feels. Reading Kakashi say shit such as: She loves you, therefore you have to love her back... honestly I don't know what kind of fucked up relationships Kishimoto is used to but the mere thought of them scares me.  

So, if I am saying all this... Naruto being in love with Sakura is unrealistic too, right? No and the reason is that Naruto said he was in love with her a few times, other characters foreshadowed the relationship, Naruto even went as far as confirming his non-existent relationship to Minato and most importantly, they had interaction between them! If they weren't meant to be together, fantastic! Give the damn characters closure and respect the development that was built throughout the years. It really is that simple.

It's disgusting how I have to write about Hinata and Sakura as characters that revolve around guys. It is infuriating and it makes me rage that the SS and NH fans can't see this and go as far as to encourage it. If they had development, nice, consistent, abuse-free development, I would have been super happy.. but they didn't and sadly, NS was the lesser evil because it still makes Sakura revolve around a man. Sadly Hinata has no background other than Naruto-kun and I can't even criticize her. Fuck this.

A note on abuse (because I know some smart-ass will say that Itachi did worst and Naruto suffered a lot more). I've said time and again that the Naruverse has a different view on killing than the real world but when did I say that taking advantage of someone you know has feelings for you is AAAA++++???? You see, Itachi and Sauce's relationship was broken because Itachi wanted it in order to let Sauce go on after killing him. Naruto understood Sasuke's pain, unlike Sakura, and decided to keep up with the shit but she had absolutely no interaction or say when it came to Sauce, she only received side glances and insults... also, the two times he tried to kill her they were because she was a burden or to make Nardo rage :iconzaru-plz:

Basically an open ending would have been wonderful because there are too many conflicting issues. I can't see Sasuke having a healthy relationship with no one, specially Sakura who was not even relevant to him. Naruto, I can see him with someone... was it really that difficult to give Hinata more depth and a life outside his cock?  

In fact... the fact (XD) that I wrote a bunch of paragraphs on shippings says a lot about the ending. This was supposed to be a closure on Naruto and his dreams, it was supposed to be a chapter about him becoming Hokage and here I am, discussing pairings because it was the main focus along with the kids (oh and I'll get to that in a bit).

As for the other few things that not involve pairings, I simply feel that everything was suddenly too convenient because everything is peaceful and the goals of some characters were not only ditched but their fates are just downright fucked. Shino is teaching for some bizarre reason, Kiba is a try-hard suave forever alone guy, Ino's powers are scrapped because it is important to show her being a grumpy momma because hahahaha, Temari looks pretty angry, Lee is Gai's copypasta, Ten-Ten wanted to become a great kunoichi just like Tsunade... what happened? How come she ended up selling weapons and looking all bored with life? Oh wait, there's peace so there is no need to become an awesome kunochi! So why is Naruto so busy anyway? Why are kids attending the ninja academy?

And these questions are the road to my main complaint about the ending: Why is everything the fucking same!?

If there is one thing that I did since 308730428 days ago, is complain about Konoha and their system. I ranted a lot about how much I hate Konoha. I honestly expected the war to somehow dissolve the ninja villages, or at least, give some sort of guideline towards a united world but not only it didn't happen, Konoha itself remained the same. To me, that is just simply the biggest fuck you to the fans. What changed? Now we have buildings on top of the village signifying some sort of social progress, aha, cool story bro, what about the fucking ELDERS?! What about Uchihas? They remain the evil bitches? What about Root and the measures that were taken against that system? What about the non-ninja citizens hivemind? 

Kakashi exiles Sasuke but the elders stay there because...? See, there is no closure, no nothing. Everything stayed the same with Kakashi who obviously lacks balls and Naruto becomes Hokage and then what? Where is the so called change? They are having a Hokage meeting... and? Just because a few leaders are A++ with each other doesn't mean that it will stay like that in the future, in fact, this ending only gives Sasuke's ideas a strong nod and thumbs up because, eventually, someone will try to steal power and/or Naruto will die and the so-called "peace" will crumble. There is no mention of the small, neglected villages... I presume they all stayed the same, trying hard to strive against the big 5. How cute. 

So, Naruto became Hokage but I didn't feel happy about it because there is no change. No new era, no nothing. Everything is the same and he became Hokage of a shit village that didn't judge their ways, they didn't question all the tragedies that came up since it was founded. Nothing. That is my main complaint, him becoming Hokage didn't feel like he achieved his goal at all because he was ready at 16 for old!Konoha and at 30-something he is just there but with buildings and laptops. That is just terrible, I really wanted to see him become the force of true change, I wanted his leadership to be above all others, I wanted his dream to be fulfilled in the most amazing way. HHHNNNGGGGG.

And anyway, why is he such an ass to his son? You see, Naruto is an orphan, there is just no fucking way he would ignore his son because he is busy being Hokage (I don't see how since everything is sooo peaceful), so when he says that the village is his family and Bolt needs to suck it up, I honestly blinked hard. Not only did he punched his son, he actually justifies his questionable parenting skills to a fucking KID who feels dad isn't paying attention to him; that is unacceptable, specially given Nardo's background as a rejected child... and by the looks of it, he relays all the kiddie work to Hinata.  

And Sasuke? Yes, I am going to say Sauce is a shitty dad too, specially since he knows how it feels to be neglected by your father. Sure, Sakura stays with Salad (I snort everytime I write the name), but Sauce knows first-hand how important it is to spend time with dad yet somehow it is a lot more imperative to travel throughout the world for some reason that we have to speculate about. It was so bad, that I really don't have any interest whatsoever in knowing. 

I don't care if you love the manga and you learned how to be a better person because of it, I don't care if it helped you through tough times,  I don't care about all the sugar coating that some people are trying to spread to ease the minds of others, no. Say it as it is: A PIECE OF SHIT ending. That's it. If you end your series like Kishimoto did, you don't give a fuck so why do I have to respect that? It was so bad even Japanese fans, who are forgiving and respectful, disliked it.

I could go on... I could complain about Itachi not appearing as King of the Universe for example, but to be honest, I am tired, you are tired and we can all move on now, I did a long time ago. I'm sure some people feel devastated, others are happy, but its over now so enjoy the rage, the happiness, everything. It was a fun ride. 


Oldies but the goodies. (he says: fuck this faggotry)

My final verdict: Naruto is a meh manga, Uchiha bros are 10/10 and Itachi remains God of the Narutoverse.


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