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It seems like people are more active on other forms of social media these days, so to expand my work's reach I've decided to make 2 new social media accounts!
  • Instagram will be for random variety pics from my DA and webcomic, with occasional IRL photos and cosplay. Just fun time for the whole family! (no kidding, my family is literally there)
  • Twitter will be for my more risqué BL/fetish stuff, since I use that to stalk a bunch of Japanese/pixiv artists of such nature. I will still keep it SFW, but if you are not into those suggestive themes, no need to follow it.
And while we're at it, lemme just plug a few other of my internet presence you may not be aware of yet :
  • Artstation is mainly for a select few pics for my portofolio, it's a strictly professional site so you may not have one - but if you do, feel free to check it.
  • Tapastic is for my webcomic that is prolly updated 3 times per year
  • Tumblr used to be my animation folio site, but I guess I'll start putting a bunch other things there too.
  • (Of course, I have a secondary Tumblr for you-know-what, I won't be linking it there but if you want the link feel free to slide me a message~ Shifty-Eye Emote)

So if you are a lot more active in one of these platforms, feel free to check it out and follow! I personally suck at managing multiple accounts and there are like 1,000 contents here that I need to slowly migrate there, but if they got big I'll prolly be more motivated to take care of them!
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  • Drinking: My sweat and tears
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Wolfenpilot687 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Meanwhile, you keep making messaging you a nightmare for not using a regular IM client.
RadenWA Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Well I’m very active in Tumblr, it’s just that I’m on a trip now
ItsTheHelloGuy Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
Ooohhh... I don't have Instagramm and I don't have twitter... But right now I am concidering to get them! :D
RadenWA Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
It's not really necessary, I personally don't feel the need for multiple social medias but I guess some people like it ^^;
ItsTheHelloGuy Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018
Oh well... If you think so... But still... Huge fan! :D
Love your art!
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September 8, 2018


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