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Why Wont You Scream

By RadenWA
Phew. Finally I done this, a COMMISSION from :iconwingmccallister:. Here featuring his OC and main character from his novel, Wing, who's being hostaged by a sorceress, Rachael.

And yeh it was a REQUESTED scene 'kay, so don't look at me liek that, it's not like I had turned into a psycho bloody bondage maniac or anything.Though I did enjoyed drawing those =P

Feh, it was late and I were kinda tired and unmoody when I finished this, so I can't say that this were the best I can make...but still, I did had quite a fun with SAI when I worked on this, mainly for the random glow effects.

Be telling me if you spot any weirdness or mistakes with the lighting, details or anything...I'm too tired to spot it myself.

Perhaps the lighting and shading for the cave wall and rocks. It made them looks like some styrofoam or plastic clump, didn't it :roll:

ANW, all characters belongs to ~WingMcCallister.
Art by me. ~WingMcCallister is the only one who have my permission to use or post this anywhere he want to.
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silverwolfmichelle12's avatar
that seems to hurt D:
RadenWA's avatar
It does. Pain is necessary for growth.
silverwolfmichelle12's avatar
D: oookkk tham=nks for the lesson ^^
The-Dirt's avatar
This one's awesome. I love the dark theme and how evil she looks.
RadenWA's avatar
:aww: good you got the theme...
WingMcCallister's avatar
Raden... you know it's funny when I've been reading through comments so much that I am picking up words in Indonesian and other dialects. :)
RadenWA's avatar
Lol yeah we can learn a bit of random languages through comments. What words are you, like, picked anw? :XD:
WingMcCallister's avatar
I think I know what Kuasa gho'ib means.

I also can tell when people are loving the work and saying it's cool.
RadenWA's avatar
:XD: lol.

I know I shouldn't use that word so often :XD:
WingMcCallister's avatar
lol Really? Then maybe I don't know what it means. What does it mean to you?
RadenWA's avatar
It means magical powers, but in an "ancient" dialect. The fact that I use that dialect is ridiculously fun :XD:
WingMcCallister's avatar
ahh... I was going with supernatural authority lol

Props on the ancient though =3
RadenWA's avatar
Supernatural, magical, they're not that different =w=
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adamantdiamond's avatar
Tadinya waktu liat thumbnail saya pikir yang nyala merah itu darah..
Ternyata bukan yang itu toh.
*kambuh* Blood~ <3 :love:
RadenWA's avatar
Itu sejenis kuasa gho'ib :XD:
Riofird's avatar
(sesuai dengan judulnya..):XD:
RadenWA's avatar
Ati2 keselak, bapak O.o
Riofird's avatar
Tapi benda merah yang ngiket itu apa? Cinta?
RadenWA's avatar
Aetherya's avatar
Awesome... :omfg: Now, I AM a psycho bloody bondage maniac. Hey, don't look at me like that! Lawl. XDD
RadenWA's avatar
Dun worry, you do draw bloody scenes GOOD. =P
Kellyn87's avatar
Yikes! Very cool.
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