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WA's BOOT Anatomy Tutorial Pt2

By RadenWA
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The promised part 2 of my Boots Tutorial [link]

This is no longer a drawing guide, but more of a reference list. You gotta figure out yourself the best way for you to draw what you want.

Okay, I intended to just make a brief overview of the variations you can do to the footwear, but I end up pouring in everything known in my mind into this ridiculously long crump of randomness.

Oh well, if you're looking for a particular part of the boot, I'll just wish you luck that you can find the section of it in this long, confusing list.

Hopefully this can help you in ANY way.

Tutorial by *RadenWA.
Meet my other tutorials there [link]
Also check out this reference sheet I did like so long ago.
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I’ve never found a more informative tutorial on boots than this. Many thanks!

SaltedTheAvenue's avatar
shouldn't hiking gaiter's be a part of the boots category 
RadenWA's avatar

Haha I think I just haven't thought of it before.

I guess just imagine a pants over it that's cut out

Gunturblakeisback's avatar
I need this to draw boots. My weakness is drawing boots. Thanks for the tutorial.
RadenWA's avatar

haha this is very old but glad it helps!

AerialVenue's avatar
thigh high combat boots 
RadenWA's avatar
that would be a very intense one
Osoni-newyorker123's avatar
paws sole is very cool and...and :3
RadenWA's avatar
We need more of them
Osoni-newyorker123's avatar
my favorite design is tall ridges
Dahkur's avatar
Thanks a lot for this tutorial. That's very detailed!
Boots are my mortal enemy. So I hope, I can get my head around drawing them with your tutorial!
RadenWA's avatar
Haha no way this would be any harder than FEET XD
ShotaMX's avatar
Thank you, this was very educational and helped me a lot to learn and understand the boots. 
galacticpink's avatar
Um this is amazing and footwear TOTALLY needs more love holy cow. Thanks so much! :o
zarkadi-e's avatar
Thanks for this. It's always good to be able to draw boots!
Stahlherz-Succubus's avatar
Thank you, this contains everything anyone would need to draw boots.

It deserves a DD in my opinion.
RadenWA's avatar
Haha, maybe boots isn't that high in priority for a developing artist
Stahlherz-Succubus's avatar
I guess it would vary in priority, depending on how often the artist draws boots.
AmeliaGearheart's avatar
Wow, this is so helpfull! I'm obsessed with boots, but I could never draw them... this might change now :D
RadenWA's avatar
Well thank you from a fellow boot-obsessed person!
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