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PS Brush Scattering Tutorial



Okay.....since I have been SO- passive lately, I'll come back with something that -might- be useful for all of you who've supported or -at least- just know me. A tutorial!

ANW....this effect....might be one of the most basic effects in Photoshop which I most often use. I know most of you -MUST-'ve known this already, but if you don't.....then this tut'd be for you~

Yeah....it's long, messy and all. It's the first tutorial I've ever made ANW.....but I hope you can understand it ^^;

I do this in Photoshop CS ANW, and I didn't checked if this can be done in the previous versions~

Oh, BTW any of you know how can I add preview to tutorials? Just to make it look better in my gallery...

Other random tutorials I made~
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oh~~~thanks so so much~~ yesterday it is so difficult to find the method to make "multi-colour" in brushes, now i solve this problem~~ thank you for making this so useful tutorial~~