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PS Brush Scattering Tutorial

Okay.....since I have been SO- passive lately, I'll come back with something that -might- be useful for all of you who've supported or -at least- just know me. A tutorial!

ANW....this effect....might be one of the most basic effects in Photoshop which I most often use. I know most of you -MUST-'ve known this already, but if you don't.....then this tut'd be for you~'s long, messy and all. It's the first tutorial I've ever made ANW.....but I hope you can understand it ^^;

I do this in Photoshop CS ANW, and I didn't checked if this can be done in the previous versions~

Oh, BTW any of you know how can I add preview to tutorials? Just to make it look better in my gallery...

Other random tutorials I made~
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oh~~~thanks so so much~~ yesterday it is so difficult to find the method to make "multi-colour" in brushes, now i solve this problem~~ thank you for making this so useful tutorial~~
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Surely it would be very useful in the future :D
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Excelente... muy buena explicación... Gracias! :love:
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Hi, I just love all your tutorials you have a perfect teaching skills. And I was wondering if I can feature one of your tutorials, this one for example on my blog [link] . It will look similar to this one [link] , with a link to your account, gallery and tutorials folder.
Is it ok???
Thank you!
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Gosh, any form of featuring is a real honor for me, Please! :D
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:) hi friend , here is the link with your tutorial [link] , please feel free to make observations, it is not approved yet.
By the way read About the Author text, I did not know what to write, I don't even know your name, so maybe you add some extra info :)
thank you!
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it looks fine, I hope people like it ^^;

it's just fine to put on my screen name, there's no need to add any personal infos XD as long as you put link to my DA page, so perhaps people can take a look at some other of my tutorials.
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:) ok, it is on the first page now,
I really think people would like it and want to see other tuts that you have written.

Keep up the good work and thank you again!
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my pleasure :aww:
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Interesting, I've never tried tweaking my brush dynamics much except for its spacing. This gave me insights on what I can do more with the brush =)
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Thanks! Brush modifying is Photoshop's main weapon, I just wanna let peoples know :XD:
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Nice tutorial!! =D
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:D Easy to understand and a bit of humour too. You have a talent for tutorials!
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Wheeee, really? Thanks! :D
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This is brilliant!

Though I'll have to check if I could do it in my version. I still work on a real old one :XD:
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I hope it works!
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Thanks for the tutorial! I don't use scattering much in my art, but I'm so tempted to do so right now. :D This is a great "how to." Its acutally easy to understand!
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Really? Hehe, thanks! :D
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