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Cold Judgement

By RadenWA
Another commission from *WingMcCallister, a scene from his novel McCallister Chronicle.

Here is Wing, the main character and Dai, human manifestation of his sword. Wing is using Flame Inversion, which is basically a flame attack which chills and freezes instead of burning. How it actually works, only a hardcore physicist like *WingMcCallister himself knows.

And look, it is officially the FIRST deviation I uploaded in this wonderful, first Summer Break I ever have! And I coincided it to this date, because

It's *WingMcCallister's birthday today!

So, enjoy this pic first thing in the morning of your birthday, mate.

ANW, Character and Story by :iconwingmccallister:
Illustration by :iconradenwa:
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zankuro's avatar
And I don't mean just his outfit! :D
RadenWA's avatar
haha, of course, outfit is the core of my illustraties but I don't just present it alone. ;)
NesoKaiyoH's avatar
Wow... Your art is amazing! The more I see, the better they get :3
Love the colours :)
UsayFudo's avatar
Awesome colours! I like the away it turned out. :D
RadenWA's avatar
zkfanart's avatar
As usual, a joy to the eyes watch your latest art! Even with my super late comment... ^^;

Like see Wing... watching so fiercely to the sides, the energy flowing from his hand, fire becoming deadly ice shattering , freezing, tearing and ripping apart those who dared cross their paths or call them to a duel...
And again, he is all fire, with the orange color, but come out to ice ^^ well, is like the ying-yang, the opposites that make the unity, and union makes the power and the force! ^^

Dai is just watching, uhn? Maybe waiting his moment to show off all his skills too ;)

Ahnnnn.... and LOVED the outfits ^^ Specially Dai. Uhn... is he wearing pants? Or just leg covers, like the cowboys?
RadenWA's avatar
Don't mind a super late reply then ;)

Your description is true. wing should be pleased to read this. ;)

Dai is wearing pants....a tight, silver, leather one. ;)
zkfanart's avatar
That´s okies and this is cool! ^^ Yes, due to the red colors (the fire effect) I did not figured out if he was wearing pants or not ^^
RadenWA's avatar
LOL he's not wearing pants XD
zkfanart's avatar
Ahnnnnnn..... that´s nice... ;) hehehehehehe
WingMcCallister's avatar
Oh he does show off his skill ;).
zkfanart's avatar
Yeah! =D A powerful one! ^^ I enjoy see chars like him, young and full of resources and skills ^^
WingMcCallister's avatar
Dai is awesome. X3

I'm not sure which one of the two has more to show off. Both have a slew of weird abilities lingering around.
zkfanart's avatar
DR4WNOUT's avatar
There's so much awesome contrast in this, with the red and the blue background. Not to mention the awesome mud. :3 Kick ass drawing!
RadenWA's avatar
Red and Blue, Warm and Cold. That's the main theme of this picture. Thanks ;)
MysticDreamerZero's avatar
If I had to guess about how it works, I'd have to say that he absorbs the heat from the surrounding area, therefore freezing it, since as far as physics is concerned, there is no such thing as "cold", just lack of heat. :B
RadenWA's avatar
That's what I thought about too, but our physicist commissioner friend might have a much more deviant scientific explanation =P
MysticDreamerZero's avatar
Yes, the wonders of science and magic wonderfully combined in a way only a physicist can explain =P
RadenWA's avatar
"Magic is basically science humans have yet to understand...." ~My Wizard OC.
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