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It's your right to hate it, but making such hasty generalization is intolerable.

And don't ask me about what categorizes a style as "anime" or not. Ask those narrow-minded smartasses who goes around and judge straight away saying "Oh this drawing is anime, it is NOT original, it is someone else's style" and such.

I, basically, just draw things the way I feel is cool. If you wanna call it "anime", then let it be. But that does NOT mean it isn't original.

I hold no copyright of any of the displayed artworks.
Astro Boy, Spooky Kitaro, Spirited Away, Dragon Ball, Chibi Maruko-Chan, Doraemon, Crayon ShinChan, Harvest Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, D.N.Angel, Etrian Odyssey, The World Ends With You, Ragnarok Online, Detective Conan, Digimon, One Piece, Pokemon, XXXHolic, Disgaea, Lucky Star, Jigoku Shoujo, Axis Power Hetalia, Rune Factory, Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, Chobits, Cardcaptor Sakura, D-Gray Man, Kingdom Heart, Trigun, AKIRA, Bleach, Yu Yu Hakusho, Final Fantasy, and Wild ARMs, are copyrighted to their respective owners.

And no, Naruto unfortunately is not included there. :shrug:

I should only be credited for the collage arrangement. And bleh, it was such a pain in the ass trying to arrange them all to work together good, even using such thickass font. And now it became so crumpled that the text are hard to read. Well I weren't really serious when I began doing this collage anyways. Feel free to give suggestions.

And a chibi Vaughn as a bonus. And no, I hold no copyright of him either.
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I know this piece is old but thank you so much for this it's honestly frustrating getting this message through slow people with thick skulls saying crap like this looks anime it's not art or it all look the same it's just troublesome really
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I'm glad you still can find it haha
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I like anime and cartoons
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Both are good!
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Anime is cool and Cartoons are cool

there shouldn't be a war between the two

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Exactly, let people enjoy what they like
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True peeps true.
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I wish people would/could understand this. I'm glad someone out there besides me agrees though: just because it's anime, doesn't mean it's the same style~!
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This is very true
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I don't think there has been a (well remembered) computer generated anime series. I think only America has mastered CGI.
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009 Re: Cyborg is one I can think of.
Hitler didn't die for this.
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*Hitler didn't die

He is probably on the moon or sth
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that's so true all anime are not the same much like all cartoons aren'tNo, I disagree! 
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And all art in general.
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Oh yeah that to....
"The thoughts of art are an unsolved enigma" -Patrick(well sorta)Patrick Star 
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That is so true
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