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Inspired by Apple's G5 with its "chassis forged of anodized aluminum".

MINIUM° is a complete OS X system replacement set and plays well with Iconfactory's CandyBar.
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This R O C K ' S
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can i please have the trash can 128px in png format ? :santa: :D
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One problem: I found that this 'sit' archive format is proprietary, and I don't want to spend a lot for something never used, and probably won't use later.
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Thanks for the great icons!
When I click download it just downloads a .sit file? What am I supposed to do with that??
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Wonderful looking icons, like them.
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SOOO AMAZING!!!!! umm is there anyway you can convert it to iconpackager
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Very sweet, but I wish they were 512x512 so they can be used in Cover Flow.
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care to share with me. note me if you have the icons? since they kinda don't work on either download, windows or mac anymore
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Leopard compatible ? Just great icon pack :clap:
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A.m.a.z.i.n.g. :D
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sliiick. amazing job
Hey, I dont know if you're still checking in on this thread, but just incase... is there any news on when/whether your MINIUM° CALABI icons set will be available? You've probably been pestered about them tons!, so I appologise for being so unoriginal, just very anxious to get my grubby paws on a copy of these icons, they're very slick!
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Chido!!! killart!!! I would like to have those in my Linux Box!
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nice job
nice job
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=O wow... very nice! <3
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These are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for all of your hard work :dance:
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absolutely amazing, thanks for releasing these, they are now being used on my desktop along with other icons :P
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can you send me the minium set in a note, the download link doesnt work for me, recompress or whatever pleasE?
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