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2013 Oct-Dec by Rad1986 2013 Oct-Dec :iconrad1986:Rad1986 1 2
Switched Destiny - 8
King Fanel is taken prisoner. Hitomi believes she can find him with something called Tarot Cards but she must prove herself to Allen before they go gallivanting all over the world, limping all the way. The girl discloses a bit of intimate knowledge about Allen himself (tragic family history, anger towards his father); Celena is only grateful that the girl didn't reveal - or wasn't given? - that knowledge, the king is rescued, and they finally make it to Palas. (Hitomi doesn’t act any differently toward the Knight so Celena assumes she was not told the secret.)
The Asturian King pretends to be in the Zaiback Stratego Folken's pocket and rebukes Allen publically.
Later, privately, Celena is part of a meeting to decide what to do about the attack; King Aston had believed Allen's claims and he gives the Knight high praise in his actions.
King Aston pits Van against three assassins to show off Escaflowne. Celena agrees with Princess Millerna that it is ridiculous,
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Switched Destiny - 7
Not everything calm stays calm.
Allen is twenty-one and a half when Fanelia is attacked and burned by an unknown enemy; reports stating they were invisible.
That night Celena stayed up late watching the flames brighten the dark sky, wondering how a guymelef - an entire squad of them - could become invisible.
She saw a light shine across the sky and went out to investigate.
Celena found a girl with odd hair and even odder clothes in the forest. The Moleman, current loved pest of the Castello, seemed to be a bit too intrigued by her jewelry. Celena of course rescued the girl from him; she wondered who this Amano person was he apparently looked like. King Van Fanel apparently thought something terrible had brought Allen and the girl together. Allen calmly told the fiery young king the truth. King Fanel sheathed his sword. Both were brought back to the Fort and given housing. Later King Fanel's catgirl companion was found and tended to.
Allen promised King Fanel safe passage to Asturia to
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Switched Destiny - 6
Duchess Marlene sends Allen a letter or two over the next few months. Celena is careful when it arrives and does not answer swiftly. There was never a rumor about the two; she wishes to make sure there never is. Exactly nine months after her union, Duchess Marlene Freid gives birth to a healthy baby boy. He takes after his mother - or so Cel-Allen hears. Both Asturia and Freid are very proud and very happy.
Princess Millerna sees him at a ball on her thirteenth birthday. Celena despises it that the youngest Asturian princess sets her eyes and heart upon him. She too receives gratitude and rejection. The girl keeps trying; persistent she is. All she will ever receive from Knight Caeli Allen Schezar is rejection. The King looks favorably on the Knight for keeping his place yet giving his daughter grace.
The youngest Aston princess reminds Celena so much of her sister.
Time flies swiftly in the swamps at Fort Castello. He is eighteen and a half when Duchess Marlene dies. Both countries mo
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Switched Destiny - 5
It comes as a shock to Celena that Princess Marlene is smitten with Allen.
She wonders if the princess manipulated the new Caeli into the position as her personal guard. Regardless of the possible manner her post was given, she continues with pride. She befriends the princess but keeps her distance. Any time Princess Marlene commits an act of romance, Allen quietly, stiffly accepts, pulls back just a little. He does not reciprocate.
Soon Princess Marlene falls back on her advances. She does not act hurt, merely rejected. Celena knows almost exactly how she feels - society rejected her when Allen - don't think about that. Despite not accepting the offer, Allen does give tender consolment.
Besides, Duke Mahad of Freid has been watching the eldest princess.
Her lovely face slowly lights up, her lips slowly pull up into a smile. "He has, hasn't he?"
Merchant Fassa, the king's closest friend and personal advisor, wants his son Dryden on the throne. Marlene won't say it in these words
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Switched Destiny - 4
(It was odd reliving her seventh year and to wait that extra year to be eight years old.) Seven years go by. She - He will soon be thirteen years old and is now close enough in age to enter proper sword training.
Another two years go by and the sword becomes an extension of herself.
In her - his fourteenth year, a passing Balgus of Fanelia sets his eyes on her - him. Balgus will not stay in Asturia, but he does train Allen a bit, even gives him piloting tips. The old Swordmaster highly recommended the skills of one young Allen Schezar to King Aston. Celena wonders if the old swordsman can see the truth. He acts carefully toward her. If he does see her lie, he allows her to keep it. She is more than grateful.
To be revealed now would mean death.
He is fourteen and three-quarters when he enters the rigorous high-level training reserved for the Knights of Caeli. Including the basics of guymelef piloting. (Celena can hardly contain herself properly.) Nearly a year from now, after their tra
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Switched Destiny - 3
She is sure that she has no tears left to shed. She lost so many when she couldn't find her little brother. She had already lost some when her mother first became so sick. Now... now Mother is gone and Celena doesn't think she can shed another tear; she has no more left. Somehow, someway, she finds another reserve of water shored up within her and lets loose a torrent of tears down her face.
Mother is gone.
Father left over three months ago.
Something in Mother's demeanor over the last two weeks spoke of her lost spouse; Celena could read it now.
It is the head matron servant that speaks soothing words to Celena during the ceremony, during the course of the day. Words of encouragement. Words of advice for the future. She kept the crowds away from the mourning child and Celena is grateful.
She didn't realize the woman had seen the possibilities and had worked up a plan.
Celena is nearly eight and despite being the oldest, she is a girl; too young and the wrong sex to lay claim to what s
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Switched Destiny - 2
Mother had already been showing signs of sickness for last two weeks. She kept them hidden, but Celena was old enough to understand. Mother was short of breath just going down the stairs. Her eyes looked funny... or her face around them did. Crinkly, the skin rippling up and down, no longer smooth. She was very sad too... Celena had heard the servants whispering about her father. That he had been gone much longer this time that usual.
The sadness of her mother ate at Celena. She knew in her heart that Jeture would bring Father home safe as soon as Father could return. But still... she caught Mother crying a few times the last two weeks. She would ask what was wrong and her mother would give her the strangest look... Then Mother would dab at her eyes and hug Celena tightly.
The young girl cried the entire way home, knowing she would bring yet more sadness to her sick mother. Tears poured down already wet skin as Celena sputtered out the story. Allen was gone, she couldn't find hi
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Switched Destiny - 1
Seven-year-old Celena Schezar, skirts hiked up very unlady-like and tucked into the ribbon about her waist, rushed over the top of the hill. "Hurry Allen! We have to get to the best spot soon or we won't have enough time to pick all the flowers we need for Mama's party tomorrow!"
Little Allen in the valley behind her huffed and puffed, his short legs too young to keep up. "But... we passed three other flower patches on the way here! An' you already gots a bunch of flowers!" He is six and cannot keep up with his elder sister.
"It's called a bouquet! Those patches aren't good enough; this one has more flowers and they're prettier too!"
"Oh - okay. But - huff - how much further?"
"Two... three more hills! We're almost there! Hurry!" Celena waves her arm, gesturing for him to run faster.
Ten minutes later and the two children reach Celena's preferred destination. They spend the next hour moving through the field, finding just the right ones, picking flowers of every imaginable color and pi
:iconrad1986:Rad1986 1 2
2013 May/June/July (#2)
Fallen Warrior
Screws and bolts, nuts holding the plating together. Small tubes running from one end to the other, the fluid inside them allowing movement. Joints and rivets giving him a reason to live – appreciation.
Folken’s eyes roved up and down his mechanical arm… at first he had been horrified – he was part guymelef for Escaflowne’s sake…! Then Lord Dornkirk had arrived, explained how his men had found him, told him the grand schematics of the device, and spoke of his dreams of a peaceful Gaea. The elderly man was a deeply gifted orator; he’d pulled the farmers from their dried fields and turned them into the greatest empire in the world.
He had never been much for the gods and the old ways… Lord Dornkirk’s speech had woven a blanket around him, given him hope for bright days ahead. A war to end all wars. His little brother wouldn’t have to slay the dragon, wouldn’t ever have to live the nightmare their f
:iconrad1986:Rad1986 2 3
2013 May/June/July (#1)
It was not his favorite thing to do… take sword in hand, raise it in preparation to take a life. Even a dragon’s life. But he had been training for years with the sword and other weapons, been training for this moment all of his life. Training to become a strong king to lead the people of Fanelia when his time came and his father left the earth (earlier than he should have…). Dragon slaying had been the succession ritual for as long as anyone could remember and he was not going to be the one to change tradition. He wouldn’t fail, either.
At least as the elder brother he could save little Van from the pain of the ritual. The boy had a large, tender heart. It would crush his spirit if tradition demanded Van complete the succession rite.
:iconrad1986:Rad1986 1 2
2013 Jan/Feb
Gaddess gazed out across the barren landscape beneath the Crusade and longed for home. The setting sun cast a fiery display of red, orange, pink, and purple across the clouds and the land. It was the purple that made his breath catch in his throat. Her eyes were dark purple. Her hair was the dark brown of the trees below, their deep color attempting to break through the green hiding them.
He pulled out the scrap of paper, well worn over the years, and held tightly to it lest the wind steal it away.
His eyes didn't have to read the lines, he had the figure of the calligraphy memorized. The ink was faded, the parchment dirty with his fingerprints. "Always yours." The letters were malformed, too close together here and there and too far apart in other places; as if a child just learning to write had created them. The script looked a little like his; as it should, he had been the one to teach her the letters. As he always did, a smile ghosted his face at the memory.
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Do you see what I see? by Rad1986 Do you see what I see? :iconrad1986:Rad1986 4 5 Fangasm by Rad1986 Fangasm :iconrad1986:Rad1986 6 10
2012 August
Series Meets Movie
Author's Note: Much like April's "April Fools" prompt, this takes place in an alternate/"meta" universe where the characters know they are characters and they are 'played with' by authors and they can converse with their 'mirror' selves. Also, the Series characters are considered "older" because the Series was made before the Movie.
Series: Why do you want to kill yourself?
Movie: Why can't you just pick a guy already?? Jeesh! Picky much?
Series: Emo much?
Both: *Wimp out in fully actually making a decision*
Movie: Let your anger out, man!
Series: You're too violent.
Series: You could be my perfect twin, except you have no scar. And you scratch the wrong cheek. Chiku. Moero!
Movie: I don't even know why I scratch me cheek… The writers never gave a reason. Moero!
Both: Let's go bother the Folkens.
Movie: *Emo, not redemptive*
Series: *Mostly Emotionless/slightly-not-getting-it, redemptive*
Both: We look like David Bowie.
(Some time a li
:iconrad1986:Rad1986 2 6
May and June 2012 by Rad1986 May and June 2012 :iconrad1986:Rad1986 1 1

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Wonderful Wonderfay, we do appreciate your fanart, meta, and translations!!

Uuumm... here's hoping this one shows up on my Journal list...

Wonderful Wonderfay, we do appreciate your fanart, meta, and translations!!

Uuumm... here's hoping this one shows up on my Journal list...


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