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Illusion Stream Valley

The Wahnbachtal (= Illusion Stream Valley) as viewed from the village where I live (in south west Germany).
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Great view...! Mind if I used this picture as a base in a banner I'm making? :D? I'll credit you. ^^
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Wunderwunderwunderschön! Sieht richtig magisch aus.
Das Wahnbachtal kenn ich, ich wohn da auch.^^
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So peaceful and beautiful^^
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amazing colours
Can I use this?

I made the graphic already but before I post it on I wanted you to see it and make sure it was ok.

<img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
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geiles foto O__O
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It's amazing! :O :D
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Beautiful i wish i lived where you do, the photos you take are amazing :D
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the most off your fotos are like came of some fairy tale...they are wonderfull...they travell you...deep down to the forest...and not only there..perfection!!
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This One !
This is my favourite of all your deviations ! (for the moment...)
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Your picture has been featured here [link];)
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:) Thank you very much!
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Hello ! Your photo has been selected to appear in my journal titled "Sky photography".
The journal is featuring the most impressive Sky/Nature photos, you are invited to check it out :)
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Hi and thanks very much!! :)
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Amazing Photography !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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beautiful! Im so excited, Im travelling to Europe this fall! hopefully i can visit Germany if I have time
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i really like the colors of the sky in this one, especially the little piece of blue sky.

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Ooh, the clouds, the clouds. If i had a good enough camera i'd love to capture a huge, cloud-painted, Newfoundland sky ...
This is so beautiful.
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