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Trixie = cat owner

Starlight = grumpy cat

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Trixie is full of herself but she does luv Starlight as her friend though.

Starlight; the face of someone who is questioning their life choices.😆

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Starlight's all like "Keep staring at us and I'll incinerate your face with my forehead"

In her defense, Trixie *does* have good hair.
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Is it canon yet?
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Theres something in their heads in the middle
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It's a horn...
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Ahh yes the perfect ship!
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Oh i remember this scene
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i hope trixie was flat-chested...
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cannon lezbian ship

I don't care

come at me  GLIMSET (glimer sunset) shippers
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Trixie's face though lol
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Bravo, good job Trixie.
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Isn't Trixie voice the same person who's Ren in Fate Stay Night?
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...bahahaha, that's a perfect humanization of that moment. :D
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This is the best picture on the internet.
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Титаник готов к отплытию
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What Equestria girls should have been
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Starlight: "That's the last time we are renting 'Titanic'"
Trixie: "Trixie's heart will go on.
Once more we open the door"
Starlight: "This must be how Celestia felt when I didn't show up to that party."
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