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Human Daybreaker vs. Human Nightmare Moon...whoever wins...we get a nosebleed.

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THIS IS AMAZMeow :3 La la la la Love ING
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And then you realize how doomed everyone/pony is if they had decided to team up.....
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Sometimes, we love villains because of reasons :v
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being evil never looked so good
But... you are not more than a thousand years old?
Daybreaker and Nightmaremoon: Yes
Oh, well. Hey. Looking good.  
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Nightmare Moon: I can't believe I am getting the hots for Celestia's prettier and powerful alter-ego. Oh well, best play along, she is making me kind of horny. So...Daybreaker, you wanna go out with me today?
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Cease thy faggotry!
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DayBreaker and NightmareMoon are totally together

and I'm oaky with that
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The dark sides of the Royal Sisters. Very impressive!!!
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Now they just need to work on that spell Starlight used in The Cutie Re-Mark to make it create stable parallel timelines, and then they can each have their own version of Equestria ruled by them alone, and see who fails faster.

Ok, now I just gotta keep my brain from starting to think about an inter-dimensional war between these two, aaand...
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You do make a good point there, but don't overwhelm your brain with so many ideas and theories you want the Brony Community or the show to consider in future stuff. Take your time with everything.
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Don´t worry, I´ve got this. :)
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That's good to hear. :) (Smile) 
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By the way, thanks for the details. Appreciate it. :) (Smile) 
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You´re welcome. :)
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The evil fun has been doubled!
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