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Merry Christmas!
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your art has been stolen  Chriscelestia By myLittleponyHDTM by myLittleponyHD
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princess Luna Oh sister I would like to have word with you.
Princess Celestia Icon Profile What is it Luna?
Princess Luna Why does tho wear such revealing clothing on such a sacred day?
Princess Celestia Icon Profile Well for one I'm happy with my self. And Two how else am I supposed to bag a man for at least one night of fun.
princess Luna Why don't you do what we used to do.
Princess Celestia Icon Profile I wish that was possible but times have changed and so have the laws. Besides it's not as revealing as Cadance and Shinning Armor's right now.
Princess Luna (hmm...) plz Your right. When it comes to The Chrystal Empire they do leave little to the imagination during celebrations. I wonder how Twilight is handling it since she is up there with her brother.
Princess Celestia Icon Profile I would have to wager, on the ground from culture overload.
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Not what I pictured...but I can't say I'm not BLOWN AWAY BY HER BEAUTY!!!
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So much beauty can not be human only a divine act.
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Dayum she a beauty.
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Oh my... An angel ! :wow: 
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She looks so good
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How much do pay for commissions
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Aw, she's such a beautiful angel.
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Whooooa, lots of colors :O
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Shes warms my heart for the holidays!
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She looks exquisite, Merry Christmas and Happy Hearth's Warming!
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Looks amazing and beautiful!!!

Merry Christmas!!! Merry christmas everybody Christmas Emote Christmas Carol Two 
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