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Adults crusaders

By RacoonKun
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as you know, in the last episode, we saw adult crusaders

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Yay they're Bangable!!😍😍😍

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Cute and lovey work on her

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Ya me imagino su otra versión 😈

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hot and pretty girls <3

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Just want to say I love your art and thank you for staying with the fandom for so many years, I hope you keep the magic with you and keep making MLP art for a long long time

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I'm with this guy, he speaks for me as well, just too lazy to say it

They're beautiful, beautiful girls

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Thanks for doing them :D

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Happy 10TH Anniversary for everyone!

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Very nice, thank you and Of course my favourite is Sweetie Belle!

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Very awesome work. Despite being fully (and modestly) clothed, they look very sexy - goes to show how well you draw clothes and poses.

Overall, the clothes/materials by themselves look great. The actual fabric looks authentic!

Hot take on the Internet: stop aging up minor fictional characters so that you can sexualize them. Disgusting af
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Not sure if you're trolling or just ignorant, they already became adults in the show twice. Once via a magical flower for one whole episode before they were turned back. And during the series finale where we see them in the future AS ADULTS teaching at Twilight's school.
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Go to a church with your preaching

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Sweetie belle is the best

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They all grew up into some fine young woman.

Scootaloo in particular is just plain beautiful <3

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Don't know about beautiful but will certainly say she is 20% cooler.

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I knew Sweetie Belle would be curvy as an adult, but I didn't think she'd be this THICC!

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imagine aging up child characters to sexualize them
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