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WiSH Magazine: Tiana Edition

WiSH Magazine: Tiana Edition. From New Orleans to your kitchen. Tiana makes her debut.

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Great job I love tiana:hug: I yelled out her name when I saw her and naveen together in the Disneyworld parade and they both waved at me,my fav Prince waved at me,I was so happy:hug:
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I loved it! Loved her movie and just loved the character, LOL about "Evangeline 2", do you make requests? Because I'd like to see the rest of the princess, I have an idea about Belle's:
"Beauty Within"
"Under the Spell"
"SHOCK! Prince Adam sudden return! And With a WIFE!"
"An Inconventional Princess, Belle proves that just because you're a beautiful princess doesn't mean you are not smart" 
"Books that you can NOT go without"
"Exclusive: Interview with Lumierre!"
"Taming Your Man: Life as couple is not easy, but it's worth it; says Belle"
PS-In case you didn't notice... I love Belle, haha
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"Astronomers baffled by new star." :love: Oh, that's so beautiful. 
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you draw so well Im jealous!
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I love the part about astronomers being baffled by a new star. Juggle 

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the part about "Evangeline 2"! La la la la 
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Love the dress
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