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Ursula, Blood Bending Sea Witch

Ursula, the Blood Bending Sea Witch. The first of the Villain cross overs. I feel that Ursula at one point would have been a member of the water tribe, but became corrupted and started using her bending for evil. Ursula has always been a personal favorite of mine.

Air Bender, Pocahontas:…

water bender, Ariel:…

earth bender, Snow White:…

fire bender, Princess Jasmine:…

Kyoshi Warrior, Mulan:…

Water Tribe Princess, Aurora:…

Rapunzel, Sun Warrior:…

Tiana, Swamp Bender:…


Other Disney Work:…

Also please do not post character Ideas in the comments!! I already have a list of characters that I'm working off of and I don't want to look like I stole or borrowed anybody's ideas, Thanks!!

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i don't know ursula was very easy to see through it was obvious she was evil but hama was difficult to relize i didn't suspect her of being evil till the flowers thing
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Seriously? I saw it the minute SHE was in the woods at night when “NO ONE GOES IN THE WOODS AT NIGHT”

scary but cool, and very well drawn!
She reminds of that blood bending b****. Well done!
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EEP! Water benders will scare me forever now. :fear:
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that is prefect for Ursula and a little creepy at the thought too.
Maybe Ursula could bloodbend her own body to make her appear as Vanessa!
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kind of creepy, but I like it.
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This is a super cool idea, and really makes sense in this environment! 
what if the Horn King(from the Black Cauldron) has the Ability use blood or even control blood and use it for evil as a weapon or to make dark  rituals to summed the undead.
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:iconursulaplz::iconsaysplz:"Congratulations, Ariel.  You're a blood-bender."
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why does that make so much sense
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Because it does :)
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Interesting. :-)
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You're welcome!
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Who will be Raava and Vaatu?
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I didn't know this purple-skinned tentacle lady has longer hair.
Could you make a crossover with Vanessa? I'd love to see how that would look, because these are amazing !
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