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The Incredible 4

The Best Fantastic 4 movie never made has been The Incredibles. Just decided to do a little mash up of the two.


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A muscular man with superstrength? Check. A woman with the power to not only turn invisible but also cast forcefields? Check. A hotheaded blonde impulsive daredevil guy who is the fastest of them and the brother to the woman who has forcefields and invisibility? Check! A super-stretchy responsible leader? Check! An extremly powerful metallic being with not many known limits? Check! Matching primary colour uniforms with lighter trim on the logo, as well as having boots and gloves?! Check!! Even the "Superhero Family" plot and the Incredibles red, yellow and black being a warmer reverse (except for the black which is the opposite of white) to the cooler-toned blue and white of the Fantastic Four!! The Incredibles are a parody of the Fantastic Four and nobody can convince me otherwise. Amazing, mindblowing art right here! I clicked the star for this by the way, it is at least that good! Also, to whover read this whole comment-rant, thank you so much for that ♡

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:nod: Well, they are Brad Bird's 'Fantastic Five' after all...
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Beautiful work. :clap:
And yes why no one says openly that they really just like Fantastic Four!? They're a cartoon copy of them!
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Clever mashup. I would've had Jack-Jack be the Impossible Man, though.
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Cool twist! Shapeshifter with little to no knowledge of Earthly culture!

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And if I remember correctly, Impy can duplicate certain superhuman powers under certain circumstances.
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...How is this not a thing?!
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Violet rocks the blue better than Susan does (as does Helen) and Jack-Jack looks adorable as the Silver Surfer (he looks adorable regardless what he looks like).

Now we just need a reverse mash-up (with Marvel's First Family as the Incredibles).
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That's pretty awesome.
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nice disney marvel cross over
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I like Jack Jack being Silver Surfer!
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Hasn't anyone made this connection before?
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Really like the coloring
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This is f*ing great. Always hoped I wasn't the only one to see the similarities, and PERFECT work. I just saw the PIXAR exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science on New Years Day, and paid the most attention to the Incredibles. This looks just like it was created in that exhibit. Very nice work.
Very cool picture
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Heh, love this.
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Well, while The Incredibles is a better movie, I do like Rise of the Silver Surfer and the 94 one (and the 05 one is okay....)
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