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Kida: Avatar Korra

Kida from Atlantis as Avatar Korra. 

Also, if you're following me here on deviantart, I keep these social medias updated regularly with my artwork


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Dude pardon my language but holy shit this is an absolutely brilliant piece. Kida as the Avatar? Is mind-blowing

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Sweet! Will you do a match for Vatuu?
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"The Avatars of our past!"
*eyes glow*
"Be not afraid Milo Thatch. All will be well."
*cue Avatar theme song and massive amount of asskicking*
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Avatar Kida!  Awesome!
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Love it so much.  And I love how her tribal markings (under her eye) is glowing. 
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Love this, it's fits perfectly from the personality to the skills to the role as the Avatar.
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This would be a nice cross over!!
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2 of my favorite fandoms in 1, drawn in good art. Freakin sweet.
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This is so awesome.
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Now that's an avatar I would watch
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Ahh I love it ^o^
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Awesome!!! Beautiful!!!
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Avatar Kida > Korra.
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Kida's always been a natural selection to play Korra. Are you also planning on doing your take on Aladdin as Wan, or has it been overdone in your opinion? Or is that considered a spoilery question? Although there is the fact that Wan didn't have a "Jasmine" in his life that we know of. Which is a shame, since we don't get to meet very many female firebenders in the Avatar franchise. The two we know well are either a villain or the avatar. Still, artistic license. Jasmine would like Aladd-wan. Maybe even teach him a little lightning bending.
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OH MY GOD, THIS IS FANTASTIC! Love it! The choice, the expression, the details and pose. It all works GREAT :D .
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