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Fire Lord Maleficent

Fire Lord Maleficent. And all the Powers of HELL! She has always been one of my favorite villains, and one of my favorites to work on with the Disney/ Avatar series. Gotta go big with the Mistress of All Evil.

Air Bender, Pocahontas:…

water bender, Ariel:…

earth bender, Snow White:…

fire bender, Princess Jasmine:…

Kyoshi Warrior, Mulan:…

Water Tribe Princess, Aurora:…

Rapunzel, Sun Warrior:…

Tiana, Swamp Bender:…


Other Disney Work:…

Also please do not post character Ideas in the comments!! I already have a list of characters that I'm working off of and I don't want to look like I stole or borrowed anybody's ideas, Thanks!!

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Fire Lord Maleficent?

More like Phoenix Queen Maleficent!

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Wow, brilliant.

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With her in charge of the Fire Nation, the world is going to need the Avatar more than ever.

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I wonder what you can do with the nefarious Professor Ratigan?I think I could picture him as a highly dangerous lightning bender and a head of a mass underground criminal organization.
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Outta the way Azula here's a real mistress of the Fire Nation!
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Yeah.... this totally tracks :D
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This looks amazing! Why not do Fire Lord Frollo to go with her?
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Sorry about the above comment, I hadn't read the notice.
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I feel like this one makes a lot of sense! Maleficent was offended over not being invited to a party and the Fire Lord was offended over his son interrupting a meeting. Very petty things that launched big events in their prospective universes!
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I know you already did Belle, but she could be the Guardian Spirit of the Library or one of the Spirits from the vines from Avatar the Lenged of Korra
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"And all the Powers of HELL!"

'-' Wat.
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While I know Maleficent likes a bit for red for punctuation, I know she isn't fond of projecting a vision of red and gold.  It looks better on me, anyway.

However, I'm supremely pleased to see that you've successfully captured her genuine zest and exuberance. 
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Why didn't Ozai have/turn into a dragon? It would have been a lot cooler.
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That would have been cool but I can't see how it would work.
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Now this is a creative and respectful depiction of one of Disney's greatest villains. Exemplary work.
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Considering that dragons in the Avatar world border on extinction, I wonder where she got her dragon, since its not 'her'. How about she found it as an egg when she was very young child, with them spending their whole lives becoming like two halves of the same being...
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This is too awesome
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i only have a question: who is in the role of avatar aang? 
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My money's on Pocahontas since she's the "main" Air-bender of this series.
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