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Evil Queen, Bloodbender

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This would work even better if, in this version, Amon was actually Koh, the Face Stealer. Saw this really kickass fan comic that posited that theory and it blew my mind. The Queen could contact the spirit world through a magic mirror or some analog like a fountain and ask Koh questions. The whole time, of course, keeping her expression still, which, given for her and how heartless she is, wouldn't be that difficult.
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I love this design!
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I love your disney characters! 
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Oh my gracious. 

I LOVE this!! :D <3 <3 
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hmmmm now this is an enteresting thought.
but she just doesn't seem theAmon type however I do like the Amon style Mirror
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It'd be cool to see the Sailor Senshi, all of them not just the Inners, and the villians as Avatars like this. Mercury and Neptune would be water benders obviously and Mars would be a fire bender. Uranus an air bender and Jupiter an Earth bender. I don't know what the others would be because I'm not a fan of Avatar.
You know, I just had an idea. Maybe an advanced form of Bloodbending can alter one's physical appearance. Like what the Evil Queen did to herself to fool Snow White?
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Would undoubtedly be a painful process. Which also matches the original depiction since the transformation made her look like she was in pain during it. I can even sort of picture it being done with bloodbending, hearing the bones snap, muscles twist, and skin warp. *shiver* It actually might look even more disturbing than the original. No big flashy, obscuring wind and storm, just a human body suddenly twisting and warping unnaturally.
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This is perfect - the Evil Queen is cold as ice and Amon's mask as the Face in the Mirror is creepy. Another beautiful Avatar/Disney crossover :)
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ho would win between a match betqwen this queen and snow white earthbender previous?
Mmm ... I think it will depend on two things: how much they've trained in their bending and what enivornment they're fighting in. If it's at night with a full moon then the waterbender Evil Queen will have advantage but if it's in a place with lots of earth and little or no water then earthbender Snow White will have more of a chance.
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Who is the most lethal blood bender of them all:)
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Wow. Creepy and perfectly matched.
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I am loving this series but i LOVE that she's a blood bender, so totally here :-D
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you're back with disney benders!!!! =D
So awesome! Love how you incorporated Amon's mask too!
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Grimhilde never looked so good.
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Awesome pose for the Evil Queen (or Grimhilde)! :D
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She fits what Amon was. A person who seemed like a savior but was really a psycho that brought pain.
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This makes perfect sense!
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