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Disney/Marvel Mashup

What happens when you mix Disney princesses with Marvel Super Heros

Cinderella: Emma Frost
Aurora: Ms. Marvel
Jasmine: Elektra
Pocahontas: X-23
Tiana: Storm

More to come, but for now, enjoy!

Second Set: [link]
disney avengers: [link]

Tumblr: [link]
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It's funny cause Disney owns Marvel.
PJToon75's avatar
Totally awesome work!
torn-mind17's avatar
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Pocahontas as X23 is just perfect
Vigriff's avatar
I would have switched Tiana and Pocahontas due to the latter's connection to nature.
Devilgirl007's avatar
This is awesome!
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Ladydragoncat's avatar
Jasmine looks AWESOME!!!
ReaderOfFanfic's avatar
Auroras legs are just a little too pointy...but other than that I absolutely love the designs! :)
Alonbok77's avatar
Sweet, another cool collection, love Pocahontas as X-23. 
Life-is-the-bubbles's avatar
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I love the look on Cinderella's face, I remember her having this expression in the movie and it works excellently here.
1999MarvelTeen's avatar
Don't piss these princesses off
Nebi05's avatar
Very cool ;) (Wink) I love it so much :D (Big Grin) 
Rendezvous2279's avatar
Love it! (Huge Marvel fan)
CaribbeanRose9's avatar
Wow, amazingly done, I love the poses on this one and the other. :clap:
racookie3's avatar
CaribbeanRose9's avatar
You're beyond welcome! :huggle:
RomanceFreak's avatar
Freaking AWESOME!! Oh my gosh, what! :squee: 
Nerd-XMan06's avatar
Cool. Especially adore Cindy as Emma, Aurora as Ms. Marvel and Tiana as Storm.
vanngamer79's avatar
Another great job!
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