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Disney Avengers, Assemble

Disney Avengers, Assemble. I wanted to do a mashup with the movie avengers and Disney Characters. In my casting I put

Captain America: Prince Phillip

Thor: Hercules

Iron Man: Prince Naveen

Hulk: Stitch

Black Widow: Jessica Rabbit

Hawkeye: Li Shang


First set: [link]

Second set: [link]


Tumblr: [link]
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The Incredible Stitch-Hulk. Heh.
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Hercules as Thor makes my mythology buff brain hurt. X)
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What's funny is Marvel actually has their own Hercules who's battled Thor on a number of occasions. He first appeared in Journey into mystery annual #1

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Congratulation, cause you made a voice actor joke of Cap & Phillip:…
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Stitch alone is worth a fave!
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Awesome! Stitch as the hulk is perfect.  XD
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Trading in one Son of a God with another one!!!
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This is pretty good and I can totally see these guys playing them.
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Stitch as Hulk! HAHAHAHAHAHA brilliant!
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I would have choosed beast fr Hulk, but sticth is cool too ;D
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You won the internet by making Natasha Jessica Rabbit
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Hulk/Stitch is the best one! I laughed out loud when I saw it...
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haha. Thank you!
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