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Pele by RacktheJipper Pele :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 13 2 New tattoo work! by RacktheJipper New tattoo work! :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 3 0 Sleepy cuddles by RacktheJipper Sleepy cuddles :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 5 2 Tattoo double by RacktheJipper Tattoo double :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 4 6 Odin Sleep? Fforde Sleep! by RacktheJipper Odin Sleep? Fforde Sleep! :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 4 1 Tattoo progress 2 by RacktheJipper Tattoo progress 2 :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 1 3
Two Guys Drinking Extra Strong Coffee-For Sandara
Two men were seated at the outside café table. Prim and proper was the description that entered the mind of any passing by, that and that the two men were as different as night and day. Not in terms of coloring, for one was a study in shades of brown and utterly forgettable even with the large spectacles taking over his face, and the other darker yet with the air of a predator too gorged on meat to bother snapping at the foolish fawn at its side.
“Did you know that scientists have created cats that glow in the dark?” The plain one rather glowed himself, imagining the hows and whys of the act. “The felines were created to attempt blocking the feline immunodeficiency virus and attached it to and added protein that causes the green fluorescent protein found in certain species of jellyfish to glow, that way at a glance be able to
tell if the gene took-“
Faust paused, eyes lifting behind the large glasses, to view that his companion was, perhaps, not quite as in
:iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 4 3
Eyes on the Prize-For Fyrrea
There were so many delicious scents and tastes in the air, and oh man the new people he still needed to cuddle with and say hi to, was that the Big Bird that came once a year?
It was.
And not only the Big Bird but there was a tasty common bird too!
And a water bird? Yes. Totally a water bird too.
And they smelled delicious and just like a food version of the really comfy couch that the Cat stole and wouldn’t let him on anymore. Delicious and hard to get.
That Cat wasn’t going to get this birdbirdbird deliciousness while he was watching. Nope. Never.
The people were eating it! His heart was breaking as all the delicious smelling bird went into their mouths and no one paid attention to the poor starving dog. Starving for just the tiniest bite, or whole bird to slip over to his drooling muzzle.
The Cat was smirking at him.
Well. The moment they looked away.
It’s been hours! The dog lay in a miserable bird-denied heap on the floor while the humans had moved past the gate
:iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 3 3
The Tree Must Die-For TheDarkDesert
Somewhere the two note Jaws theme song was playing.
Somewhere else explosions were set to the 1812 overture finale.
In the present there was a large tree. It was a very confused tree. There were your typical religious decorations, including a Menorah handmade from popsicle sticks with painted on flames, some that really didn’t belong on a tree. Then there was some Jack thought he’d seen in horror movies and others from cave paintings. And those were teeth on that branch.
Large teeth.
In between the odd and….odder ornaments were the usual popcorn strings, with suspicious looking red accents donated by unsuspecting victims, and enough tinsel to blind. And there went a shark fin surfacing in the lower branches.
It was a tree that hurt to look at.
But every religion, cult, or random shiny object, had its fair share of hanging space. Without weapons blazing. It was almost poetic and the aggravated peace, apart for when the symbol of a minor Egyptian sect crashing through t
:iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 1 3
Geeking out happiness by RacktheJipper Geeking out happiness :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 5 1
Boredom. Sitting in the backseat one hour into a seven car trip, could be the oxford dictionary definition of boredom.
But Emil was optimistic. He was probably one of the people living that could ignore the unending miles of identical farmland interspersed with grimy city streets.
The young man was too busy thinking of studies and children he’d met and helped, along with the ones he looked forwards to helping, to pay any attention to the never ending blur of space outside the car windows.
Thanksgiving was one of those weird American holidays, but it was about family and that was nice, and no one cared if he thought about his own in Denmark on the ride back to New York. His parents and two siblings. His grandparents and countless aunt, uncles, and cousins. So much family he was thankful for.
Next time he had the chance to work with kids in need, he was going to tell them all about his family and how much they meant to him. And why it was so important to help others.
He never felt
:iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 0 2
Cooking practice
"It's just the beasts under your bed. In you closet in your head." Jack muttered glaring at the bowl and it's not quite right contents. "Exit light... Enter night. Needs..."
"Are you quoting demons?"
Red eyebrows furrowed as Jack gave Shane his best 'what are you on' look.
"Sounds like something your 'not nice' friends would say." Shane grinned easily splaying her arms out on the table. "That or Loni when he's trying to scare someone. Also you need more garlic."
"It's Metallica. Those aren't friends." Jack gave his mixing bowl and cautious forwn before deciding to go with his gut. "And you eat raw fish still twitching."
And not trust the siren's taste in food.
"Wriggling flesh tastes better." Shane shrugged, a smooth flex of bronze skin and solid muscles. "Metallica?"
"It's what you call Loni's screaming music." Jack muttered and grabbed the nutmeg. You couldn't go wrong with a hallucinogen. Worst thing could be hallucinating good food. "I'll play it for you sometime. Song's stuck in m
:iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 3 4
Baggins. Bilbo Baggins. by RacktheJipper Baggins. Bilbo Baggins. :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 4 5 Yo. It's Cuddle Time by RacktheJipper Yo. It's Cuddle Time :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 2 0 Mine. All Mine. by RacktheJipper Mine. All Mine. :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 8 4 Rose Eater by RacktheJipper Rose Eater :iconrackthejipper:RacktheJipper 1 0


Poirot by jollyjack Poirot :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 822 153 The Mystery Skulls Misadventures: 'Wounds' pg27 by Scyrel The Mystery Skulls Misadventures: 'Wounds' pg27 :iconscyrel:Scyrel 358 15 The Inheritance by 2Bdubious The Inheritance :icon2bdubious:2Bdubious 880 67 Mermonday by Loveall1229 Mermonday :iconloveall1229:Loveall1229 42 1 It's MerMay Again by Loveall1229 It's MerMay Again :iconloveall1229:Loveall1229 194 12 Up There by Loveall1229 Up There :iconloveall1229:Loveall1229 165 12 NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP by Loveall1229 NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP :iconloveall1229:Loveall1229 33 5 Weekend Sketch by Loveall1229
Mature content
Weekend Sketch :iconloveall1229:Loveall1229 107 9
Mobius Final Fantasy - Mermaid by anotherwanderer Mobius Final Fantasy - Mermaid :iconanotherwanderer:anotherwanderer 1,521 26 MeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeow by basakward MeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeowMeow :iconbasakward:basakward 437 20 Enchantress by basakward Enchantress :iconbasakward:basakward 342 12 The Dying Siren by AkiMao The Dying Siren :iconakimao:AkiMao 293 17 lux in tenebris by AkiMao lux in tenebris :iconakimao:AkiMao 146 9 Mermaid Moana by briannacherrygarcia Mermaid Moana :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 2,516 61 Xeno-maid by briannacherrygarcia Xeno-maid :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 1,154 50


The first thing I thought was wow. That really looks like a tree creature. The bark/skin of the Ent is very very much like how you did ...


I wrote this huge post about family, favorites, and expectations.  

Then I remembered no ones cares off the internet and why should I make my few friends feel bad. 

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Late reply sorry! Jack and Shane's story is still in progress and not currently available. You can find three short fluff pieces in my gallery in DA and one more here:…

So glad you like Kibbi's art of them :)
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