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Sketch Commission - Tiger of the Wind

By RacieB
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Tiger from Monster Rancher ~
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Good work on this commission,I didn't know what to say at first ..but its very nice , (my friend got me this because I'm quite a Tiger fan and have been for a long time haha)..never played any MR games just loved the anime lol :3..I suppose that makes me weird to like an anime based off a game and never play any of the games its based off of?
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Glad you like it then :meow: (hope you enjoyed the other stuff too!)

If you ever do feel like trying any of the games, Monster Rancher 2 (PSX) is widely considered the best one. Or a more recent option would be Monster Rancher DS, which was not bad but had some irritating glitches.
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Saw the  DS game being played in some YT videos looked *ok* for a DS game...the second game is best then?:3 ok..interesting to know..cause here is like more then 7 MR games now including online stuff I think??(There may be wayyy more I don't keep track..)I know the anime was based off of the first two games tho and made to market them specifically :3..even if I never have an interest in playing the games that is interesting to know people think that is the best one. 
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Yep, MR2 had a wide variety of monsters / combinations, the gameplay was interesting, and I can't really think of any prominent bugs or glitches off the top of my head. Later games tried to change the formula too much, I think, and while that could be a good thing it didn't work in this case XP (for example, doing stuff like removing combinations, removing tons of monster species, changing various gameplay mechanics.)

The DS game is the sequel most similar to MR2 so it's not a bad choice, but I was put off by some of the glitches. For example, to unlock Beaclon your monster must find it on a summer expedition and win at arm wrestling. If you lose, it... disappears forever. Which was prooobably not intended.

There were also issues involving some special monsters that were inexplicably removed from the English translation of the game. There are several ways to unlock monsters in MRDS, which include writing words out, drawing a picture, or speaking into the DS microphone. The Japanese version had certain monsters that you could unlock by drawing specific kanji characters. If you somehow manage to trigger the unlock for these in English, the game crashes since they were removed. (how did they not find or think of this issue? WHY EVEN REMOVE THOSE?)

Also, not a bug but something that's crappy and intended by the developers... if you save-quit the game (there's no save and continue option, just save-quit) then your current monster's genetic potential takes a dive each time. You're not warned about this, and it's not obvious unless you try to combine that monster later and its offspring's stats are terrible. This was apparently done to prevent people from resetting multiple times to influence combination results, which was possible to do in MR2 without issue. You can avoid it by freezing your monster before save-quitting, but whyyyyy is this a mechanic?

If you're able to avoid those issues though, it's not a bad game... XD
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He was my favorite!
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Tiger was one of my favorites when I was a kid! It's cool to see that people are still drawing the old school Monster Rancher creatures.
Love the detail on the fur and the colors (but I just like blue and white together, haha).
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Tigers were always my favorite main breeds to raise, they just look cool as hell and ice & lightning powers are awesome =P Plus they're just reliable, I only wish they had a longer lifespan :<
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Even for a sketch that's really detailed!!ovo
awesome *_*
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It's a bit of a misnomer, my actual sketch sketches are super messy and sometimes I go overboard on details for these ^^; mostly now I call them sketches cause of the size (like that makes any more sense..)
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