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Paper Porygon

By RacieB
Have you always wanted to have your own Porygon, but didn't want to sit at the game corner all day trying to earn 6500 to 9999 coins?! Now you can have one for free, and it's easy!

All you have to do is download it here and it's yours!*
*some assembly required, this offer void in Orre

Lined PDO
Unlined PDO
Shiny Lined PDO
Shiny Unlined PDO

Lined PDF
Unlined PDF
Shiny Lined PDF
Shiny Unlined PDF

To view/print PDO files you need to have Pepakura Viewer, it's free.

EDIT: PDF versions added.
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Creates thunder move that makes hundreds of kids have seizures, blames it on Porygon
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It looks like the real thing! XD
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This is very good although was this hard or easy to do since porygon has all those edges and whatnot?
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The actual folding was easy since the pieces are all large and simple. The hard part was closing pieces up, and attaching parts to each other - the head/body/tail/feet are all separate from one another and can be attached however you want after it's all built, I wanted to try one with rivets so it could turn but couldn't find the type I wanted.
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how does it stand? if its paper i thought i would fall?
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It's stiff cardstock - though, I could have used thicker paper for a better effect. It's a few years old at this point and a bit worse for wear.
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is there another way to get porygon in real life besides papercraft?
I suppose you could craft it in a bit larger and from a more durable material. Add some USB, button and fan openings and recolor it and you got your very own Porygon PC shell.
The tail could be a directional antenna, just a thought of mine. I regret Im too clumsy and dont know enough about building computers to do this myself actually.
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oh. i build a lego one c:
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I did that too. But I'm thinking about making a wooden one.
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Very nice. Porygon is one of my favorite Pokemon, and I had so much fun making this papercraft. Can you make one with happy, upside-down-U-shaped eyes? That would be super adorable!!
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Nice papercraft.:)
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This was so awesome, I pulled out the old printer, and made one of my own! Thank you for sharing!
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This seems strangely inevitable somehow. XD
Great job with getting the seams flat; that seems (no pun intended) like it'd be difficult to do.
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I really wanted to make it lifesized but then it'd mess up the smoothness XF
That can't be paper. It looks like it popped out of stadium 1. Impressive
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