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Argiope aurantia clock

By RacieB
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Now it's snack time, all the time. Catch the minutes and seconds with the smaller web lines. Makes spider sounds on the hour!*

Available here in 8" diameter round, 10.75" diameter round, or 10.75" x 10.75" square.
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noctummoonvampire's avatar
LOVE! Very nice work with this lovely spider! The description is priceless! lol
scorpenomorph's avatar
nice spider, what is the specie ?
RacieB's avatar
It's a golden orbweaver, Argiope aurantia.
catkrayzee's avatar
I don't really like spiders, but the Argiope is my favorite. They're cool spiders. I like this!
RacieB's avatar
The secret is that all spiders are cool :la:
PikachuLover2012's avatar
I would love a clock like that! :love:
Pffft makes spider sounds on the hour?! :iconspiderplz: * makes hissing sounds*
That's hilarious yet cool! Love how you drew this! :D
RacieB's avatar
Lol I wish I had the option to make it hiss, I was just being dumb with the description =P
PikachuLover2012's avatar
For a dumb description it sure was funny! It really made my day! :D
GalenaLarkin's avatar
Makes spider sounds? XD What would those be? I've seen one of these types IRL before. They're yucky but the zigzag patterns in their webs are neat.
RacieB's avatar
It would be my terrible sense of humor :B (some spiders actually do make sounds though, hissing by stridulation or drumming their pedipalps on stuff.)
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