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Rachelle Gonzalez
United States
Current Residence: Escondido, San Diego County, So Cal
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Favourite cartoon character: Prince Zuko vs. Kouga
Personal Quote: "I love you. You always put up with my shit. :D"
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Holy crap. Where has the time gone? Haven't made a post in over two years and has so much happened! I've kinda stopped with the drawing, but not because I don't wanna anymore. I have just run out of ideas. But hey, 2 years, plenty of time for ideas, right? But anyways, Ima give a rundown of what has happened in the past couple years to make it short and sweet. Not a lot since my life was uber boring in 2008. 2009 was definately a year of memories, good and not wanting to remember.

May 28, 2008 - Graduated from high school. A couple days before that, my sister took me to Disneyland as a grad gift to me.

August 2008 - Started my first semester of college, only as a part time student. Still in college, but now as a full time student getting general ed out of the way. Still don't have a major. I know I am freaking lagging it.

January 4, 2009 - Started hanging out with old middle school friends, soon turned to almost everyday but weekends with one of them.

February 9, 2009 - One of my old middle school buddies whom I haven't seen SINCE middle school asked me out and we became boyfriend and girlfriend since.

May 2009 - First trip to Disneyland with my BF. <3

June 22, 2009 - I turned 19 and spent the day with the same middle school friends mentioned earlier and the BF the following day.

October 2009 - My first time going to Disneyland for the Halloween theme. It was effing awesome. =D

November 2009 - 1.)Went to Disneyland twice, once for the BF's birthday and once just because. Lol.
2.) I applied for a job at Sears as a cashier at the local mall, and got the job as seasonal. They kept me after seasonal was over. In the beginning, the first month and a half was crap hours with crap customers. The week of Christmas, I got transferred to the Land's End department (clothing line) from being a regular Sears cashier. I got WAAAAY better hours (compare 38.75 hours to 10 hours. :D) But now that seasonal is over, I'm getting between 25-28 hours weekly. And I love my co-workers. They make it all the more fun to work there, where an almost 8 hour shift goes by so quickly. I :heart: those chicas! The customers there are nice too, so they make my job all the easier.
3.)Also, it was the first year I didn't have Thanksgiving with both parents. They were going through a separation. I saw mom but not dad. Same for December, no dad around cuz he was with his ex-gf that he was fooling around with; thus, the reason why they are splitting up. Way to go dad, make mom's life all the more stressful and harder. >:[

February 22, 2010 - 1.) After over a year of being with my BF, he officially moves in with me. Reason why sooner than I ever thought is so that way he cane help with the mortgage since my dad ain't in the picture anymore. My mom can't do it anymore on her own, so now that I got a job, I can help somewhat too. SO basically, everyone in the house (sis, bro-in-law, me, my BF) will pay for the house and my mom can pay the utilities. The house is hanging by a thread, we are almost ready to be kicked out by foreclosure.
2.) For me and my BF's anniversary of one year together, we went to Disneyland, again. =3 I got my BF tickets to Cirque du Soleil in Del Mar for my Valentine's Day gift to him. (5 days apart from V-Day and our anniversary). He got me a necklace from Ben Bridge worth just as much, even more, idk. Not cheap seats, but my baby was and is worth it. <3 THAT is a show people have to see at least ONCE in your life. Do pay the extra money for the good seats. My seat was the front section to the left, in the last row of the sec. directly in the middle. Great view, no blind spots or blockage like poles and such. I was actually getting so nervous for the two guys in the Wheel of Death act that I actually started cramping up like I was PMSing. LINK TO WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT HERE -->…
SO EFFING EPIC. (it's supposed to be eerie silent, but sounds come in and music kicks in eventually)

NOW: Still working at Sears as a Land's End girl. Still going to school. Still with the BF, living together now. Mom recently got her wallet stolen when at a casino up in Fresno and they used her cards and cash soon after. But the idiots actually turned in the wallet saying that they found it, trying to pretend to be the good guys and have suspicion laid off from them. Dumb asses. All they need is surveillance tape of them using the cards and it's a done deal. (Indian casinos never share their surveillance video with anyone, so so much for finding out how it fell into their hands). They used $170 for gas from her cards, took all her cash and change (bout $60 cash and $5 worth in change). She already took action on what to do when your info is taken, so don't freak. Soon after, dad gets into an accident involving three cars. Drunk driver hit him, and he hit another car. Truck is totaled and he is uninjured. At least he's okay for the most part but he now has no source of transportation. Mom plans on suing the guy who hit my dad that cost him a truck. Since she was the co-signer to the truck, she wants half of the winnings, which I don't blame her. 1.) For sure they'll win. 2.) Dad owes my mom a shitload of money to begin with.

Yep, that about sums it up. I may continue drawing when the time calls for it. Right now, it is asleep waiting for an idea to come and smack it up on the head.


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