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What did you parents give you?
Blue eyes? Brown hair? Height?
What was your inheritance?
Money? Power? Sight?
What did your parents give you?
Morals? Politics? God?
What was decided for you?
How to stand? How to shake? How to nod?
You were given a nice house,
You were gifted with good hearing,
You inherited big feet and intelligence,
You are only your parents, reappearing.
Your life was not earned, it was given,
Not one part of it made by yourself.
You did not choose your path, you did not know what to choose,
What makes up you was bought with your parents' wealth.
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 6 0
Self Doubt
I wonder sometimes, when I'm alone with my thoughts,
What she'd be like if ever I met her.
This woman they see, when they all look at me.
Prettier, stronger, and better.
I think she'd have gold hair, as gold as the sun,
And eyes blue as the heart of the sea.
Too bad she's not here, no better woman.
Just me, and my thoughts. Just me.
Sometimes I catch it, a glimpse of her face,
When I'm passing a window or mirror.
But then I look again and she's gone,
It's just me, not her, that is here.
I'll bet her voice is like honey, her hugs like a blanket,
I'll bet you can lose yourself when she's near.
I wish I could meet her, this way better person,
That people see when, in fact, it's me here.
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 3 0
Escaping Reality
I woke up one morning, to a city on fire.
All smoke and ash and screams.
I closed my eyes to make it all go away.
And slipped into the peace of sweet dreams.
I woke again in an hour to find the problem had grown,
And all around me was dark and despairing,
I squeezed my eyes shut and curled up in my bed,
So tired, so tired, uncaring.
I felt the flames lick my face, felt the smoke in my lungs,
But I simply closed my eyes tighter.
The fire grew in intensity, shined through my eyelids,
The world became hotter and brighter.
I opened my eyes with a cry, and clawed at my throat,
For the smoke had started to strangle me.
Then it filled my eyes too, and I fell back in fear,
I couldn't see two inches in front of me.
I closed my eyes once again, and wept in my bed,
I laid down and curled up once more.
There was a flash and a crack as my bed burned away,
And I writhed in the ash on the floor.
I couldn't hear the screaming outside anymore,
And I knew the world was dead.
I wept as the fire consumed
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 1 1
Male!UrsulaXAriel's Sister ch 3
"Girls," Attina said slowly, clasping her hands and twisting them. "I have something to tell you."
Alana and Adella, her sisters closest in age, swam over to her. "Where have you been?" They demanded in unison.
Attina sighed, pushing past them and sitting on her bed with a huff, running her fingers through her hair. "Girls, please."
Aquata narrowed her eyes, turning to Andrina with a smirk as she added, "And where is your tiara?"
Attina rolled her eyes, pushing away from her bed and through her sisters. Arista grabbed her by the tail, keeping her from moving away. Attina spun to face her sisters.
Alana held up Attina's tiara with a raised eyebrow. "You usually don't go anywhere without it."
Aquata nodded, narrowing her eyes. "And now you're always leaving it here."
Arista nodded quickly, crossing her arms. "You've been acting different ever since Ariel left, Tina." She frowned. "You're wearing your hair down, going without your tiara." She tilted her head, looking toward her o
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 9 2
Male!UrsulaXAriel's Sister ch2
She lay on her side, staring with wide, bloodshot eyes at the wall in front of her. He lay on the other side of the bed, his back to her. It had taken hours, but she felt the last of his tentacles slide off of her. She breathed deeply, sliding slowly away. He frowned in his sleep, sensing her movement. He rolled over, throwing an arm and three tentacles over her form and pulling her back to him. She whimpered, squeezing her eyes shut.
"Shhh." He purred, his lips at her ear.
She tensed, shivering with the ferocity of the contraction of her muscles.
He sighed, brushing her thick hair aside to kiss her neck. "Shhh."
She bit her lip to keep from whimpering, but still a sound escaped.
He frowned, finally waking fully. He sat up in bed and leaned over her, pulling her amber locks away from her face. "Why are you crying?"
She bit her lip and shook her head, squeezing her eyes shut.
He sighed, wrapping both of his arms around her and pulling her into his lap as he leaned against the back of th
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 9 0
The River God
She knelt beside the water and closed her eyes. "That's it..." She sighed. "I swear off men." She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling out the band that had held it back and throwing it aside. It settled for a moment on the surface of the river and slowly fell into the clear water. "They're all the same."
"Aw... That's hardly fair." Crooned a deep voice.
She shook her head and pressed her hands over her ears, bending over her legs and biting her lip. After a few moments, she sat straight and looked around. Seeing no one, she sighed and shook her head. "I must be going crazy." She slipped off her jacket and set it next to her as she leaned toward the river. She tilted her head as she looked at her reflection. Her hair was wild when it was down, with tangled strands hanging in her face. She smiled softly and closed her eyes again, breathing deeply.
"But at least you're beautiful." Purred the same voice.
She frowned and opened her eyes, leaning farther toward the river, studying her
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 2 5
Flirting: Oblivious or heartless?
People think I'm bitter,
People think I'm blind,
When I don't notice someone 'flirting'
They need a reason why.
Maybe the reason I don't see it
Is I don't think I deserve it.
Maybe it's because I spend time
standing in front of the mirror
telling myself I'm not ugly.
Not that I'm pretty.
That I'm not ugly.
I'm a Eurocentric beauty,
Blonde, blue eyed and fair.
But when I look into a mirror,
I don't see much else there.
Not to mention all the jokes,
The little stings and jabs,
About how no one loves me,
God, do those words stab.
When I glare at a boy
Who's making a joke,
It's not cause I'm bitter
It's cause I broke.
I don't understand
Why he wants my attention.
I only see
A juvenile invention.
I know I've missed out
On a couple opportunities.
But I wouldn't know it,
So I'm labeled a tease.
People think I'm the player,
When I smile or nod,
They think I'm the one flirting,
But that is so odd.
I'm not flirting back,
I'm just being nice,
And if I do less,
I'm called queen of ice.
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 2 3
Love Into Darkness - Khan X Reader ch6 UNHAPPY END
And squeezed. He squeezed your throat tightly, throwing you against the control panel and pressing against you to crush even more air out of your lungs.
"You foolish girl!" He hissed, some of his spit hitting you face.
You coughed and sputtered, blood rushing to you face as you clawed at his hands. When your struggling grew weak, he threw you aside. He returned his attentions to Marcus and, as Carol watched in horror, began to crush the man's skull. When Marcus was dead, Khan blew the loose hair out of his face and sat in the captain’s chair. He smirked as Spock appeared on screen.
"My crew." Khan growled.
Spock made the agreements with calm even a Vulcan would be impressed with. His steady gaze only faltered twice, when Khan held a bloody Kirk up at gunpoint, and when he whispered a fierce goodbye as he beamed the Enterprise crew back.
When Kirk gained his sight, he, Carol, and Scotty were in the cell. He screamed and threw himself against it.
Khan beame
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 5 7
Love Into Darkness - Khan X Reader ch6 HAPPY END
But he did not squeeze. He regained control the instant his eyes met yours. Your gaze was steady, angry, and unafraid.
He frowned, not releasing you. "Why aren't you afraid?" He hissed.
You raised your chin, your throat pressing into his hands as it filled with your voice, "Fear would not help me." You whispered.
He tensed, his hands loosening. "In any case... I do not believe you are in any danger." His gaze softened as he dropped his hands to his sides, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.
You looked up at him with concern as you took his hand in yours, pressing it to you stomach. His eyes fluttered open and he looked down at you with a tired, sad gaze. "This is highly irregular."
You nodded, putting your head to his chest.
He sighed and wrapped his arms around you, resting his head on yours.
There was a beeping and you stepped back, looking to a control panel. "We're being hailed."
He nodded, giving you a small push toward Kirk as he pressed the call button. Spock
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 11 0
Love Into Darkness - Khan X Reader ch5
"Hello, Captain." Khan greeted icily, stressing the tittle.
Kirk smirked, which caused Khan to frown. He waved the guards out, telling them to wait just outside.
"The guards won't tell me what happened to the commander." Khan ventured, narrowing his eyes. "Perhaps you could enlighten me." Khan tilted his head when Kirk said nothing. "I hope nothing bad happened to her."
Kirk crossed his arms and shook his head. "She's on break."
"I have not seen her in the prison or the med bay." Khan commented, frowning.
Kirk nodded, shrugging. "Long break."
Khan clenched his jaw. "I do hope nothing has happened to the poor commander."
Kirk smirked again, which continued to discomfort Khan. "Nothing that won't, in time, be forgiven."
Khan raised an eyebrow, assessing Kirk.
Kirk laughed tightly. "I need to be getting back." He turned on his heel and headed slowly for the door. When his foot was on the threshold, Khan called after him, and he stopped.
"You almost had me fooled." The criminal mocked, mov
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 7 0
Love Into Darkness - Khan X Reader ch4
"Holy Christ! Sweetheart!"
You winced, stepping back. "Please be calm, Bones."
Dr. Hank McCoy, trained in calm, tact, and bedside manner, began pacing, pulling at his hair and cursing under his breath. He whirled on you, whom he loved as a sister, and screamed. There were no words, only a scream-a vein popping out of his forehead, face burning red, spit flying from his mouth-scream.
You sighed and sat down, looking up at him like a scolded pup. "Hank, please."
"No!" He shouted, shaking his head and waving his hands as he backed away, his eyes flitting about like a trapped animal. "No!" He spun, marching to you and falling to his knees in front of you. "It's not true." He whispered. "Say it's not true."
You took his hands and looked him in the eyes. "I can't."
He groaned and collapsed. He looked up at the ceiling and groaned continuously. You rolled your eyes and stood, straightening your uniform and walking for the door. As the two doors slid apart, you nearly walked into Spock.
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 8 0
Love Into Darkness - Khan X Reader ch3
This time, there was no leaving him alone with other guards. It was your shift until next round, no getting around it.
You looked over his naked form as he stretched, smiling faintly. He caught your gaze and turned to look at you with a prideful smirk. You rolled your eyes and threw his clothes at him. You were already wearing yours. He laughed as he pulled them on, his eyes running up and down your form. You blushed despite yourself.
He sat down beside you, leaning against the back wall of his cell, and kissed your neck, whispering, "You see?"
You huffed and turned to him with fake anger. "What? How great we are?"
He laughed, grabbing your shoulders and turning you away as he gathered your fallen hair in his hands. He had pulled it out when you started so he could kiss your ears. Now he tied it up and pinned it back as if he had done it a thousand times. You sighed, closing your eyes as his fingers ran through your hair.
He hummed quietly. When he was done, he pulled you back against
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 8 0
Love Into Darkness - Khan X Reader ch2
You sat at your desk computer, furiously punching away at numbers.
"Doctor." Called a gentle voice from you door way. You looked up to see first officer Spock.
You waved him in and began shutting down your computer. "Hello, Mr. Spock. I was not expecting you."
He nodded, stepping out and to the side as you left and locked your office. "Indeed."
Sensing his unsure tone, you hesitated and turned to him with a frown. "Might I interest you in a drink, Commander? I myself was going to get lunch."
He shifted, seeming to think for a moment before answering with a strained, "That would be acceptable."
You nodded, smiling, and waved for him to start. He began walking and you fell into step beside him. You walked in silence to the dining hall and took a seat at the bar. It was only after you had been served and Spock took a drink of his water that he spoke. "I am sorry for my sour disposition, Doctor."
You smiled encouragingly and shook you head. "It's fine. And, if you don't mind, please don
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 9 0
Love Into Darkness - Khan X Reader ch1
You stood straight, your hands clasped behind your back as you watched the guard press the code into the panel. As the barrier disappeared, Khan fixed his gaze on you and matched your stance. "And what might you need, Commander?"
You tilted you head and spoke to the guards. "Please take note that I will escort him to med bay and perform the examination myself. You are relieved of duty until your next shift; I will fill your roles upon his return." Khan turned to you with a raised eyebrow. You turned and walked to the door. "Follow."
He did so without complaint. He turned to look around as you walked through the hall way, noting the guards had not followed. He moved so he walked beside you and looked down at you with a smirk. "Do you truly feel I do not pose a threat?"
You smiled ever so lightly, shaking you head. "The computer decides what guards you need."
He frowned, turning more towards you, looking you up and down and assessing you movements. "I was accompanied by four guards earli
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 20 0
UrsulXRoyal Guard - Male!Ursula ch4 FINALE
When Ariel awoke that morning, Eric was betrothed. Believing it was to her, she had run to meet him. She nearly collapsed when she saw a strange girl on the prince's arm.
Ursul, who had been standing in the shadows, saw the princess flee and smiled with wicked glee.
Upon the marriage's announcement, Eric was whisked away to plan the wedding while Bella was shut into her room to prepare. While the kingdom believed the future princess to be meditating on her future and taking counsel from her brother, the imposter was in fact being thrown down in bed by her lover.
She laughed wildly as Ursul leapt on top of her, immediately showering her in kisses.
"My jewel, my gem, my pearl!" He declared, kissing each of her cheeks and her nose. "How wonderfully you performed!"
She smiled, draping her arms around his neck as he tore her clothes open. He growled, pulling her legs around his hips. "These foreign appendages will never be as lovely as your true form."
She smirked and bent her knees, yankin
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 13 5
UrsulXRoyal Guard - Male!Ursula ch3
"Pardon me, sir," Ursul spoke smoothly, holding her shivering form to his side in a gentle but non-romantic way. "My sister and I were cast upon your beach sometime in the last few nights and only just managed to find a city. Might you point us to some lodging?"
Eric stood hurriedly and called for servants, waving the two inside. He ran to the fire, grabbing some sheets that had been drying and wrapping them around her small frame. She smiled gently up at him and he froze, his eyes glued to their own reflection in hers.
Ursul smirked, having stood back to allow the exchange, noting how beautiful she was, even as a human. He tilted his head as Eric offered a kind word, watching tensely as the prince tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear and enquired her name.
The saint made eye contact with her supposed brother as she wrapped a small hand around the shell, refocusing on Eric when she supplied an answer.
"My name is Bella."
The shell glowed faintly as her voice rang out in the clear t
:iconrachelthepessimist:rachelthepessimist 9 3


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