Lin Beifong AMV

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Legend of Korra people--heck, anyone who appreciates animation and beautiful instrumentals, I made my first AMV today for Lin Beifong.…

Please enjoy.
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BloodyWilliam's avatar
i should probably watch this Legend of Korra of which you speak ;)
rachelthegreat's avatar
Have you watched Avatar the ast Airbender the cartoon?
BloodyWilliam's avatar
alas, i have not! i HAVE added it to my Netflix queue, though, so i soon i shall!
rachelthegreat's avatar
Watch the last airbender first so you get more squee out of Korra :)
jansLabyrinth's avatar
Nice! Just checked it out and added it to my favorites! =D I made my first AMV not too long ago as well, and it was also for Korra. :B [link]