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My greatest complaint is there's no way to upload this to Deviant Art:…
Legend of Korra people--heck, anyone who appreciates animation and beautiful instrumentals, I made my first AMV today for Lin Beifong.…

Please enjoy.
I'm building a Legend of Korra playlist on Spotify:…

And I want your suggestions! So either contribute on Spotify or post some song names and artists and why you link them with Korra.

Can't wait to hear what you have :)
Ok, so there's this set of playlists from Janna Hagan called "Let's make sweet, sweet pixels":

Notice something weird? All the cover art features sexy orgasmic women, but no men! So I wanted to have some fun with this and make a playlist called "Let's make sweet, sweet vectors" where the cover art is all sexy vector or line-drawing men.

But I suck at drawing guys. I also suck at making friends with illustrators who specialize in sexy sexy man art.

So have you seen sexy sexy man art? Can you point me at those illustrators? Or do you have any sexy sexy man art of your own? I mean, we're talkin' Ulquiorra/Grimmjow levels of smexiness here.

Thought I'd ask :) Thanks!
You guys know I'm re-posting all my comics with author commentary at, right?… And you're visiting every night for a "new" (old) page, right? RIGHT?

Just wanted to be sure.
See you next Sunday at 2pm EST!…
I just switched to a Mac (for command line reasons!), and while I was at it, I completely updated my peripherals. That means I have a huge scanner (scans 11 by 17!), portable scanner (fits in a backpack, runs off USB power!), printer, and laptop stand that I want to sell. And specifically, I want to sell them to other artists and comickers at a good price. I remember how crippling expensive it was to buy these when I was just starting out, so I want to offer them at a good price to other creatives. And by good price I mean I will beat the lowest offering you can find for the same condition and model online. So check them out:…

And if you're not a comicker or creative, I will merely meet the market value. Still a good deal, but come on, I'm trying to help out people who can't afford a $300 gigantic scanner.
Hi there!

Well, I'm being forced to switch to a Mac (the company is assisting, otherwise I'd be unable to afford it). And it's time to get (dun dun dun) new peripherals! First order: tablet. I currently use an Intuos2, small. I use 2 large moniters now, and it feels a little inaccurate. So I'm thinking an Intuos 4 Medium? Or should I get a Large? Or should I save a couple hundred and get a Bamboo?

Advice? It would be much appreciated!
Hello, my comicking friends. Is anyone participating in Comics for Japan?…

I've read many differing opinions on how to respond. I am conflicted about what to do. Should I send money? Should I send food? Am I patronizing Japan by doing anything at all?

I've heard a lot of anger about perceived preferential treatment for first world Japan over poor Haiti. And I AM getting tired of hearing people using words like "noble" and such to describe the Japanese people as some sort of mass "other". (Japanese people are individuals. It's stereotyping to romanticize people as a group, even if it's in a positive light! You rob people of the dignity of their individuality!) I never heard "noble" bandied about Haiti.

After reading this… I have resolved that donating to the Red Cross in general (not just to their Japanese efforts) is probably the best bet. If Japan needs and wants my assistance, my funds can be implemented. If not, then my funds will still help someone somewhere.

What better way to celebrate turning 26 than by launching my new comics site…

Keep an eye as the archives fill up over the next few weeks with old favorites with author commentaries and new stories yet to be told!

Many thanks to everyone who filled out surveys and poked at designs for me. You helped me design and shape the site!

So happy 9 years of making comics! Have some digital cake...
While designing my new site, I've been running readership surveys and wireframe tests, and you, my friends, have been helping me by sharing your views and giving me much needed feedback.

From the results I notice a lot of recurring annoyances and frustrations with many prevailing web comics site design trends. So I made a guide to designing the best web comics site for your readers:…

I hope you enjoy, and if you find it useful, please pass it on!

I will be releasing the WordPress theme I am making for in 2011 so everyone can build sites of it. It incorporates all of the things in my guide and uses HTML 5. It's still in beta testing, though. But think of it as my way of saying thank you for all your patience during my three year hiatus :)

See you soon!
You can help me build, my new comics site, by taking one or both of the surveys below. They're not very long, about 5 minutes of your time a piece, and you feedback will help shape the new site!

Tell me what you'd like to see in the new comics site:…

Tell me what you love and hate about other comic sites:…

Much appreciated!
I entered a smart car design contest with my entry "Black Orchid." You can see it in my gallery, and you can see more of it (and vote for it if you like it) here:…

There! I have done my vote whoring for the year! Thank you for your attention! Your feedback is appreciated!
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Ooh, my last deviantart blog update was ages ago. Here's a quick recap!

I married Joe Komenda August 3rd!
I launcheed my smart car blog on Labor Day weekend.
And I'm buying a house with my husband tomorrow (it's cheaper than renting).

Yeah, big and little changes!
Got a little seasonal gift shopping to do? Might I direct you to my "You Might be a Subculture of One if your Fishnet stockings are hung by the chimney with care" Christmas cards:…

And check out the new buttons:…

Happy Holidays, guys!
Just wanted to thank everyone who voted for me for Friends of Lulu's Kim Yale Award for Best New Female Talent. I won! Thank you guys so much! And I'm sorry it took me forever to post the results!
Attention people who read and love my comics! Now is my hour of need!

I have been nominated by the Friends of Lulu for a Kim Yale Award, an award given to new and talented (female) comickers. This is my last year of eligibility because I'll have been comicking too long next year. The other sparkling nominees are Rivkah, June Kim and Joelle Jones. Of course, you can vote for them if you think they are more worthy of an award for best new female talent. That's your choice.

But if you like my work and read my comics, I would deeply appreciate it if you would go to the Friends of Lulu site and vote for me here:…

Vote for Rachel Nabors in the Kim Yale section.

(Ooooh, and Slave Labor Graphic's Jennifer De Guzman is up for a different award! I feel so proud to have my name on the same page as hers!)
Hi. I'm Rachel Nabors, sometimes known as "Rachel the Great" thanks to my comics. I make comics for girls and more specifically for every Wednesday. You can find the archives here:

I love science, Nine Inch Nails, birds, My Little Ponies, Junko Mizuno, Egypt, gadgetry and the word "gadgetry."

I left DA back during that Jark business over a year ago. Back then my handle was MangaPunk. When I came back, I went with my earlier ID, rachelthegreat. I came back to rape and pillage the brushes section while whoring out my own selection of wares.

Deviant Art is by no means a home to me. My main online family is at my livejournal:

Live long and prosper.