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Gift: Robin the Diverhog by FayeleneFyre

OC Commission by LoulouVZ


In a relationship with: :iconrustydapup: :heart:
I'm a very shy girl but I try my best to make friends if I'm not to shy! ^///^ I'm a 33 years old girl with a Mental Illness call ADD (A.K.A Attention Deficit Disorders) as I'm not able to think like a normal person can as I have a mind like a 12 year old kid as I do have a hard time controlling my anger so please don't upset me alright? Also I do act like a 5 years old kid as well so please don't mine me alright on how I act okay..? But its odd that sometime I will end up going insane out of no where because if I think about something really bad or I get really freak out about something I will end up staring to go insane as I will hold onto my head and will scream loudly as I will jump around and will end up going crazy and I just know that my Mother worry about me when I do go insane and I'm not sure if that is normal for me to get like that...

I'm also a super huge fan of Don't Starve because of two OC's in that game name Maxwell and Wilson as the are two epic guys and also I would like to play Don't Starve one day that if I'm able to play it on my computer~ :giggle:

As you can all see that I'm a huge fan of Aquatics creatures that why I have so many type of Aquatics creatures here on the DA its because I really do love the ocean so much that I'm trying so hard to take up scuba diving classes but I just have this huge fear of the water because one time when I was young I feel into the deep end of a pool and I was not able to swim at all so I kind of drowned but I was saved by a lifeguard and form that day I have gotten a huge fear over deep water and I'm still not able to swim so my dream of been a scuba diver have fail me until I get over my fear of water and learn how to swim as well!
collab: Rusty x Robin by RustyDaPup Vday pic- Rusty and Robin at the amusement park by RustyDaPup Rusty and Robin Commission by Xzeit


:heart: :iconrustydapup: :heart: :iconrachelpearlflower: :heart:

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:heart: Little Umbra the Seapup :heart:

Umbra the Seapup by RustyDaPup
My ID was made by :iconnicole-cossack: and she say I could use this awesome pic for my ID~ :heart:

I'm really :iconzabrinathediverhog: and this is my new account :iconrachelpearlflower:!
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:blackrose::rose: Charlie Rachel LightningFlower :rose::blackrose:

:blackrose::rose: Don't Starve Rachel LightningFlower :rose::blackrose:

:heart: My Couples List :heart:

This list is with my Character only =3

Sea Marry :heart: Sea Rose (Sea Marry & Sea Rose belongs to RachelPearlFlower Me) (Yuri Couple)
Elektrik :heart: Voltktra (Elektrik & Voltktra belongs to RachelPearlFlower Me Well I kind of sharing Elektrik the Electric Eel with my Vaporeon Sister vaporeonrocks :giggle:)
Rex :heart: Gloria (Rex & Gloria belongs to RachelPearlFlower Me Well I kind of sharing Rex the Dolphin with my Vaporeon Sister vaporeonrocks :giggle:)
Nesaea :heart: Elijah (Nesaea & Elijah belongs to RachelPearlFlower Me) (Well they are not a couple yet I'm trying to get them to be a couple! x'D)
Striker :heart: Aquadora (Striker & Aquadora belongs to RachelPearlFlower Me)

:heart: Couples List :heart:

This list is with mine and my friends Character :3

Muse :heart: Tanima (Tanima belong to HoppyBunny14 My Awesome friend~ :heart:)
Ruthanne :heart: Denki (Denki belong to DarkKittySucker My sweet sister~ :heart:)
Domenica :heart: Kori (Kori belong to DarkKittySucker My sweet sister~ :heart:)
Fang :heart: Zafrain (Fang belong to LucarioShirona my big bro! <3)
Lunar :heart: Pearl (Lunar belong to LucarioShirona my big bro! <3)
Snarl :heart: Dabrina (Snarl belong to LucarioShirona my big bro! <3 A Alternate dimension couple? owo; :heart:)
Dabrina/Dracrina :heart: Gabriel Dracul (Gabriel Dracul because to Nicole-Cossack My Chaos Sister! :heart:) (Vampire Coulpe~ :heart:) (Dabrina & Dracrina are the same person alright!)
Elektra :heart: Mortimer (Mortimer belong to vaporeonrocks my Vaporeon Sister! :heart:) (Evil Couple)
Aqua Jewel :heart: Scarlett (Scarlett the Lioness belong to vaporeonrocks & RachelPearlFlower Me and my Vaporeon Sister! :heart:) (Yuri Couple~ :heart:)
Kailani :heart: Dylan (Dylan belong to vaporeonrocks my Vaporeon Sister! :heart:) (Yaoi Couple~ :heart:)
Xiphias :heart: Orochi (Orochi belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Kyoko :heart: Kiki (Kiki belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3) (Yuri Couple)
Orochia :heart: Xipeso (Orochia belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3) (Orochi girl form and Xiphias boy form. X3)
Jordon :heart: Hoshi (Jordon belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Sky :heart: Virus (Sky belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Ranato :heart: Clay (Ranato belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Jimmy :heart: Vale (Jimmy belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Nazo :heart: Ixpy (Nazo belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Xian :heart: Gardivoir (Xian belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Moriarty :heart: Xixsia (Xixsia belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Marry :heart: Midnight (Marry belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Shadowcon :heart: Dark Robin (Shadowcon belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3)
Noah :heart: Jack (Noah belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3) (Yaoi Couple)
Roseanne :heart: Skiana (Skiana belongs to kakashihataka My DA bro. :3) (Maybe I don't know just yet. l3) (Yuri Couple)

Pokeson - Marlon and Dabrina by LucarioShirona Dabrina the Gyarados .:Art Trade:. by LucarioShirona Robin vs Allen .:Gift:. by LucarioShirona pic by :iconlucarioshirona: My awesome Ninja Bro~ :heart::hug:
:bigthumb509995007: :bigthumb513845619: :bigthumb510741765: pic by :iconnicole-cossack: My Awesome Friend~ :heart::hug:
Current Residence: Canada Montreal QC YAY
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I don't know.
Print preference: None
Favourite genre of music: Luigi's Mansion Theme (Dubstep Remix)
Favourite photographer: My cat Jimco & my dog Benji!
Favourite style of art: Sonic style!
Operating System: Computer with W7!
MP3 player of choice: My Computer! (I lost my PSP!)
Shell of choice: A Sea Shell!
Wallpaper of choice: Assassins Creed,Shadow the Hedgehog,Wizard101 & Rarity~
Skin of choice: Black with green strips!
Favourite cartoon character: Mario,Luigi,Sonic & Rarity~ :heart:
Personal Quote: The power of lightning runs though my veins! :evileyes:
:star: Old FC's :star:

Rachel the Electric Eel (Will be my other MAIN FC for this account!)
Quin the Electric Eel/Electric Eel Mermaid (Rachel's long lost twin sister!)
Dabrina the Diver Vaporeon (A.K.A Dabrina the Diver Hedgehog) (Will be my MAIN FC for this account!)
Elektra the Electric Eel (Will be my MAIN EVIL FC for this account!)
Zabrina the Butterfly (A.K.A Zabrina the Diver Hedgehog)
Dracrina the Sea Vampire (Dabrina's Vampire form)
Venetia the Sea Demon (Zabrina's Demon form)
Kabrina the Diverhog
Sabrina the Diverhog
Qulmitchy the Monkey
Nesaea the Deku (Zelda OC)
Seashell the Zora (Zelda OC)
Marble the Goron (Zelda OC)
Peach Rose the Alicorn Filly
Seashell Pearl the Sea Pony
Aqua Bubbles the Unicorn
Mystic Mist the Diver Hedgehog (R.I.P now your in a better place now...)
Mystic Dust the Diver Hedgehog
Mystic Star the Diver Hedgehog
Mystic Puff the Diver Hedgehog
Domenica the Demon
Ruthanne the Sheriff Diver Hedgehog
Serena Ninja Diver Hedgehog
Penelope the Pirate Diver Hedgehog
Kiki the Diverhog (Dabrina's twin)
Pebbles the Diverhog (Zabrina's twin)
Aqua Jewel the Diverhog (Zabrina's & Pebbles's little sister)
Xena the Vap Diver Hedgehog
Ekaterina the Electric Diverhog (Dabrina's and Kiki's little sister)
Evil Dabrina the Drowning Doom Diverhog
Aquarious the Coral Predator
Ryu the Aquatilla/Mermaid
Zaida the Aquatilla/Mermaid (Ryu's older sister)
Acqua the Water Demon (Domenica's Mother)
Xzavier the Demon (Domenica's little brother)
Zirus the Tigcorn (R.I.P...)
Razor the Wolf (Age 39)
Eva the Tiger (Age 40)
Crystal the Black Lioness (Age 29)
Sabron the White Loin (Age 36)

:star: New FC's :star:

Voltktra the Electric Eel (Elektra's Mother)
Elektrik the Electric Eel (Elektra's Farther)
Desert Flower the Renahog
Rachel the Diver Wolf
Isabella the Renahog
Oliver the Renahog
Elijah the Deku (Zelda OC)
Selan the Mermaid
Vixen the Monkey (Qulmitchy's Mother)
Jel the Monkey (Qulmitchy's Father)
???? the Snakiger (female)
???? the Tigerake (female)
Bree the Demon
Ziya the Mermaid (Ryu's and Zaida's Mother)
????? the Aquatilla (Ryu's and Zaida's Farther)
Aqua the Ocean Vivillon
???? the Tiger (female)
???? the Monkey (female)
Zeko the Panda
Xeona the Zora (Zelda OC)
Sapphire the Witch (Zelda OC)
Shadow Star the Wizard (Zelda OC)
:iconbestbuddiesplz: :icondajc-f1::icondajc-f2::icondajc3: :iconbestbuddiesplz:

:star::highfive: Best Friends :highfive::star:


:iconbestbuddiesplz: :icondajc-f1::icondajc-f2::icondajc3: :iconbestbuddiesplz:

:star::handshake: Good Friends! :handshake::star:




Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
I don't have one yet
Favourite TV Shows
Um I don't watch TV! ^^;
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Don't listen to music
Favourite Books
MLP Books!
Favourite Writers
Super-Sonic-101 & vaporeonrocks
Favourite Games
Pokemon Games


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Domino: So your telling me that you friend ware headphones on her head if I'm right King? *he looks at the necklace again* So which way do we go this place is huge as we must keep quite too so we don't get catch and lock up like your friend Rachel... *he looks a little worry* Well if anyone try to mess with us I will just blast them away with water or ice form my Trident, as I have the powers of water and ice in me! *he grins* Well come on King lead the way to Rachel!

.:Domino the Seapup:.

Domino: *he follows King into the robot shark* How can a necklace tell you where to find someone as that is new to me King? *look at King, as he stay in his Seapup form and holds onto his Trident* So this robot shark is like a sub but in shark form! Wow Eggman is starting to get smart now when he making his robots! *he walks as he trip over a pare of broken Blue Thunder Shocker Headphones and falls onto the floor* Ow what did I trip over? *get back up and dust himself off*

.:Domino the Seapup:.

Domino: Wait why do you want to go inside the robot shark? *looks looks at King still holding onto his webbed hand* Are you thinking about taken control of the robot shark so we can use it to take us to Eggman's base is that what you thinking about King?

Robot Shark: *It shoot the nets at King and Domino trying to catch them into the nets*

Domino: I DON'T THINK SO SHARKY! *he cuts the nets in half with his Trident and then growls very loudly and swim right at the robot shark still holding onto King webbed hand*

.:Domino the Seapup:.

Domino: Huh? *he looks and see the shark and see that Eggman symbol in it's side* This can not be good! *he grabs King's webbed hand with his webbed hand and start to swim off at top speed* This can not be good Eggman is send robot sharks after us, as he know we are coming to save Rachel! *looks back and see that the shark is coming after them* OH NO! O_O;

Robot Shark: *going after King and Domino as two huge cannons come out of it sides and get ready to shoot two nets at them to catch them*

Domino: King look out it's trying to catch us keep swimming little buddy! *holds onto King 's webbed hand tightly and holding his Trident in his other webbed hand and swims very fast trying to get away form the Shark* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

.:Domino the Seapup:.

Domino: Well of course King there shark in the ocean as we will run into soon but stay close to me King, as I know how to scare a shark away if they try to attack us! *he grins at King showing off his shark like teeth*

.:Domino the Seapup:.