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From today through January 18th, all commissions are 10% off and all sales through my shops ( Storenvy & Etsy ) come with free domestic US shipping AND a bonus out-of-print book (while supplies last)!

All the commission sale prices & plenty of sample images can be found here, but have some poster-style graphics because you're worth it.  :D

CommSale by RachelOrdwayArt

Freebook by RachelOrdwayArt

Message me or email at if you have any questions.  Thanks!


Illustration commissions  | Comic commissions

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Comic commission prices can be found here.

Quick notes:
  • Payment is up front, unless it's a particularly expensive piece, in which case "half up front and the rest when it's done" is fine.
  • I accept Paypal, credit card, or mailed checks/money orders.
  • Contact me by note or by email (
  • No NSFW (explicit nudity, graphic violence, overtly sexual content or drug use). Implied/mildly sexual content and minor/cartoony violence are generally okay; feel free to ask me if you're not sure.

Sketch: $20
Droid Love by RachelOrdwayArt You're A Perfect Ten by RachelOrdwayArt Commission For NewDilStories 4 by RachelOrdwayArt

Black-and-white/simple digital graytone:
Melancholy Guest Comic by RachelOrdwayArt Cursed Image by RachelOrdwayArt Commission For NewDilStories 3 by RachelOrdwayArt Spirited by RachelOrdwayArt One Punch Dom by RachelOrdwayArt More Like BABY-8 by RachelOrdwayArt 

Digital color: $40
Can be inked/colored in just about any style.  If there's a particular style you want me to use, and/or a piece in my gallery you want your commission to look like, please let me know!
Commission For DarkwingSnark 3 by RachelOrdwayArt Commission For BigMike20X6 11 by RachelOrdwayArt Ohana by RachelOrdwayArt Purple Rain, dajo by RachelOrdwayArt  Commission For BigMike20X6 9 by RachelOrdwayArt  Lucoa At This by RachelOrdwayArt  Hip Hip Hooray It's Piccolo Day by RachelOrdwayArt  Now That's What I Call A Close Encounter by RachelOrdwayArt  Commission For DrStickyz 2 by RachelOrdwayArt  Commission for BlueBeacon by RachelOrdwayArt

Traditional media color/graytone: $50
Commission For Gardenstateangel by RachelOrdwayArt   Commission For BlueHecate 15 by RachelOrdwayArt  Commission For BlueHecate 11 by RachelOrdwayArt Commission for BlueHecate 9 by RachelOrdwayArt


The above prices refer to 1-2 characters on a simple background.

Add $10 for each additional character.
Commission For BigMike20X6 10 by RachelOrdwayArt Tellos It Like It Is by RachelOrdwayArt  Commission for Levyanime by RachelOrdwayArt  Commission For BlueHecate 13 by RachelOrdwayArt  Commission For BigMike20X6 5 by RachelOrdwayArt 

Add $20 for a more detailed/complex background.
Commission For Wonderfulstargirl by RachelOrdwayArt Ranma Secret Santa by RachelOrdwayArt Commission For Bunnymajo by RachelOrdwayArt  Rebecca And Mister Spunk by RachelOrdwayArt  Sleepy Saitama by RachelOrdwayArt  Truly 'Mazing by RachelOrdwayArt

Add $20 for significant lettering/logos.
Commission For BigMike20X6 7 by RachelOrdwayArt  Commission For Modmyths 2 by RachelOrdwayArt  Infinite Xmas by RachelOrdwayArt Laze-A-Bout by RachelOrdwayArt

If you'd like the physical piece of art mailed to you when it's done:
-Above prices refer to ~8.5"x11".  +$3 basic shipping, +$7 expedited shipping (domestic US).  Inquire about international shipping.
-+$20 for ~11"x17".  Inquire about shipping.



Comic commissions

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Spirited by RachelOrdwayArt Commission For Gardenstateangel by RachelOrdwayArt More Like BABY-8 by RachelOrdwayArt Commission For BlueHecate 11 by RachelOrdwayArt Commission For BlueHecate 15 by RachelOrdwayArt

This post is probably a little late (oops), but if you’d like to pick up some original art from me at HeroesCon (Charlotte, NC, June 16-18), traditional media commissions are up for preorder!  (I’ll be doing postcard-sized sketches at the show—including alien portraits—but you’ll have to preorder to get a more elaborate piece like those above.)

For an 8.5″x11″ piece of original art with 1-2 characters on a simple background, prices are:

  • Pencil sketch: $20
  • Black-and-white: $30
  • Color/Graytone: $50
  • +$5 for each additional character, +$15 for a more detailed background

You can still get a piece if you won’t be at HeroesCon, you’ll just have to pay a couple bucks extra for shipping; full prices and info can be found here.  Emailed/digitally posted commissions (in digital or traditional media) are also available!

Note me, or email me at, if you’re interested.  Thanks!

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Thought I'd put up a formal price list in case anyone's interested.  :P

Note: these prices refer to comic pages created for personal use/free distribution.  For work that's intended to be published and sold—whether in print or as a digital file—note me or email me at and we'll discuss the price based on the project (is it published by a big company or by one person with a Kickstarter account, are they offering to pay page rates, etc.)

However, if you're commissioning comic pages to use as samples in a PITCH to a publisher or anthology, the prices below still apply.

"Scribble comic":  $25/page
(not necessarily final pencils ready to be inked, but a quick, doodle-y, "it comes out however it comes out" type of thing)
Like Looking In A Funhouse Mirror by RachelOrdwayArt Inappropriate Touching by RachelOrdwayArt  Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind by RachelOrdwayArt  Hour By Hour by RachelOrdwayArt

Black-and-white:  $50/page
Unreal Sample A by RachelOrdwayArt  A Confession by RachelOrdwayArt  Choose Your Own Adventure by RachelOrdwayArt  Absorbant And Yellow And Porous Is He by RachelOrdwayArt  In This Way, The Garden Is Growing - PDF by RachelOrdwayArt

Graytones (painterly, flat, or screentone):  $75/page
Unreal Sample B by RachelOrdwayArt  Sweaty Palms Preview by RachelOrdwayArt Sleepy Saitama by RachelOrdwayArt
Dirty Diamonds #8 Preview by RachelOrdwayArt Zignut - Alien In Disguise by RachelOrdwayArt Space Case 001 - 02 by RachelOrdwayArt
Defensive FULL COMIC by RachelOrdwayArt Melancholy Guest Comic by RachelOrdwayArt Commission For Darkwingsnark 2 by RachelOrdwayArt

Color:  $100/page
What's Cooking? FULL COMIC by RachelOrdwayArt The Elvis Adventures - Samples by RachelOrdwayArt I Am The Night Page 02 by RachelOrdwayArt

For non-standard comic sizes (like a newspaper-style comic strip), or just one step of the process (just pencils, just inks, or just tones/colors), contact me and we'll figure something out.

(Also, I'm pretty good at estimating page breakdowns, so if you just have a general idea that you want me to write and draw instead of giving me an already-written script, after a little plot discussion I can estimate the page count and price for you.)

More examples of my comic work can be found here.



Illustration commissions

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CardCommish by RachelOrdwayArt
CardCommishPrices by RachelOrdwayArt

I’ve got a stack of 5″x7″ Bristol cards lying around that I’ve got no real use for, so—cheap commission time!

Maximum 2 characters with a simple or blank background, free domestic US shipping (ask about international), and if you buy 2, get a 3rd FREE!  I take Paypal as well as mailed checks and money orders.  Contact me via note or email at (preferred).

If you want something more elaborate, check out my regular commission prices for artwork sent to you by mail or artwork emailed digitally/posted online.

Thank you!

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I’ve got some new(-ish) books up for preorder, and both come with bonuses!

The print version of Space Case: Brave New Workplace (8″x10.5″, 64 pages, full color) comes with an 8.5″x11″ poster and one of two 1″ buttons!  And the NEW print version of In This Way, The Garden Is Growing (6.5″x10.25″, 24 pages, black and white) also comes with one of two 1″ buttons!

And if you preorder both, you get an EXTRA surprise bonus gift~!

Available via Paypal, Storenvy or Etsy.

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Copies of The Elvis Adventures are now up in my shops!  Just $5 + shipping!

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Here's the thing: I've got a couple of posters that've been rolled up in tubes for a year and a half.  They're perfectly fine, nothing that can't be fixed by flattening them under a stack of encyclopedias, but given the circumstances, I'm selling them for $5 (free domestic U.S. shipping—inquire about international), which can be Paypal'ed to  Currently I have three of the orange posters left.

The posters aren’t going out of print—you can still find the usual purchase links here—I just figured I should move these particular copies along before they get any more warped.



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I'm looking for guest art/comics to run for a few weeks after this chapter of "Space Case" ends!  Basically the only rules are "final file is 800 pixels wide", "keep it PG/safe for work", and "due before December 31".  You can contact me via note, comments on this journal, or with questions or finished artwork.

You can catch up with "Space Case" on Tumblr or Tapastic.

Screen shot 2015-11-13 at 3.49.47 PM by RachelOrdwayArt

(P.S., my book "Art School Adventures" is part of Comixology's Women Of Indie Comics Sale—this weekend only, 50% off a bunch of cool titles by cool ladies!)



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There are a couple of comics ("The Note" and "The Reason Why") I want to retire from my shops but still have a lot of copies of, so I'm giving them away!  If you get 'em by themselves I'll need $1 to cover the postage, but I'm 100% willing to send you both when you purchase one or throw one or both in when you purchase something else.

Both comics, and all the rest of my products, can be found at my Paypal shop, Etsy and Storenvy.  I'll also throw these books in with commission orders.  I just want 'em out of my house!

tumblr nqf0lpQaSt1ro03hso1 1280 by RachelOrdwayArt

tumblr nqf0lpQaSt1ro03hso2 r1 1280 by RachelOrdwayArt

tumblr nqf0lpQaSt1ro03hso3 r1 1280 by RachelOrdwayArt

Thank you!


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I'm gonna be tabling at HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC this weekend with my pal Sage Coffey (who drew this cute preview image)!  Come visit us at AA-46!

CHnofpHUEAAH8N9 by RachelOrdwayArt


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Today only, $5 off + free domestic U.S. shipping on all the Star Wars-themed pieces in my shop!

(You can also note me or email me at if you want something but don't wanna go through Storenvy to get it)

Darth, Meet Dearth by RachelOrdwayArt  May The Toph Be With You by RachelOrdwayArt  Valen-tiny by RachelOrdwayArt Nom by RachelOrdwayArt


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Both “Robots Appreciating Nature” posters have been discounted across all my websites!  They’re now $10 instead of $15!

Robots Appreciating Nature 1 by RachelOrdwayArt Robots Appreciating Nature 2 by RachelOrdwayArt

And if you buy both, I’ll shoot you a FREE download link for “Art School Adventures”, a 136-page PDF collecting a ton of my comics with both memoir-style and art-critique-style commentary (usually $4)!  Good ‘til April 30th!

A preview of "Art School Adventures" can be found here:
Art School Adventures Preview by RachelOrdwayArt

Paypal | Storenvy | Etsy

(Sorry for only doing self-promotion journal entries, but I hardly ever use this site anymore except to repost art and announcements from other social media...  ^^;  You can get more slice-of-life talk from me at my Twitter and more up-to-date art posts at my Tumblr.)


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First off, I promise I'm not begging for money this time.  ;)

But I DO want to announce that I just started a webcomic this past weekend!  It's called "Space Case", and the first three pages are up on both Tumblr and Tapastic, with future updates coming each Saturday.

It's a goofy, mostly-episodic series about an accountant who quits his boring job on Earth for an exciting new job in outer space only to discover that...well...there's nothing quite so familiar as the alien.  It's basically "If The Office was a spinoff of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy but everything looks kind of like Lilo & Stitch."

I may wind up cross-posting pages here, but in the meantime you can catch all the freshest updates at the above two links.



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But at least now I'm only two months behind on crossposting art from my Tumblr!  My gallery should be completely up-to-date by the end of February.

Anyhow, freelance art life is tough and I'm hosting a variety of sales on a variety of websites if you wanna help a gal out and get some more-or-less-decent handmade comics, posters, or original artwork on the cheap.

I’ve got a sale going on through Feb 28 that’s pretty much buy-one-get-one.  You can literally get two posters (normally $30) for the price of one ($15).  Details at the page.

Storenvy:  You can get the same deal as above if you tell me which item you want to get free, since Storenvy doesn't have built-in discount/sale options.  (I also have some original artwork listed here that's not listed anywhere else, but if you want something and don't have an SE account, contact me via note or email and we can cut a deal by check or Paypal.)

There’s a coupon code for 25% off your order through Feb 28, which you can find by clicking on any of the product listings.

Gumroad:  Admittedly there's no sale going on here, but the only items I've got up here are just $1 and $4 respectively.  They're here if PDFs are more your thing than actual material objects.

I'm also open for commissions!

If you'd like to lend a hand but not in a financial way, you can help advertise me by reblogging my Tumblr post on this subject, or by tweeting a link to that post or this one, or by mind-melding with your android doppelgangers or whatever it is you cool kids are doing with your newfangled social medias these days.

Thank you~!  I am a dummy! 
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I'm trying to scrape together a couple extra bucks to pay for holiday presents, and I think I'm more or less emotionally prepared to sell original art.  So if there's a piece in my gallery you've always wanted hanging on your wall, or on the wall of a loved one this season of giving, it can be yours from between $5-$20 USD (depending on the size and complexity), plus $2 for domestic U.S. shipping (ask about international rates).

Below are just some examples of stuff I found loose in my drawer, but I've got a pretty good system of organization and I can probably find anything unless it's something I've already given away.  Even a digitally colored piece of art like the Dudeghost and Viceroy ones below will probably have a core ink drawing or a pencil sketch that you can grab, and I'll give full disclosure if the original is a page from a sketchbook or drawn on the back of an old math homework or something.

Selfies by RachelOrdwayArt Excuuuuuuse Me? by RachelOrdwayArt Commission For Caboose18 by RachelOrdwayArt

If there's something you want, note me or shoot me an email at !

And, as always, I'm available for commissions and I've got premade posters and comics up for sale in my Paypal and Etsy shops.

Thank you!  :faint:
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Oof, sorry I keep abandoning this account and then periodically reappearing with a flurry of months-old art.  I really need to get my gallery back up to date, at least.

Anyhow, per usual, I'm a lot more consistently active on Tumblr if you like my work!  It's even a strictly-dedicated art blog so you don't have to wade through pages of me reblogging Wander Over Yonder gifs or slowly losing my sanity over The Anime Club.  (Though you do get a sense of that on my art blog too...)

I'm also still free for commissions!  Price list and samples (probably outdated too, bleh) can be found here.  I'll try to log into this account more often, but you'll probably get a speedier response if you contact me via my email,

And I have two web stores open with hand-made minicomics, sketch cards and posters, my Paypal-friendly web store and an Etsy shop!

And you can find my work almost every week over at Comic Book Resources' sketch group, The Line It Is Drawn.

Thanks for browsing, and for bearing with me!
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Due to my heavy school workload, I have made an executive decision to close commissions for the time being, to be reopened in late June.

If you'd like to help support my artistic endeavors anyways, I recently opened an online shop where you can purchase pre-made watercolor sketch cards for $10, and printed comics for as low as $2 (all with free domestic US shipping).  All these options are significantly cheaper than the price of a commission, but would still help me out a lot.

And if you'd like to help out in a less financial way, you can reblog my shop announcement on Tumblr and/or retweet it on Twitter (or post a link on whatever other social media you crazy kids are doing these days, I suppose) to help spread the word!

Thanks a bunch!
Sorry I don't update super often on here anymore...basically everything I draw gets reposted here sooner or later, but if you're looking for quicker updates on all my newest art pieces (and there have been a LOT of them since I joined "The Line It Is Drawn"), my Tumblr would be your best bet.

(And here's a link to my portfolio site just because.)

Thanks for sticking with me! :D

I've given it a lot of thought, and now I'm giving you all a heads-up—at the end of this year, my commission rates are going to be raised slightly.  This won't affect the price of anyone who's already commissioned me under the old rates, and you can still get a piece with the old rates if you contact me before New Year's Eve, but I figured it would be fair to announce it in advance.

Big thanks to everyone who's ever bought a commission from me!  You've all been a big help!

Other products I offer:

Prints of my artwork

Physical minicomics and PDF comic downloads

A limited selection of the original artwork featured in my gallery